Mingles with Jingles Episode 311

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Mickey Mouse really pissed me off this week and not just because of what he did to Star Wars Episode eight!


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  1. Last time I was this early World of Tanks wasn’t toxic

  2. Wow, I’ve never been this early. Usually by the time I get here, Jingles has left the Navy, and no longer fits his stormtrooper armour.

  3. basically a 20 minute rant about disney+ , which is valid .

  4. Talking about Disney? It’s clearly a video targeted towards children.

  5. Disney is trying to take over everything, we have uncovered the plot!

  6. I have to ask… when Jingles got Rainbow Six and had to pirate it while sailing abroad… do you think he was on an Anti-Piracy patrol at the time?

  7. Twisted Plot Twist

    the Mighty Gnome Overlord clearly seeing through Disney’s plans lol

  8. “See this finger? Sit on it and swivel” genuinely laughed xD

  9. “Bethesda shuts down Fallout 76 survival server”

    The game is dying!! *crab rave dance

    • It’s the definition of dead on arrival, did you see the reviews it had?
      The only people who genuinely believed otherwise are the circlejerkers on r/fo76

    • @sineupp Well, if you want to view it like that, then it’s dead on announcement. The second they confirmed the “no NPC” rumor on E3 stage is where you see the excitement died.

      It then turned out into a very niched product and those circlejerkers are all it needed for it to survive. So like it or not, the server was alive and well

      And if they had to shut down one of the servers it clearly shows that even the circlejerkers are getting tired of it.

  10. “See this finger? Sit on it and swivel.” DAMN hero… I haven’t heard that phrase in since I left the US Army in ’94. Must be a Gen X sorta thing.

  11. Piracy? This is the way.
    I have spoken.

  12. “Mickey mouse” was mentioned this video is now deemed as targeted at children.

  13. Jingles talked about Disney


  14. “The end of the 3rd episode was a bit fanservicy.” Ive seen enough anime to know where this is going.

  15. Speaking of Amazon Prime though, will you be watching The Expanse season 4? Dec 13th and it’s finally back. ?

    • MoA-Reload… omg!!! I’m so excited for it! That could be my fave show!
      If you like expanse I suggest “Mars” on Netflix.

  16. Ahoy The Mighty Jingles… I tend to agree with you on the whole “eff Disney” vibe you have going. For me, the final straw in admitting to myself that Disney had actually embraced the Dark Side was when they refused to allow a father to use the image of Spiderman on his deceased son’s headstone.

  17. One day publishers and corporations will learn: We are going to consume their content. The only say they have in the matter is if they get money for it.

    Disney has decided that they wont.

  18. “I fully expect episode 9 to suck” same jingles, same.

    • we are still gonna pay for the cinema tickets though
      just to see the dumbsterfire with a good popcorn and liter of soda

    • Right.Disney fucked starwars when they bought it. I guarantee that George Lucas is kicking himself now that he’s seen what they did To his baby

    • @Robert McGuire actually even if this new trilogy is utter garbage it’s way better than the crack Lucas’ episodes 7-9 were gonna be.

  19. “And what happens to Disney in 2020?”

    I thought he was going to follow that with

    “The robot body will be ready to be attached to Walt Disney’s frozen head and he will lead the Disneylution.” 🙂

  20. Disney just wanted the Mandalorian to beat GoTs “most pirated show” record.

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