Mingles with Jingles Episode 312

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In which we celebrate an entire week in which Fallout 76 hasn’t done anything catastrophically wrong (that we know about), take a cynical look at the latest copyright disaster on YouTube and propose an explanation as to why 90% of the new European Destroyers in World of Warships seem to come in flat boxes with assembly instructions.



  1. Jay Albert Castigador

    Ahh the Patent Trolls have expanded into YouTube Copyright Claims

  2. I can’t believe the glorious Czech fleet isn’t even represented in Pan-European line.

    • They have a high fleet, without guns…. onyl cargoships! 🙂

    • Not to mention Africa… Where is the fleet of Uganda, Chad, Niger? Wargaming is racist. :DDD

    • Don’t bash on mighty Czech navy – it even had one whole warship … that sailed rivers … but it had guns and all!

    • Ha! Glorious Czech fleet indeed! Have you not heard of the glorious Cambridge Punt Battle Fleet? Manned by thousands of drunk students armed with champagne bottles – and they’re not afraid to shake ’em up before letting fly with those corks you know! They’ll board your cruisers and sink ’em by sheer incompetance before you can blink and turn around I tell you! Not a sailor amongst ’em! Erm – pass the port would you old chap? Yes of course to the left!

    • As soon as there is a pond or creek map, i am sure the will add it

  3. Solution to the European tech tree “problem”: alternative lines with mixed nations next to a Swedish tree (they might as well make that one exclusively Swedish)

    • that would be fun but the problem is that Sweden had like 6 different class of ships 4 was destroyer, 1 coastal defence ship that had 2* 210mm guns and 4*2 152mm guns, and a seaplane cruiser HSwMS Gotland (1933) with room for twelve aircraft, and armed whit 6* 152mm guns.

    • @MadSwede87 Sorry, I wasn’t quite clear, I mean a Swedish line for destroyers only, as there are not enough ships to fill out a cruiser line. So, a Swedish-only DD line alongside one or even more alternative, Pan-European DD lines.

    • @Phil N a that make sense xD

  4. Maybe a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for FRAUD against these claimants would be in order? For full damages.

    • If that had been me, and I’d had the time there would have been lawsuits for fraud going against the company. They’ve even admitted that these were fraudulent claims (or “mistakes”)!

    • @Salt Efan Class Action Lawsuit means that multiple persons (remember – person is legal fiction) or plaintiffs file a lawsuit against a defendant. Would be interesting if, let’s say 20-100 or more plaintiffs would file such a lawsuit against these tards. And pick them for everything they have, their own private property included.

    • @Giap Vrana Time to organize the content creators then…

    • @Salt Efan I am not a content creator, I have no (financial) horse in this race, they’ll have to organize themselves. Share the cost for lawyer team, more plaintiffs, less cost for each one. And more legal standing, since the scope of damage is greater and it’s easier to prove malicious intent on the side of defendant. Would also serve as a deterrent against such actions in future.
      I believe that this kind of activity is, in fact, a business model, people are being payed to file these copyright claims. No more limited liability for fraudsters.

    • @Giap Vrana I’m in the same position as you. No personal stakes, but I agree that this should happen if only to deter future fraudulent claims.

  5. Notes on Italy: Italian heavy industry (i.e. the industries that make steel, build ships and tanks, etc) was largely concentrated in northern Italy, and it took until the 50s and the Italian government essentially forcing industries to invest in the south before any sort of industry really took hold there (and most of it didn’t really last). This left Italy’s industrial capacity lagging in relation to that of other industrialised nations. Italian industry did undergo growth in the interwar years, but it wasn’t fast enough to stay current.

    Italy also had the problem of not fully committing to war mobilisation and the Italian economy just wasn’t suited to the demands of war, compounded by a lack of oil and coal. The Italians did manage to build a fairly sizeable navy during peace time, and it was pretty modern (although lacked radar and sonar), but the economic and industrial shortfalls of Italy meant that, once a ship was lost, it was ridiculously difficult to replace it. This industrial inefficiency led to a naval inefficiency with Italian ships having to inform Italian high command of potential engagements and wait for a response that was dependent on how many ships high command was willing to lose (even when the situation was clearly favourable to the Regia Marina).

    The Italians really struggled during war to increase industrial output and gear the economy towards wartime production. They did try, but they were never really able to keep up with their neighbours; France and Germany primarily; or Britain.

    • … And part of the reason why the South was lagging behind in the first half of the 20th century (and to a lessen degree, still does today) is due to the outcome of the unification wars. Plants and industries (along with rail lines and obviously the gold from the central banks) where literally packed from Napoli and other industrial areas of the borbonic reign and transferred to the “winning” north.
      However, we are still using the knowledge on how to build large vessels, now the do not have gun barrels but a lot of decks, pools and bars.

  6. Were they claiming John Cage’s 4’33” as the copyright claim?

  7. “bloody hell, finland, are you compenasting for something?!”
    *Quietly looks towards the monitor HMS Erebus

  8. Jokes on you, I have Monday tuesdays off. So the glass is lit

  9. The Tank Commander

    “Bloody hell, Finland! Are you compensating for something?!” You say, Jingles? Ummmm Yes they were. Seeing a video on the two ships, the Finns were compensating for one thing! RUSSIA ??!!! Keep up the humor, your Gnomeliness!

    • When you’re main competitor is Russia which has many orders of magnitude more men, you need to make up for it somehow. The somehow is overkill coastal defence ships, very skilled hunters and skiers and good use of tactics to give the Russians a seriously bloody nose.

    • Nutty31313 you know I made that as a joke, right?

    • @The Tank Commander I know, just pointing out that there is an element of truth in it. 🙂

  10. ”Ten inch guns! Bloody hell Finland, are you compensating for something?? ?” well actually Jingles, Sweden had ships like that too. Now granted these displaced over 7.000 tonnes, but they had 11 inch guns ? and a secondary armament of 6 inch guns, as well as 8 inches of belt armour.

  11. Illustrated Sound Music obviously holds the copy right to “The Sound of Silence”

  12. Hehe, this talk about ability and cost of warship building reminds me of this one “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” video, where the guy playing complains about financal restrictions and claims that normaly a country would not bother with the cost and just build it the way they wanted. Gave me a good chuckle

  13. Now, I was born in Australia and raised by a sailor, so rather well educated in the art of cussing, but the one you used, that can be charitably translated to “roosters drinking cup”! I’m taking that for later use!

  14. Drachinifel did a video on the Finnish coastal defence ships Jingles mentioned a week or 2 back, worth a watch if anyone is interested

  15. When your enemy has more men and ships then you, well then you need to find other ways to beat them. Finland chose firepower in this case.

    • Same with infantry, we need more Daka! here, this is called Suomi M/31 submachine gun. that is lot of daka for one man

  16. “It’s not that I can’t believe you lied to me again

  17. “Here’s my theory on why they’re in the pan European tree” *Long and convoluted story about what ships various European countries built*

  18. WOW. hearing jingles say “de 7 provinciën” i’m impressed

  19. Enjoyed this one, Jingles talks warship history = we like.

  20. “Bloody hell, Finland, are you compensating for something?”
    -Yes. Having the Soviet Union as a neighbor. :p

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