Mingles with Jingles Episode 313

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The raging Dumpster Fire that is the USS Puerto Rico dockyard grindfest in World of Warships continues to burn unchecked, and now Wargaming Saint Petersburg’s General Manager is throwing fuel on the fire. The smoke and flames are so thick that hardly anyone noticed that Bethesda Software screwed up AGAIN!



  1. the last time I was this early there wasn’t three digits in mingles with jingles…


  3. Last time I was this early… screw it I don’t have a joke ready!

  4. Was waiting for this one. Pity got here 8min later than needed to.
    Got burnt buying Hood couple years ago, to grind for a ship then, only for wargamming to patch the game within the grind period, and just miss out.

  5. Imagine those who Whale for the Puerto Rico will soon Regretting the whole value

    DO NOT BUY THE PUERTO RICO, Alaska is a better Option

    She’s worse sigma than Alaska, get Alaska instead

    Happy holidays Jingles!

    • Oh yeah it’s gonna become the first target for every match from now on.

    • Not just worse sigma. She has a worse dispersion curve (BB disperson as opposed to Alaska’s BC) and worse reload to boot. Worse concealment too and I think she’s even less maneuverable. Alaska is arguably a stronger ship, not just tier for tier but overall.

  6. How to begin? Uninstall wows

  7. Thank you Jingles for the heads up. I had planned to do the free grind in wow. I will not be enjoying my holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. 0:39 after up load!

    I have no life.

  9. but according to mr conway, the free xp missions in directive 7 are OpTioNaL bOnuSeS

  10. Wargaming could have easily earned 30 or 40€ with this event from me, but no they managed to piss me off so hard, that I refunded my Georgia I bought the day before the patch and now I’m completely done with paying for any WG title

  11. I’ve said this on Flamu’s vid before, but for the love of God don’t spend into the PR event.

  12. WG has been anti-consumer since they put out the lootbox kinda thing…

    Heck, they begin their treacherous trail by selling Pz. II J!

  13. This isn’t a sawtooth (slow gradual rise before a sudden drop) expecatation problem, its an Alienating 99.98% of your playerbase unless (and even if) they open thier wallets problem compounded by its unrealistic requirements.
    Cut the numbers by a factor of 10 or 100 and give us 6 months to do it and those that really want to will try but still the vast majority wont, Just like missouri.
    At this rate this *WILL* be the rarest ship there is because everyone has seen it and just said “F**** that” even the likes of flamu and flambass.
    “collect dailyshipments”…..what 5 per day when the first booster is 200…so 40 days worth. GTFO, I wanna see a livestream of various devs doing it. Let’s see them sacrifice some of thier life.

  14. Personally, I would just get the first three levels done over the event time and get a free tier 7 Groiza , forget about the tier 10.

  15. Sounds like a classic WG rip-off.

  16. Wargaming making money off the back of the players…colour me surprised!

    Epstein didn’t commit suicide #Sololostmoney

  17. On the topic. I didn’t start that Event, because I knew I could never get it done. Casual as I take my gameplay.

  18. “Reddits allways on fire about somthing” – Classic.

  19. People who bought early boosters:
    WG: suckers

  20. sounds like fraud to me?

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