Mingles with Jingles Episode 314

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Ho, ho, bloody ho! Bah humbug etc! I’m out of here for the next two weeks or until I get bored and have to scratch my video making itch, whichever comes first. Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!


  1. sees notification: YAY!
    sees length: NOOOOO!

    that aside, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Gnome Overlord 🙂

    edit: Jingles, in the Spirit of Christmas, can we take a day off from working the salt mines?

  2. Isn’t it like 2026 with all those war thunder videos

  3. You say this every year Jingles, see you in a few days lol. Happy Christmas.

  4. Listen, Jingles. We all know why you take this time of year off.. The beard is a dead giveaway. Take care and Merry Christmas!

  5. Annual two weeks off

    “You mean the one where you get bored halfway and-”

    Where it’s traditional for me to get bored after a couple of days and immediately start pushing videos out.

    God bless you Jingles. Merry Christmas you beautiful Gnome bastard you.

  6. Working for Xmas and NY, night shifts
    Dont mind it, also no wife and kids so the rest can have some time with the family plus I get paid extra so I always join and get it done
    Whats Akizukis gift?

    • You have not figured it out yet have you. Of course Santa is busy. He is going to be so busy he he will have no time to sleep. It’s not all about chimney’s you know. JINGLE’s bells. Got it yet! No??

  7. And, not to bang my own drum, but, taxi drivers and drivers of disability service vehicles also work on major hollidays.

    • @Ellerion3 i did security for 17 years, i think in that span of time i had maybe two christmas holidays off

    • Or the fricken railway.

    • Don’t forget airline pilots and cabin crew (and all the rest of the personnel). Do you think we get paid more for working on EVERY holiday?
      Spoiler alert: no. The airlines just jack the prices up. They don’t share…

    • @Antonio Soffici A friendly hello from airport ground crew. Have a nice, uneventful flight, buddy. All the best for you and all others up in the air from us ground crew grunts 😉

    • And psychologists / therapists. For us, the holiday season is by far the busiest of the year. I can set my watch to phone calls on Christmas Day from clients having mental breakdowns due to the stress and anxiety inherent to this time of year — especially with plenty of alcohol, family grudges, and the inevitable comparisons to other people’s material successes.

  8. Your wiFi password is showing…..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Jingles Rita and the furry buggers^^

  9. JIngles you and Rita have a very Merry Christmas have a most enjoyable New Year and look forward to seeing you next year.

  10. There is no holidays listed in the issued shifting schedules of the Salt Mines. Well, into the mines I guess.

  11. RCN sailor here, single and family is local so I like to be one of those Christmas duty volunteers. It’s a fairly decent deal though, they give us a 1 in 4 rotation.

  12. Jingles, why did u shave such a wonderful piece of facial accessory as that beard? Akatsuki is gonna wonder if your getting cold without your winter coat and will probably lay on head next to keep you warm XD

  13. SHOOT 20 MINUTES LATE NO!! Anyway, jingles enjoy your “break.” whether or not you enjoy it or not well you enjoy it lol. Seeing the photos of you what a gnome!

  14. Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs

    If Jingles walked around in a Santa suit and said Ho Ho Ho, people would think he was Santa.

  15. Don’t forget all the catering staff that have to work on Christmas day cooking for other people. Kitchen staff that work in hospitals, care homes and restaurants.

  16. oh my gosh jingle my cat has the same bed as akizuki except yours will outgrow the bed my cat for some reason has stayed kitten sized for 3 years lol, have a nice christmas you old gnome :)))

  17. Riddle me this Bat-Jingles, at the time of typing this, how the hell are there EIGHT Dislikes on this video??? All you did was give best wishes to every one.
    From one old Sea Dog to another, Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    USN (Ret.)

  18. You’re very confident, that Rita isn’t watching your videos

  19. Jingles, your wifi password is in the video (3:01), you may want to change it 😉

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jingles and fam!

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