Mingles with Jingles Episode 315

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In which I talk about the new (and old) games I played over Christmas and finally take the hint and sign up to publish my videos on Floatplane!

Video also available on Floatplane: https://www.floatplane.com/channel/TheMightyJingles/home



  1. Welcome back Jingles, here’s to a great 2020 for all of us here!

  2. The Mighty Jingles

    You may see ads in this video because Disney monetised the shit out of it.

  3. Welcome back Jingles. Fresh report in from the salt mines… lemme put my reading glasses on… Ah there we go. Ahem. “Everything is on fire.”

  4. Jingles : Normal service has been resumed!
    The Salt miners : We were hopeing for some kind of improvement!

  5. “A lot of you are probably too young to remember the Game ‚The Settlers‘….“

    Does this channel have an equal opportunity commissioner? I feel like the victim of age discrimination here!

  6. Hey Jingles, if you liked the empire at war remake mod, I highly recommend playing the Thrawn’s Revenge mod, it’s a lot of fun.

  7. Regarding the beard: 2 costume ideas you need to try, the by you mentioned ‘Dirty Biker’ and of course Bad Santa!

    … well ok, maybe i just hope to see Rita in costume fitting to both, like ‘hot biker-chick’ and ‘naughty elf/Mrs. Santa’ 😉

  8. Self-replicating whatnot

    “There is no way i’m going to lose this battle, i completely outnumber the rebel forces” – last recorded words of Grand Moff Jingles.

    • I’ve beaten superior forces with a level one space station.

    • @MrDgwphotosNah, you cheated. You’ve gotten 10 of the legendary Jedi and battle droids. While the Grand Moff was betrayed by the former Imperial Emperor and beaten by the Resistance led by his clone brother and his girl Jedi Master with the pets. Reference to his Star Wars game loyalties contrary to our as rebel sympathizers.

  9. America has bad internet and tel-co monopolies ‘ey? Hold my shoe…

  10. The Settlers Series is actually one of the earlier things I played. So, yeah, I’ve got good memories about those games!

  11. Darth Jingles: “I find your lack of salt disturbing”.

  12. Hey i’m a Empire at War Remake dev. (One of the only 2)
    Totally happy surprise to see my gnome overlord enjoying something i helped build.

  13. If you upload the Cold Waters series in its entirety, and maybe some of the old great WoWs games like the AFK solo warrior, youll have me on Floatplane.

  14. “You either came back super fit or you were an alcoholic”
    You can guess which one Jingles was.

    Super fit of course as we can see

  15. “Daily dose of Jingles” I think Jingles has been watching Skill4Ltu.

  16. for akizuki’s birthday;
    we used to cook fresh fish on the birthdays of our cats, watching them eat it is great entertainment too 🙂

  17. Floatplane…

    Linus “Socks and Sandals” Sebastian, dropping workers down the Salt Mines.

  18. Jingles: “[Anno 2205] It’s actually really good”
    Anno fans: “Nonononononoooooo”

    • He should try Anno 1800. VERY strongly enjoyed this one.

    • @Tobias Reinhold Or the 1701, I find this one to be the most accessible to new comers. And it won’t make your eyes bleed like the 1602

    • What is wrong with 2205?

    • @camoon874 Anno 2205 is very simplistic compared to all other Anno games. A lot of the stuff you do is menial busywork without a lot of thought required. This is all relative and subjective based on the other games in the genre and series, not to mention your own expectations and aspirations for a game like this, but if you are a fan of the series or the genre you’ll probably enjoy other titles more.

    • Alucard Vigilate Dismas

      I haven’t played any of the Annos but from what I’ve heard 2205 is like the Hoi4 of Annos

  19. Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Salt miner
    – TheMightyJingles

  20. That Legal Eagle dude lost all my respect when he defended Captain Marvel and said she was justified in crushing the hand, stealing the jacket and the bike from some dude, because he “assaulted” her when touching a newspaper she had in her hand.
    If that is actual law in the USA, then US law isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. I suspect though the guy is full of shit.

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