Mingles with Jingles Episode 316

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In which I get asked a very good question – “What hobbies do you wish you had more time for, continued or got into?” Thus begins a thirty year journey down memory lane, starting with a sketch pad that’s probably older than most of you.


  1. And suddenly, a wild jingles appeared!

  2. The Tank Commander

    Hey again Jingles. I haven’t heard if you or Rita got the presents from Quickybaby yet. I cannot disclose the details, but I’m sure once you get them (ask The Chieftain), I’m sure you’ll love them. Keep it up, Commander Charlton! We all love yeh!

  3. Jingles, you make my Mondays slightly more bearable and for that I will be eternally grateful

  4. Big thank you for the Jingles Patreons – for I have no money to invest as a college student to keep watching my favorite video series hahahah

  5. DANG jingles, didn’t know that you were that good at drawing!

  6. jingles, if you want to download full-res vids from youtube, you’ll need to figure out youtube-dl. I’m sure someone in your discord can help with that.

  7. Am I the only one that sees Warhammer 40k as the way Jingles started his saltmine with ratlings and squatlings?

    • the twats in nottingham prefer that you call them Demiurg not Squats

    • james ward-gwilliam

      Idk I always thought of the DS9 and DS9 mirror universe episodes when I thought of the salt mines
      “You worked hard for your theta class designation why would you throw it away “

  8. Amazing drawings Mr Jingles :O (PS: love all the small Star Wars references lately)

  9. In an alternate timeline, we would have motion comics on Youtube made and voice narrated by Jingles.

  10. It’s never too late, you can still do art, it can never be too late for art.

  11. Being laughed out of art school opens interesting career options. You could have become the instigator of another world war. Germany is always willing to provide resources and manpower for such an endeavor.

    • Peter Zwegert: Not just Krupp (Germany), but also Bofors (Sweden). The latter provided the AA guns used on US ships in WW2. I’m not sure where Oerlikon is from, but they provided the AA guns used on British ships in WW2.

    • And how would one get rid of the war debts this would cause?

    • @Philip Clayberg Oerlikon was Swiss, in 1999 company was bought by Rheinmetall

  12. Dude thats some amazing art, Jingles!

  13. Damn, Jingles you’ve got some really amazing pieces there.

    I certainly vote that you give it a spin again, maybe draw Akizuki like one of those French girls!

  14. Bob Ross is so good at painting, he’s still hugely popular even 20+ years after his death. Rip Bob Ross

  15. I’m a professional illustrator, and you sir, had a pretty good chance at becoming really good at it.
    You still have, if you commit. 😉

    • The thing that gets me is how even today most college faculty are only looking for someone to put on their resume as a prodigy and are elitist snobs when it comes to potential talent. If I saw that, I would at least give the kid a chance. The funny thing is that comics ( and Jingles art is easily good enough for a webtoon, even now ) actually can make some money while some painting won’t usually until you are gone.

  16. Jingles: “I’ll upload some of my old artwork onto YouTube, I mean it was MY artwork.”
    YouTube: “ I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move”

    • What happened? Did it get claimed?

    • Jingles should have put a (c) Jingles on all the amazing sketches…

    • You will need to get a stream ripping program, which should at least give you 720P back from your own videos.

    • @Joseph Oberlander you can get 1080p 60frames if that’s available to the viewers. Every videoquality you can watch comes from a file you can download. The adress of that file is personalized and obfuscated though. Use a good library to download it for you. I’d recommend youtube-dl (a gui exists as youtube-dlg).

    • Damn it, I was going to make a similar statement! ?
      Pretty sad that one would even have a reason say something like this.

  17. “Amateur standard” shut up jingles ?

  18. I wish Jingles would have added a picture or two of himself at 16 years old,
    to put the pictures into perspective of course…

  19. Jingles, that’s a DAMN fine rendition of the U.S.S. Enterprise A there at the end. I am mightily and duly impressed.

  20. Jingles: I used to draw, look!
    Me: 🙂
    Jingles: I wanted to be a comic artist
    Me: 🙂
    Jingles: I showed people at a college the school took us to and they laughed at me
    Me: 🙁

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