Mingles with Jingles Episode 317

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In which I forget to take my Dried Frog Pills and wander off down memory lane once again…



  1. There’s a weird sort of joy to seeing a Jingles video literately seconds after it’s uploaded.

  2. I love when I’m up so late (I’m American) that these come out before I go to bed

  3. How I offended 135 million people in 3 seconds?

    Sailed a British ship in WoWS while singing the French anthem.

  4. Lol, dried frog pills. I think you’re equally lovely but marginally saner than the Bursar, Jingles.

  5. Nice, love the Warhammer Time with Jingles.
    I hated playing against Wood Elves with my Bretonians, dang Dryadents and Treeman.

  6. i am pleased to see a discworld reference in the description

  7. I still have all my early 90’s Battletech miniatures and almost all of them are the all metal ones. (including a few of the original discontinued mechs). I miss playing the old table top Pen & Paper game.

    • Me too. Still kept a dozen old IS mechs. Was tempted to buy the new box set just for the minis

    • @There Be Game Yup The original Battlemaster, Marauder, Warhammer, Rifleman and a couple of others I had a Phonexhawk but if fell off the table and when I went to go look for it I accidentally stepped on it.

    • @Chupathingy This is the best part about ferrous figurines and bolts, nuts etc so you can use a long magnet on a stick to trawl the carper or whatever until it attracts your misplaced bit or bob.

    • @Chupathingy Damn, nice.

      Here’s hoping with some of the stuff worked out I can finally get my hands on them.

    • four years ago I was urged, to sell all my Battletech miniatures. I miss playing it too, but I don’t even have the time for it nor the space for them. Some friendly gaming hours with friends and a couple of liquid stuff. Was a great time. Keep your miniatures, because if you sell them as I did, is like you would sell stamps.

  8. For minatures have a look round as there’s other companies that do great minatures that are similar or better than games workshop and cheaper

    • I second this.

      Games Workshop do some really good plastic kits. From a technical standpoint, that is; aesthetics is an entirely different matter… But there are plenty of companies out there doing models that are just as good, and for a fraction of the price.

  9. I think whoever asked that question broke Jingles, he’s been wandering off a lot recently.

  10. *My Fellblade exits the case*
    The young nerds: “EPIC!”
    The regulars and typically the opponent: “Focus that s***!”
    The Staff when I’m fighting someone they know I won’t play nice against: “Don’t be in line of sight…”

    *After 3-4 turns and it’s still fighting*

    Or the odd time it gets nuked by turn 3… The rest of my Iron hands just steamroll the opponent with firepower they now have no chance to repel. Because they’ve spent their entire turn dumping everything on the Fellblade, which has either just ignored, shrugged off with its health, or thought nothing off due to the attentive care of its maternal Techmarine….
    I’ll be honest, it’s either a death monster, or a distraction so good, everything else just wipes the opponent…
    Positioning is key though, some of my closest (competitive) matches, are on boards with little topography….

    • This is more-or-less the same way my Shadowsword rolls. Everyone tries to nuke it first turn as it merrily sits on the back edge of my deployment zone and fires small suns into the opponent’s heavy units and command units. Once had a Tau player try deep-striking those little covert ops battlesuits next to it COMPLETELY forgetting that it carries like 6 tanks worth of firepower in the sponsons and it’s escorting Kreig infantrymen gleefully sharpened their entrenching tools.

    • @Armoredcompany I gladly sit most of my Iron hands at max range, and in positions where they can shoot one target at a time, and only be shot at by that target, when possible. Slowly advancing, the main force, and sending the landspeeder storms with the scouts around their flanks when the time is right.
      Most people tend to focus the vehicals (to be fair, their about 60-70% of the force’s points…). The vehicals that have the armour, and HP to not really care…. and the Techmarine, and even now the librarian, just tentatively rolling 3-6 HP a turn back on them.

      I rarely take the Fellblade out vs people younger than me (21 last December), I’m a power gamer (not a win at all costs gamer), but a friendly gamer. I’ll make mistakes, purely because I want to do a stupid move, because the move will be funny, in friendly matches. Whether 40k, LoTR-STG, Necromunda, or Killteam.
      But my God xD when I play to win and she exits the case, I make her worth every single point she costs :p

    • yes, a classic distraction carnifex

    • @Koltoroc well… Accept it’s not just a distraction :p

  11. When Games Workshop made bigass dragons out of metal, oh Pepperidge Farm remembers.
    I should still have a Karl Franz and Deathclaw model around here somewhere 😀

  12. Nowadays the Cheapest Miniatures is to Find the Model Somewhere then use a 3D printing service to get Several miniatures printed for the cost of 1 model from games workshop.

  13. Brave sir jingles ran away. Bravely ran away, away. When chaos reared it’s ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled. Yes good sir jingles turned about and gallantly he chickened out. Bravest of the brave, sir jingles.

  14. Jingles, get yourself a 3d printer and print your own miniatures! Have a look on Thingiverse ?

  15. Back about 1975 the wife and I would host a D&D game with another couple as he was a really good DM. We would start on Friday evening about 6PM with finger food dinner and game until 6PM Sunday evening. Only had a few breaks for food and a couple hours sleep, Ahhhhhhhhh the good old days.

  16. Oh man. The “Elven rider on dragon”….That’s Imrik, i HAVE that model..well, the later version of it. So amazing.. It kicked off my love for the high elves.

  17. Jingles, having them focus down your dragon IS what you want them to do. The tactic is called “DISTRACTION CARNIFEX
    “. Give the enemy a target they just tunnel vision on while you pick off their forces.
    Think of it like in WoT/WoWS where the team chases the last enemy player insteading of capping and losing the game that way doing the whole “No Cap; Kill All”.

    • It’s too bad CARNIFEX part no longer works since it melts under any significant concentration of firepower because power creep happened (unless you stack them, I guess). Idk, maybe 8th edition is a bit different now.

    • @StelzCat yeah that’s gonna change with the new tyranids updates. monsters are mean now

  18. I got into WH40K in the early 90’s, though I’d been playing the original Space Hulk since it’s release. Stumbled across a copy of it in a hobby shop. Been hooked on Space Hulk ever since. Anyways….
    Played a lot of Warhammer 40k second edition. Loved it. Got my then girlfriend into it. She liked the Eldar. I was a big fan of Space Wolves. Had Bjorn the Fell Handed (god I loved that minature – Dreadnoughts had such a heft to them when they were made out of freaking lead!) So anyways one game I’m playing with her it’s come down right to the wire. I have to kill her farseer or else I’m going to lose the entire freaking game. Bjorn is pretty much a walking stick at this point. Ragnar Blackmane has been eviscerated by Jain freaking Zar. But as fate has it, a Callidus assassin is finally able to charge that goddamn Eldar farseer and put an end to the endless storm of weird psychic shit that has been causing all so much pain on the Emperors finest. The charge is made, and I pick up the dice, and say to my beloved with a smirk “The only way you can get out of this is if I roll four 1’s.”
    I think you can guess what happend next.

    • james ward-gwilliam

      At least you didn’t bet on it

    • Never, my friend, NEVER challenge Tzeetch, master of al dices

    • @von Falkenstein Just. As. Planned…

    • Sounds like my chaos sorcerer lord in terminator armour who charged a T’au crisis suit commander in 4th ed…
      And promptly got turned into so much chaos paste by said blueberry…
      Or when the Aspiring Sorcerer leading my Rubric squad successfully turned Marneus Calgar into a gibbering, yammerinc steaming pile of shivering blubber, flailing tentacles and slobbering mouths…
      Or, in my first 8th ed. practice game where my borrowed primaris Lt. and a dreadnaught on one wound each were my last models on the table, my Lt in melee with the primaris Lt. of my friend, his last model on the table, with 2w left…
      In my turn, I disengaged with my Lt. And charged in with the Dread as his Lt. Failed to pursue.
      My Dread brought the opposing Lt. Down to 1W, but as the opposing Lt. retaliated, my Dread got a critical hit that set off his remaining fuel, ammo and engine…
      An explosion that claimed the last wound on my friends Lt.
      With my Lt. Having disengaged just 1/10th of an inch beyond the explosive radius rolled for the wrecked dreadnaught! ?

    • @SonsOfLorgar Haha, definately once had my sole remaining fire warrior from his team 1v1 a Chaos space marine (the plauge ones, can’t remember the name) in close combat.

  19. jingles the token rolls there is NO limit to each “prize” aside from the ships so even if you collect every token you are not for sure gonna get a ship the dubloon version does have limits to each prize type

    • Yeah, how they did it with the Genoa was fine since you had no chance at a duplicate on the packages so you eventually got the ship. For me it was on the last possible package of course, but I still got it. But now only the gold gets you the no-duplicate rule, so I doubt I’ll get a ship.

    • +Only got myself like 100 tokens, Unlocked HMS Surrey on the 1st roll, HMS Sheffield on the 2nd.
      What figures, I will need weeks to figure out how to play them… so not threatening anybody with them yet.

    • @Tuning3434 ive opened about 160 token worth of box’s and i still have the luck i have with super container…those damn november foxtrot flag’s……got rid of 700 of them and im already back upto 200

  20. Wargaming CEO: Loot boxes are basically considered slot machines these days, so lets replace them with actual slot machines.
    Wargaming staff: Great idea sir!

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