Mingles with Jingles Episode 319

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Or that time when I lost my wallet and the fuses blew and I painted an M3 Lee and didn’t know whether or not I was going to have to buy a new monitor.



  1. Oh jingles, did you try turning it off and on again?

  2. i saw 9:00 and thought: oh oh he has man flu….This you can overcome and so can we 🙂

  3. 1:51 Never has something so bad looked so good

  4. If you are after tank, plane and ship models Tamiya kits are amazing! Their 1:35 tanks are good and their 1:350 ships are lovely big models!

  5. That’s why Jingles, I always advise people to invest in a UPS. Saves you a fortune

    • @applemaggot I use an APC one that I picked for about 30, been about 4 years hasn’t given me a lick of trouble, been super reliable and has given me some precious peace of mind. Only took a catastrophic disk failure and loss of tons of work to make me realise the importance of having one.

    • @Saumyajit Guha I wish I would have grabbed a few used UPS’s from my old workplace. Our office was shut down and as one of the last employees I was in charge of breaking down all of the workstations, getting them ready for recycle or destruction for the hard drives. I gave away a bunch of stuff, 19″ monitors mostly. I kept a color scanner, a Scansnap 1300i, one of the nicer items.

    • I just use my laptop as a desktop, if the power goes out i’ve got 4 to 10 hours of battery left 🙂

    • UPS asap — a power surge can come from a lot of different places; an electrician working in your building ; a bozo hitting a power pole; power crew working on the mains; and lightning strikes even a mile or more away. They can also prevent problems caused by low voltage (almost as bad as over voltage). I know you Brits do not have much in the way of thunderstorms but by example my sisters’ house (Houston TX area) — lightning struck a pine in their yard — it jumped to the chimney flue — then into the electrical system in the house — cooked everything plugged in with the exception of the one computer and monitor on a UPS.

    • @James Scanlan lighting can zap your powers supply and even your modem lost both to that years ago

  6. Good news he found his debit card holder, bad news, Jingles might be getting dementia.

  7. lost wallets and cards reminds me one time i couldnt find my debit card, and literally after two years (ofc i got new card) i found out it was in my cardholder’s cover/coat the whole time

  8. Darkness Nighthingale

    “Have you checked your back pocket” Better become a channel tradition!

  9. Geoffrey Richardson

    Do a Burmese jungle seen, that’s where the Lee did good

  10. Jingles,check out Andy’s Hobby Headquarters on YouTube. Great vids and tips!

  11. andorro The Insane

    short version: i lost my Passport down in newseeland, got to wellington to make a new one , come back to the hostel i was staying found the old one -.-

  12. Hi, Jingles, oh boy I have never laughed so much or felt the pain so much as this episode, you have a gift never loose it, and always check your back pocket. Captain_pugw4sh.

  13. Isn’t it crazy how the folks in our lives who can’t find their asshole with a map ‘n a flashlight are the ones who get the free lunches?

  14. Now I know where to look when I I ninja stealth into your house after doing 6 years of parkour and steal your money, although I’d probaby get caught up petting the cats and dog

  15. “Dioramas…. doesn’t look that difficult”

    Ah Jingles.. it all depends how far down that rabbit hole you want to go. xD

    • I mean, if you want to go really crazy, people have painted reflections, shimmering effects so it looks different from multiple angles and the time some bastard got one of the OG Tau Stealth Suits and painted that cloaked. Brick perfect, all of the lines went around the model.

      You had to look at it side on to really see it.

    • Oh Jingles never change.

      I have a friend who is incredibly serious about painting minis. He’s been working on a space marine diorama for years.

    • There’s that one Korean guy who does underwater explosions…

  16. hope Rita pays you out over the card holder for as long and hard as your navy mates would. Once had a friend while in the army (Australia) get one of those monitors (CRT type) with the above screen microphone and at 6 pm at night he rings me to ask how you get it to work. Turned out the cable with the 3.5mm plugs at each end to go from the sound car mic jack to the monitor was thrown back into the ox said monitor arrived in. Worked this after an hour of trouble shooting not thinking he could be so dumb as to not realize what it was for.

    Got oof the phone with him, then wife and 3 kids(all teens at the time and raised around army) , all knowing he would listen to his phone messages first thing at work on speaker phone while doing the morning routine as a company clerk dealing with the roll books etc and the whole company near his office, rang his work phone one after the other about a dozen times each with the comment “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?” .

    So at 8 am I am over at the Battalion HQ and have worded all the HQ staff up and as said friend walks in is greeted by a chorus from all BHQ orderly room staff asking “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?”. He was already at point he wanted to kill my wife and kids and he had a mega spit of the dummy at me for wording up the BHQ staff. As he is in mid spit the CO walks out (the LT COL) and with a dead straight face asks him “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?”LMAO. He just gave up in disgust and walked out.

    The best bit even 10 years later if you want to get him to react all you had to do is ask “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?” and he will fly of the deep end cursing me from hell and back, This is what the military calls having fun.

  17. Everybody: “Where it’s the rest of MwJ?”
    Rita: “Have you checked your back pocket…?”

  18. Next time an enemy ship doesn’t use his radar when he CLEARLY should have: “That guy seems to have left his radar in the wrong back pocket!”

  19. When you start painting models that look like they’ve been in action, then you know that you’re getting good. You know, dirt, chipped and faded paint, rust, etc.
    But, at one point, a long time ago to be sure, I got to the point where I started to create models with battle damage. Bullet holes, shell creases in armor, blackened and twisted pieces, etc. It’s amazing what you can do with a soldering iron and a hot exacto knife. I even had airplanes hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom, one firing at one another, with fine fishing line going from one to another painted to represent tracers going by the targeted plane.

  20. “Do, or do not, there is no try” – some small green alien mystic

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