Mingles with Jingles Episode 321

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In which I get back from the Tank Museum after spending the day looking at really, really, really small tanks.

Models for Heroes: https://www.modelsforheroes.co.uk/



  1. Stayed up late playing War Thunder in California… Good Mornin Jingles

    • Woo, War thunder, the game of “Where the fuck did that guy fucking shoot from what the fuck, oh well, at least my human sized cannon gets a chance to obliterate a tiger”

    • @Cameron McAllister also the game where if a zero is really lucky he can be a bullet sponge like a B-17

  2. Have you asked Quickybaby about that gift from The Chieftain at Twitchcon yet, Jingles? If not, make sure you do! No spoilers!

  3. Fox , sabre turret famous for being on their side more than being on their wheels just like the Scimitar 2

  4. I love cold-callers, usually give the number to my gran, who can then have someone to talk to when she’s at home. If thats not an option I enjoy portraying the role of a psychopath who’s just gone on a GTA-style killing spree in my (imaginary) Lambo.

  5. It’s always like that when it comes to art, Jingles. You make something, feels good about it, see other people’s stuff, think about how shit your own stuff is and how can you improve on it and make it better.

    It’s called getting inspired.

  6. Dear toxic WoWs players:

    Try playing World of Tanks, and you’ll start begging you once in a while got people with as high as 47% wins

    • @Sami Lindgren well done Sami for reading but not understanding what I posted. As I said it’s a bad metric. This means it doesn’t represent the player’s actual ability or take into account their playing circumstances. When I play with my 2 mates we do try to win, but we take crap ships or do crazy stuff, such as trying to take 3 Perths or Indianapolis’ etc. JUST looking at WR is bad. Also, I wouldn’t expect a bot to get near 48%WR

    • @Boges11 I understand what you mean, but the fact is you win 49% of battles. That’s how “good” or “bad” you are. I could also claim I would win 70% of my battles in WoT if I didn’t make bad calls during the battle, thus having only 55% WR. But whatever the reason, a player with 49% WR wins around 49% of battles, so that’s what you can expect when you see one in the battle.

    • @Boges11 and I bet your team mates are happy to have idiots goofing around and ruining their games, or at least brining their chances to win, down significantly. Training rooms are for that

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi Doesn’t change the fact WR is a bad metric

  7. A couple additional points regarding improving your stats in WoWs. Join a clan that plays together, and if possible do not play the game solo. If you are a strong player then you can turn the course of a game on your own. If on the other hand you are an average player you will benefit greatly from playing in a division and coordinating your ship selection and tactics. On an unrelated note be aware that the current meta of the game does not favor destroyers so if you do chose to play a dd be prepared to get the shaft from cv spotting and the new torp detection module.

    • I had really bad abuse in world of tanks I used to play on Xbox and I started to play when I was younger and my stats are really bad but if you looked at my newer tank they were really good. if anyone cares it was 43% win rate to the Paton or e100 is 68% and 62% win rate.

    • @Vaughan Lockett You are heading down the right track there mate.I started in Battle ships I was average player.I now play the cruiser lines.Like you said the in game play is faster and makes you think about what you are doing before you do it.Like you know because of the lower hit points of cruisers and DDs I pays to be careful lol.

    • @Raymond Rysdyk i started with cruisers, enjoyed them more then i do battleships. Wasn’t till the german BB line came out that i got into battleships. Ironically, the ship that captured my heart was the gneisenau. Still prefer my cruisers though.

  8. Dang! That final clip proves it. The Tank Museum is having a funding crisis for Tankfest 2020!!! Please everyone lets donate so they can SCALE UP the event.

  9. Flambass has been doing a series called “School of WoWs” or something similar where he talks through his own decision making, and tactics its really excellent. My current WR is much higher than it was when I started and the average will always be lower.

  10. One of the best cold calls I ever had was when I got one at work, this was wonderful because I work in criminal prosecution so I took great delight in pointing that out and interrogating the caller

  11. We’ve something similar in the Netherlands, called the “Don’t-Call-Me-Registry”, and it helps quite a bit. You can hear the solicitor turning white when you tell you’re registered…

    • @SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy you’re welcome, just look for the “bel-me-niet register”

    • We have a similar thing in the US but the scammers just spoof their phone number so it does no good to report it.

    • And it works great against those assholes from postcodeloterij and bankgiro loterij, these shitsacks keep calling me , 1 register later and it stopped.

    • @Hans de Groot, similar situation here in the States. Overseas callers/call centers just don’t give a hoot about our laws; looking at you, India.

    • If you’re using a voip phone system, you can get Nomorobo to block these calls, it’s free if you’re using on a landline, they sell an app for cell phones.

  12. First rule of looking at other peoples work:

    Don’t compare. Get inspired.

  13. “that’s a nice cheiftan diorama bud, very realistic”
    Actually its radio control, I’m just waiting on parts.
    “Oh, That explains the real weeds growing around it”

  14. I’ve been playing WoWS since day one of closed beta, I have about 11k battles, and a 56%+ win rate. In all of that I have never managed a 3.5k base XP battle (my best is just over 3k). Go Brian.

    • @Malkuth If you have a premium account you get a 50% bonus to xp, and your xp record includes this bonus. So if your record was 5340, that was probably with premium bonus, so you had 3560 base xp. (still a good game, but 5340 base would be like an uber world record)

    • @elmateo77 Yeah.. according to Wows-numbers.com my record is 5340 with my Iowa ( probably with premium yes ) but in my Profile Summary ingame it says 3980 with my Conqueror. and I do believe that is before the bonuses are added ( that is probably also my highest damage game )

  15. “Boys don’t grow up, they only get more expensive toys”
    Best I’ve heard all day

    • @Veranicus If someone had gotten me a truck at any point in my life I would have been disappointed.

    • Yes this is true but it makes me wonder. ? If we don’t grow up and our toy’s just get bigger and more expensive. Then doesn’t that make women technically fall into the category. of vary large & expensive doll’s? If this is true then most guys play with ” Doll’s “. I know I have been for the last 19 years of my life. She is a Vary dear and lovable caring loyal doll at that.

    • @Defiant well as a kid I used to play with little plasyic horsies. Now I play with the real big ones. So it goes both ways I think 🙂

    • @Defiant Women go from toying with small people to toying with large ones, usually about 6’4″ if what I hear is correct XD

    • X Critic All men love trucks. Guys that dont are docked -200 man points.

  16. I get calls for my jeep’s warranty has expired, and I’m like yeah it’s from the 60’s mate

  17. I sincerely hope that was Brian Cox the astrophysicist that emailed you Jingles. Because I find the idea of him being a part-time potato in WoWs oddly charming.

  18. “The last vehicle he owned was a biplane. He crashed it”
    You mean he pulled a jingles landing?

  19. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness I have callers from around the country leaving me voicemails that I have a trial that I need to attend….

  20. Canada’s is ineffective as well.

  21. I apparently got a warrant for my arrest in about 9 states, none of which i’ve ever even been to

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