Mingles with Jingles Episode 322

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In which I question the intelligence of senior executives at Electronic Arts, come to the realisation that you sick puppies really enjoy watching me cry tears of fear, and almost answer the question of what I would change or remove from World of Warships except Aircraft Carriers.



  1. Posted 24 seconds ago. Still got beaten to the like button. Dammit!

  2. First time since I got out of prison

  3. God I love me some jingles

  4. Never been this early. Are the salt mines closed today or something?

  5. People still like single player games ….

  6. hope you have had a good week jingles !!!

  7. Hello our grand and glorious Gnome overlord. Your workshop Wednesday videos have motivated me to return to scale model building after a 40+ year hiatus. Thanks for all you do for your loyal salt miners. RLTW/DOL

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