Mingles with Jingles Episode 323

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I have do an episode of Mingles today, I’ll do some modelmaking first, nothing big though, don’t want to be busy all day. I’ll just do a 152 ammo crate…



  1. For at least the first five minutes, it is a cat video but without a cat.

  2. My two cats are banned from my room after they got in while I was out running errands and knocked my laptop off my desk (and one of them started pawing at my door as I’m typing this). I also have several very breakable model kits that I don’t wish to see end up like props in a Japanese kaiju movie.

    • It is possible to train cats, but it requires a few things:
      1 – never ever enter a room and close the door to leave out the cat(s). The loo is an acceptable exception if you are squeamish or have company or are visiting someone.

      2 – be consistent. The doors to rooms that they are not allowed in by themselves should be closed at all times, and if your cat learns how to open them, locked.

      3 – You may have to lock them in a few times, but as cats generally hate being on the other side of the door than you, they will come out.

      And you have to spend lots of quality time with your cats. Not just playing and feeding and cuddling, but also just being in the same room.

    • LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

      Catzilla! 🙂

  3. You could just … you know, not edit out or re-record _every_ bit with a cat noise. We don’t mind the occasional purr or meow. Jingles comes with cats, we get it.

  4. Mirce Mironovski

    i’m playing with my pit-bull ,9 months old in my lap so he likes to pop up smoke and hydro and essentially “help his daddy lose the match and get yoolod most of the time” ..Cheers 🙂

  5. Jingles…just remember, Dogs have Masters, Cats have SERVANTS 😀

    • WhiskeyTango Foxtrot_AU

      Yes true and Apt, even our Lord and Master answers to the Almighty Purr ! 😉

    • براہمداغ

      If you really think about it scientifically speaking, cats are the only species that were not domesticated by humans.
      They domesticated humans instead.
      At least some of us.

    • It’s all the fault of the ancient Egyptians. They used to worship cats and cats have never forgotten that…

    • براہمداغ

      @Seafodder lol reminds me of a meme i saw.
      Big Egyptian cat statue: ‘do they still worship us child’
      Small kitten replies: ‘yes, i poop in a box and they take it out’

  6. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    Suuuuure, your cats are sabotaging your gaming.

    Bet you had a pack of dogs that ate all your homework while you were at school, too….

  7. Forgot to take memory pills. OMG! 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. can’t say I’ve ever played a game with a cat on my hand, but I’ve had olive tree snakes curl up around my arm, and galahs fight over who gets to stand on my head.

  9. Plasmo models is from czech republic 🙂 I have spoken with him three or four times already…

  10. My cat Nemo would start slapping the mouse when I stop clicking. He was the true red MVP that game, really hard to go stealth when your guns keep firing.

  11. “shes a big old unit” love that about a cat!

  12. I think you’re a bit wrong with comparing your Patreon to begging. Begging would be making a video: ‘hey people, support me on Patreon’, get the money and make another video ‘thanks a lot’, and that would be it.
    But you don’t. You churn out content at a ridiculous rate, on several topics ranging from “here’s what happened to me this week”, over “look at this great gameplay”, to “watch me crap my pants”.
    If anything, I’d compare you to a streetperformer: you provide a service (one we did not ask you to perform in the first place, but like you to continue now), and in return we pay you what we think you are worth.
    I’d stick to the one dollar if I were you, though. Because you yourself admit: you ARE crap ;D

    • Apothecary Terry

      Very good point- people are happy to fork out £6 a month for Disney+ basically just to watch The Mandalorian and nothing else. Jingles puts out more content, costs less and your money doesn’t end up with Disney (except if Jingles gives in and subs to Disney+).
      Imagine the insanity if Jingles had Disney’s budget…

    • @Apothecary Terry If Jingles had Disney’s budget he would not have made a *miniature* ammunitions crate I guess.
      There would also be an HMS Warspite in his bathtub.
      Perhaps he should increase his Patreon minimum after all…

    • Apothecary Terry

      @Frederik Yup, only one way to find out! Jingles sailing a real Warspite…can only end well.

    • He is also skimming over the fact that there probably are fixed expenses per donation, thus more work for Patreon and less revenue overall for both himself and Patreon. Which is why I think the statement from Patreon kinda makes sense, granted it depends on whether or not there are fixed dues per transaction or not (but considering how banks tend to work I’m thinking there are).

    • Apothecary Terry

      ​@VonArens He alludes to it. I’d imagine that Patreon take a higher % from a $1 donation than a $5 but they work on the basis that if 30% of the people went up to $5 and the rest stopped then that’s still more money for them (and Jingles, but they don’t really care about that part).
      Whatever the case, I admire Jingles’s attitude to the whole thing.

  13. theScottishKoala

    “She’s a big ol’ chonker” ~ Jingles 2020

  14. Warren Lehmkuhle

    Jingles: I think he is Polish.
    Me: (Angry being 1/4 Slovak, and him being Czech nosies.)

  15. “She is a big old unit”
    One worth to remember…

    • In this case it’s QUITE important to mention he’s talking about a four-legged member of his household, otherwise he would be killed instantly twice over… *duck*

  16. Four hours to build an ammunition crate?
    Someone isn’t getting the “Hero of Soviet labour medal.”

  17. “Have you ever tried playing World of Warships when you have a cat on your hand?”

    As a proud human dad to cats, oh yes I do! 😀

  18. Jingles: Have you ever tried playing World of Warships with a cat sitting on your hand?

    Me: Well no, but I have done it with my dog sitting on my arm.

  19. “have you ever tried playing anything with a cat on your mousehand”.

    Of course, I’m owned by a cat as well.

  20. “Memory improvement pills” I think what Rita has is contagious, Jingles

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