Mingles with Jingles Episode 324

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Tomorrow I reach level 50, soon I’ll qualify for an Epic Mount!



  1. Dang, to think Ive been here since well before Mingles with Jingles, Now were on the 324th Monday and I look forward to this.

  2. O yeah your wallet she washed one and had u think it was “lost” one year…I’m surprised ridge wallet hasn’t called for a sponsor

    • I was more thinking about the time Jingles looked through the whole house twice, and had to borrow money to pay for a restaurant, just to find the wallet in his back pocket just before he was about to call his bank to have his cards cancelled.

  3. The Elneache Gamer

    Daym it’s nearly 5 hours from here to Bovington tank museum if I didnt have my daughter I would have come down from north cambridgeshire to shake your hand jingles as you have helped me so much the last few months as I have been struggling mentally to continue from 1 day to the next but one thing that has helped me some days is being able to come on here and watch your videos

  4. miho nishizumi61

    Holy cow, Drachinifel covered the battle between Carmania and Cap Trafalgar in a Wednesday special.

    Edit: spelled the British ships name correctly

  5. 16:18 The most important thing in comedy is timing…

  6. Could it be Ed watched Drachinifels Wednesday Video this week and then send the story to jingles?

    • I was thinking the same

    • first written 3 years ago. so no. but lol then had to go look and bugger. oh well

    • Yeah, but the British liner wasn’t disguised.

    • @ed francis yeah. Write something 3 years ago but publish it the same week as someone else just did in a much more detailed video.
      Almost as bad a coincidence as disguising your ship as the enemy ship disguised as you.

    • @Arkadeep Kundu well jingles asked me after this, and i was happy to show him the file. saved and dated. and it was only written as a 2 page article at the time. so with all due regards go fuck yourself.

  7. That pirogue sounds like a real treat. Also: “Did you forget something in your back pocket again” was totally deserved.

  8. As a member of the culinary crew in the salt mines, it sounds like Rita is a damn good cook! Onions are amazing when done correctly! And that bagel sounds delicious!

  9. Happy birthday young man, and may I refer you to two of the best pieces of wisdom regarding aging. “There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes” – Dr Who (Tom Baker) & “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – C.S Lewis.

  10. “I am Rita of Borg. My adaption to needing your presence has been completed. You will be assimilated by the onion. Resistance is Futile.”
    “Also, Rita of Borg is upset about turning 30 with no children. Your body will adapt to service us in this requirement.”
    😉 JKJKJK, or……

    • @phiutubeful What do you think?
      Except wait, the first time Locutus was introduced, did he not also say I?

    • Michael Holycross

      You do know their engagement is kaput?

    • @Michael Holycross You know Paul and Rita “celebrated” (wink wink, nudge nudge) her return from a few weeks visiting Portugal some ‘Mingles’ episodes ago? It was a particularly short one. Not getting married does not mean they’re not in a relationship any more.

    • Michael Holycross

      @El Bee nope, apparently I don’t have access to privileged communications.

  11. Me and a friend have been moaning we’re growing old since we were 20something. When we stopped referring to our knees as “left” and “right” but rather “the good one” and “the other one”.
    Case in point, about 4 years back, when we did turn 30, we had a nice ritual, whenever our birthdays would come close, we started telling each other “enjoy the last day/few hours of your twenties you old fart!”.

  12. theScottishKoala

    Oh no… Now I’ve got JINGLES complaining about YouTube’s hilariously bullshit copyright laws

  13. “Rapidly approaching senile dementia.” It already arrived you just forgot. . .

  14. I love how he adds the “devious and underhanded” Germans, and the “Noble and Honest” British in front of it every time… to then explain they do the exact same thing! It isn’t just the stories, amazing as they always are, but the person telling it is great at it as well!

  15. “She’s behind me, isn’t she?” next sean, thump in the dark…lol…

  16. “I think she’s standing on the staircase listening”
    “Yeah I am”= sound of terror and shock from Jingles.

  17. I’ve had this book for years “The ship that hunted itself” by Colin Simpson ISBN 0140048235
    They were both 18,000 tons – coincidence
    They were both ordered to go to war – coincidence
    They disguised themselves as each other – coincidence
    They met in the South Atlantic – coincidence
    and now you and Drachinifel talk about it within a week – coincidence?

  18. Christopher Musgrave

    “Epic mount”? is that what they’re calling mobility scooters now?

    • Christopher Musgrave This deserves to be seen by Jingles. We’ll all be sent to the gulag, but it’s worth it.

  19. “I’ll qualify for an epic mount soon!”
    Is this what you’ve been preparing Akizuki for?! XD

  20. Jingles: “So Rita started moaning…”


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