Mingles with Jingles Episode 325

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A major patch just World of Warships, and with Wargamings’ cries of “No left behind!” ringing in our ears, let’s take a look and see just how well they’ve lived up to the hype…



  1. Sounds like not taking that IFHE skill would be the equivalent of not having sixth sense.

    • Mister Dayne Nope. In fact, for many CLs and DDs, IFHE isn’t worth taking. 152mm and 155mm cruisers still prefer IFHE for the most part, but even that depends on the tier. It’s a more nuanced choice now.

    • Actually even more so, it was kinda like needing a skill so you can take your regular AP shells, because HE actually works in WoWs unlike in WoT where you need the biggest shell imaginable or super squish targets.

    • that’s what it was, now it’s basically useless and you should take demolition expert instead 😛

    • @Valentine Most people were taking demo expert before, anyway. And it’s not as if there wasn’t a mandatory skill at level 2 for all DDs before (Last Stand), just that it required only 2 skill points, and not 4. I remember when IFHE got introduced, everybody was still in a lather about RPF, which is being used, but far less common than anticipated. IFHE, on the other hand, soon became ubiquitous, and did get talked about.
      Well, with IFHE being what it is now, you can expect to be RPF located a lot more, these days.

  2. Considering the only thing that’s ever talked about on the news lately, hearing a long video about WOWS patch notes is kinda refreshing.

    And I don’t even play WOWS, but I still watch Jingles videos about it!

  3. Jingles: talks about world of warship and shows Division gameplay. Good job mate

    • Well, it would be a normal World of Warships episode if he showed WoW footage. Yet it is Monday! He can’t do that! As this episode would not be allowed to be called “Mingles with Jingles”. Just some boring title like “That Damn Boat Game Did It Again…”

  4. I’m just an old fart weekend warrior. Ain’t taking no time to memorize numbers. The hell with the stats!! Bring the guns around and giv’em hell boys!! If that doesn’t work… RAMMING Speed!!!

    • @Yooper66 Sail closer so I can hit them with my sword? Saying that.. my Warspite does have a fair few diehard awards.

    • @Markus_B Why not fire both? We have 20 guns! (Over exaggerating greatly) We’ll learn what works and still do damage!

    • I play more than just on weekends, but trying to memorize all this?
      My brain was leaking outta my ears before 8 minutes of video has elapsed!
      Just gonna keep it simple … aim, shoot, then haul ass if they have bigger guns!

    • I even reached rank4 with this attitude xD
      Select Yamato, load AP, hope for good rng…
      And if AP doesn’t work, give the HE a shot, what’s the worst that could happen?

    • All you need to know is if youre using a German or French BB thats not t10, a heavy cruiser can bow tank you. And if youre using an American BB, or any other ship with 16inch guns it means a Heavy t10 cruiser can bow tank you

  5. Oh yeah, forgot about that comment algorytm. Well, here ya go. *ahem* “argh, you only talked about that bloody boat game, where’s my other content”

    Hope you’re happy now YouTube <3

  6. eye for an eye i guess you could call it BB AP gets nerfed cus its “broken” then IFHE gets nerfed for its also percieved “brokeness”

  7. I’ll be honest, I’ll pull the trigger, the shells will land, and I’ll either do damage or not.

    • ikr? to think there was a time called in the patches about when Graf Spee was added up til before Adrimal Yamamototototototo was added where _player determinism_ was still a passing thing, lmfao….

  8. Dont worry. A entire line of ships benifiting from these changes. Will soon be arriving in a cash shop shortly.

  9. WG: we’re normalising radar values because having different ranges for different ships is too confusing and complex

    Also WG: *gives us all these changes*

    • Because reading the ship info board is hard 😉

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi idk what point you’re trying to make, but I was emphasising that WG changed radars to make them more simple (going from having to memorise 5 values to 4), yet they’ve released this complicated change which (as jingles pointed out with Atlanta and Flint, and also applies to Colbert and Smolensk) doesn’t fully do what it was intended to do

    • Yet they then reduced the Seattle and Worcester range from 10km, to 9km….. While the other tier 9 and 10 American radar ranges are 9.5km and 10km……

    • @Grasshopper K  the CLs had their radar ranges nerfed to 9km as part of the normalisation because stealth radar combined with that DPM was insanely strong. The CAs keep their 10km range because only the buffalo can stealth radar and only by 100m, and it doesn’t really have the DPM to get much out of it. Afaik 9.5km is exclusive to Missouri. RN CLs still get 10km for some reason, I’d imagine because they’re incredibly squishy.

      Here’s a list for you, seeing as you got a few things wrong there:
      USN CL T8-10 – 9km radar
      USN CA T8-10, Indianapolis – 10km radar
      RN CL T8-10 – 10km radar
      Missouri – 9.5km radar
      DDs* – 7.5km radar
      USSR** – 12km radar
      Belfast, Atlanta, and Salem – 8.5km radar
      * Pan-Asian T8-10, Black, Smålland.
      ** Ochakov will get a 10km radar, other/further radar changes may be applied to the Soviet test ships as well.

    • @Sentinel XCIX The changes are just as simple to remember, you just need to forget all the values and logic you had previously learned.

  10. Instead of making HE shells do damage according to the thickness of the armor they hit, and not just have a simple and very crappy threshold. He shells should be able to deal more damage to thin armor, and very little to thicker armor, and no damage in case of very thick armor (like the armor belt on some battleships), or in some cases of spaced armor.
    Really, it’s not too hard, and I don’t understand what they might gain from those stupid changes.

    • Such an obvious, easy solution. Yet – not to be, because that would break their controlled frustration (TM) achieved by stupid “tiering” of ships by inventing “magic phantom armour”. But you should WANT TO PAY to get to T10, and that fast!
      (You now, all the Tier-dependant armour does not exist on real ships at all, its only 4-8mm mild shipbuilding steel …)

    • The are absolutely clueless about their own game, and not really give a damn until the money “flows”.

    • If I could give this comment more upvotes, I would. Whilst a shell might not penetrate, you’re still flinging a 100lb (6 inch gun shells) weight at several hundred metres per second into a metal sheet – after doing that a few times at close range, there’s no way that something as flimsily armoured as a light cruiser takes no damage.

    • Honestly, it really shouldn’t be that hard.. just subtract x % dmg based on how much higher the treshold is compared to the base HE pen. That way maybe your average 6″/152mm guns will do maybe 70-90% dmg to slightly thicker plating and further reduced the thicker it is.. (until it can no longer inflict damage of course) and same with all other HE shells. No need for arbitrary skills..

  11. Maybe this is why they are selling the yashima. Just lolpen everything.

    • Well, technically it doesn’t really pen much more than Yamato, goes from 32 to 35 which isn’t found on any ship I can think of. On the other hand, the shells are so slow and floaty they can plunge right through the deck by hitting at a near vertical 90 degree angle.

  12. If they ever make another remake of “Yes minister” Jingles should apply for the role of Sir Humphrey Appleby

  13. I honestly thought the issue they were trying to help solve was they wanted cruisers to either burn things or pen things- just not both at the same time. Weird.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Me as well. The light cruiser HE spam had broken the game somewhat. Like as a T7 BB I would run from a Helena because they would just burn me to the ground. Sinop not withstanding because Russia gives zero f~~ks lol. I’ve had much more enjoyable games this past week as a battleship driver. I consider it a good change.

    • And that is exactly what they did. You take your pick – you can pen stuff with half the fire chance, or you set fires while mostly shattering on targets. Jingles is just pretending that having one of those is the same as the ptevious “both at the same time”

  14. And on the next episode of Mingles with Jingles “Quantum Physics”

  15. *Uss helena*
    Me: mehh
    *Looks at commander*
    Me: real shit

  16. I wasn’t really paying attention to armor anyways.
    Broadside -> AP
    not broadside -> HE

  17. WG: We want to encourage freedom in captain and ship builds. No single skill should be an automatic-buy crutch!
    Destroyer captains: _[staring in Last Stand]_

  18. I WAS a wows fan. They’ve lost their way.

    • yup, first when they ruined US CVs in CBT 3.4, later messing with shot AOE vs some ships seemed, then they screwed up armor fully with Admiral Yamimamiemototototo where it finalized making the game a P2W tiers determined rather than player determinist game via armor….

      IFHE is an ammo choice, not a captain skill, fml lmfao rip

  19. It started to sound like Monty Pythons Holy grail: In order to maintain airspeed velocity it has to beat his wings 45 times a second, right?

  20. Josy Naemi Köhler

    Königsberg, Nürnberg and Mainz meanwhile:
    “Germans still have no concerns for those shenanigans”. 😀

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