Mingles with Jingles Episode 326

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Youtube finally allows us to talk about the plague without being demonetised! Although Mingles with Jingles isnR;t monetised anyway. Ha! Take that, YouTube!



  1. “Human Malware” as Gamer’s Nexus called it

    • A fellow hardware enthusiast I see.
      Wonder if this will make it to Disappointment 2020.

    • @Internet Entity I don’t think you can build a PC out of strains of virus, sadly.

    • @TheKazragore More like the Google/Youtube demonitising ‘Corona virus’ and giving rise to the term Human Malware.
      Or the delays in hardware launches that have or may yet occur.

  2. 50 years old has a grand father belly. “I’m the picture of health”

    • @TitanCaliber watch his modelling vids, there is literally a full ashtray in the last one and he has mentioned it numerous times.

    • Ty Lockton
      My bad shows how much I pay attention I normally watch while playing something or painting my own WH40k

    • @TitanCaliber daddy jingles admitted in a mingles with jingles, that he’s and i quote “hopelessly addicted” i love jingles and care about his health just like anyone else. his smoking is of concern. also when he mentioned he gets the man flu, hes in bed, unable to do squat shit, and rita gets mad at that

    • @TitanCaliber i do too, i just happened to be paying attention to him saying he smokes, when i was waiting for a new lobby in warthunder

    • James Bigglesworth

      @TitanCaliber He does, you will see him doing it on some of the Cosplay videos

  3. as always: “a person is smart, people are dumb”. Stay at home to protect the hospitals from overflowing Covid patients!

    • Absolutely agree…individuals can be smart, groups are only as smart as the lowest common denominator.

    • What would actually be smarter…..OLDER people stay home, they are the ones that get sick.

    • @Paul T. No it doesnt work like that, even healthy people can get sick and therefore taking up beds in hospitals, see Italie for example

    • @macdam11 Bah! Only 0.01% of people below age of 65 have died. If you have to be put on a ventilator, your chances of dyeing are at 95%. KEEP THE OLD at home and safe, then they WILL NOT get the virus, the rest of us get herd immunity. That is HOW it is supposed to work

    • @Paul T. Its not about dying, it is about slowing down the spreading of the disease to a level to which hospitals can take care of the ill people. In Italy the hospitals were overwhelmed to a point that they had to decide at the door if they let you in if you have enough chance of survival. Basically at the door they decide who they could save and who probably is going to die. You dont want that (and you dont want to put people in a position in which they have to decide on the life of others).
      You are probably not the one getting sick, but you may be the one spreading it to other people. Dont think about yourself but think about protecting others. Flatten the curve, stay at home!

  4. I used to never get sick either. Then I had kids.

    • my mom was always sick when I was younger. got pneumonia nearly every year. after our cat passed away, we found out she was allergic to cats–which breaks my heart because my mom loves cats and had had them all her life. she just never knew.

    • @Sawyer AWR Allergies are weird things. When I got married, I had a titanium wedding ring. After 6 months I got a really nasty rash on my ring finger. Took the ring off and it vanished.

      A year later I put it back on and had a reaction almost immediately. So I’m apparently allergic to titanium now.

    • MajesticDemonLord

      Same – and now with enforced quarantine – and bored under 5s, it’s going to be a looooooong quarantine…

  5. Watch out for yourself and Rita, we are gone need you in times like this. Stay safe and healthy.

  6. sooooo you dont consider the MAN-FLU! a deadly serious illness?

  7. Remember Jingles, you are old and crap, so stay safe please.

  8. Christian Schinner

    When you realize that “quarantine” is your normal life style 😀

    • Yeah lol. Im a self employed knifemaker and gamer. I don’t get out much. Can still work, if people are buying. There in lies the potential problem

    • A lot of people are saying that but a lof of them are teenagers, who are too stupid to begin to understand that they lack responsibilities, and that it’s easy to talk when you’re not managing the incomes and the food. As well as the simple risk of going outside and dealing with the stupids at the supermarket ( and obviously the higher chance of catching the virus ).

      For the adults saying this, good for you I guess. That’s your call on your own responsibilities, as long as you’re protecting yourself and the others as well ofc.

    • I guess that ordinary life on Mars for the first Mars explorers will be rather the same as well. Go out in suit, stay confined the rest of the time and wash away the irradiated and toxic dust from everything.

  9. As a trucker, there is no rest for the wicked. We go through dozens of checks every day to make sure that the toilet paper crisis of 2020 would be as soft on everyone as possible.

    But seriously.. why no love for us, who keep the world turning through hell and high water?

    • i dont think i’m the only one thinking this way…….
      We, the American People, do very much appreciate the Work of our Truckers, you Guys and Gals are our Life Line…..Thank You very much

    • Darkness Nighthingale

      Gotta quote Sabaton for this.
      Through hell, through high water, NEVER STOP!!!

    • For the people who keep this world working behind the scenes – thank you.

    • Because if our egos get to high, we’ll unionize and run these countries.

    • I was gonna say don’t forget the truck & train drivers that keep the supplies coming to the shops, and saw your comment so thanks man & keep safe!

  10. Sadly same in Australia. Our Government had to order beaches, pubs and clubs to be closed to force people to keep away from grouping. Currently Public Servants (like myself) are not ordered to go home and isolate but it will probably happen after the virus arrives in our building. We don’t seem to have learnt from what’s happening every where else. After being so united during the fires we have degenerated into the same panic buying (despite our Government telling us to stop as we produce more food than we could ever eat ourselves). I recall you said in Alien:Isolation – “Every Civilisation is only two meals away from Barbarism” as you quoted again here. Should have include rolls of toilet paper! Take care of yourself young man, we 50 year olds need to look after ourselves.

    • Yup. Bloody bondi beach.. whwn the government talks about social distancing, what did the idiots do? Lets go to bondi beach and hold parties. And then the people who caught corona jumped.

    • The whole beaches, parks and other places like it is happening everywhere. People are being stupid is nothing new for this planet.

  11. Very apt line from Hellsing Ultimate Abridged: “Don’t weep for the stupid, you’ll be crying all day”.

  12. Here in Sweden, the people coming back from the ski resorts in Italy, bringing the virus to Sweden, now go to the ski resorts in Sweden, skiing, afterski parties, to spread the virus around the country. Idiots.

  13. Jingles: Makes a video discussing the social effects of a global pandemic, against the backdrop of a game set in the aftermath of a collapsed society caused by a pandemic.

    Was this on purpose?

    • @MemoriesAreLost He got the new DLC?

    • @Peregrine101 “Sure, a pandemic might be sweeping the globe, causing death and devastation and resulting in the greatest level of government intervention since the Second World War; but how am I going to get my chips?”

    • Oddly enough I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I was cautiously checking whether or not the bin men this morning were wearing gas amsks and carrying flame throwers though. Just in case…

    • A practical display of how to enforce social distancing.

    • look on bright side – he didnt make it against the backdrop of Plague Inc. 😛

  14. “A city like Ankh-Morpork was only two meals away from chaos at the best of times.”
    Thats the qoute from Pratchett you were mentioning. 🙂

  15. cant eat cat’s food while having cats in the house, coz once theirs food’s gone, owner becomes cats source of nutrition. so order goes like this: cats go first, cat’s food goes second. always think about safety.

  16. “Defense of the Ancients 2”
    Me: What’s that? One of those old Jingles classics? Oh wait… it’s DOTA 2

  17. שי ליבוביץ

    “two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity” albert einstein quote, so can you realy be surprised whan albert einstine claims such a thing?

  18. I remember being told a story about someone trying to profiteer when there was a shortage of something. I can’t remember what it was. Anyway he raised prices a lot at his store and almost certainly made a decent chunk of money. However when the shortage was alleviated he went bankrupt in 3 months because people remembered the price gouging and no longer went to his store anymore.

    So might well be a smart move for businesses to not profiteer.

    • Most countries these days have laws about this kind of price gouging.
      Either that, or authorities get creative. Like the guy who hoarded hand sanitizer he bought at an allready stiff price but then tried to sell for an exorbitant sum. Authorities didn’t like that and took a closer look at his “busines”.
      Turned out, he lacked some paper work or something. So they locked his whole stash down “until legal procedures are done”. Might take a while. Most likely untill after this situation has blown over… 😀

  19. We need a picture of Akatsuki in the next mingles just to confirm she’s okay.

  20. DerKopfsammler666

    The moment you realise that we’ll soon be living in Tom Clancy’s: The Division world…

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