Mingles with Jingles Episode 327

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Today I left the house for the first time in about three weeks. Things got surreal.



  1. 19 seconds, and look at how popular Jingles is

  2. Djamèl Oosterwegel

    Just as I was longing for my daily dose of Jingles, The Mighty Gnome Overlord shows his generosity!

  3. Is it just me, or is that the same footage from last weeks episode?
    Jingles are you practising recycling?

  4. Hey Jingles, I was wondering what hapenned to that AC Odyssey DLC?

  5. jeova0sanctus0unus

    No i get it, trying to infect someone with a potentially livethreatening desease WHILE THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU, should give them the legal right to punch you in the face.

  6. My parents are gonna cough on me for staying up this late, but the mighty Jingles upload is my excuse!

  7. AgriVidsProductions

    Jingles can you do some more war stories in these dreary times?

  8. This corona virus lockdowns, food shortages etc. looks like the division, just waiting cleaners to come so i can join them 😂😂

  9. Purposely coughing on people in the US your charged with terrorism.

  10. Thing about covid-19 is your contagious before you even know your sick

  11. Stay healthy jingles. We need our gnome overlord.

    • indeed!
      – It is strange though, to be under the weather if you didn’t leave the house for 3 weeks – how did the virus/bug get there in the first place? I suspect a vector…

  12. New to the Mighty Jingle merchandise store : “I mined salt for The Mighty Jingles and all I got was a Krasny Krym!” Tee Shirt.

  13. Jingles, your age is showing ……..”they are releasing all the new movies on VIDEO”

  14. Karlchen Karolinger

    every week the same division footage… fair enough, jinles speaking in the background!

  15. The Chinese brought out emergency gear from Australia before we even knew about COVID-19 , masks ,HAZ mat suites , gloves , Plastic Coveralls and medicines . They seem to have been the ones who did the run on Toilet paper and sanitizer as well .
    Lets hope the police powers go back to normal after the pandemic is over , but I bet not .

  16. LeavesUselessComments

    “I used to be a warrior like you, then I took a cough to the knee”

  17. Jingles: this is going to be a shorter video
    Me: yeah right
    Jingles: Its only 12 minutes

    Me: who are you and what have you done with the real Jingles

  18. “It should be attempted murder.” No that’s still letting them off lightly. Here in the US, someone licking hand sanitizer was nicked for bioterrorism, which it most often is because you’re deliberately spreading a pandemic to an uninfected person.

    • Daniel Gyllenbreider

      Last year, more than 80,000 people died of the flu and its complications in the United States. So being draconian about only the corona virus is a bit silly. Laws and rules must be consequential in order to get anywhere near some kind of legitimacy or seriousness.

    • @Daniel Gyllenbreider Yeah yeah yeah . . . I have heard this one from several of my friends, but what people like you don’t seem too be able too wrap your head around. Is the fact that it is the infection rate that is the underlying problem here.
      With the flu it takes 1 person too infect about 1.5 people. and that 1.5 will infect about 2 maybe 3 people.

      With the Corona virus the infection rate is much steeper. One person with the virus can infect up too 4 people. Those 4 will infect 8. Those 8 becomes 16. That 16 turns into 32. Those 32 turns into 64 . Are you starting too get the picture yet?

    • Daniel Gyllenbreider The estimated death toll, from a paper by UCL, of the carry on as normal scenario was 2.2mil.

    • @Daniel Gyllenbreider Since when is that a requirement for laws in the US?

    • This is the exact charge I’ve been saying FROM THE START it should be. Someone spit in the face of an employee at a local store. Should be charged the same as long as we are in a national emergency declared pandemic.

  19. Keep safe and everything will be cool. Jingles, you’re too young to be this old😂

  20. Jingles: “I think over-the-top policing is DEFINITELY going to help this country fight the pandemic.”

    Well, it would certainly be a shame to let that Judge Dredd uniform go to waste…

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