Mingles with Jingles Episode 330

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So how do these fancy VLog things work, anyway? Well for a start, you could sort your lighting out.



  1. I appreciate this new style, but what made me laugh was that seeing this made me question what day it was lol.

  2. Lars van warendorp

    Wait… You actually got rita out of bed???😂😂😂

  3. Not sure what’s cuter, Rita’s smile or Jingles’ bed head.

  4. Completly distracted by the MCRN shirt….jingles watches The Expanse!!!

  5. Young jingles looks like he’s ready to start teaching at a Witcher school

  6. ok you’ve got me at door flaps……… do go on [insert beer] ahhh Jingles.

  7. Don’t worry Jingles, if you’d done the greenscreen right first time we’d start worrying about you.

  8. Rita says something silly, Jingles reaches for beer

  9. As someone who’s deaf, I actually really like this style because I find it easier to understand them by reading their lips, though I wouldn’t mind there being subtitles. Still, would like to see more of this style of Mingles with Jingles.

    • Bill Polychronidis

      There are still the auto-generated subtitles but they are indeed trash but it would be very hard and time-consuming to subtitle a 50 minute video(or a long video in general).

    • Jingles, let us make captions for you. Give the salt miners something to do now that we’re all quarantined

    • @armorhide406 Quarantined? I thought you were all on a really, really long vacation and wondered why I was having to do everything! Right I’m off to panic buy enough bog roll for a year!

    • John James Fuller

      @TheRed Hawk That’s not a beard, he just turned his head upside down. It’s an old Navy trick for baldies.

    • @Eric Kaufman What I would say is the most important thing for the hearing impaired is subtitles throughout the entire game, not just cutscenes. Games are much better about this then they use to, but it’s something think that developers need to keep in mind. Another thing I wish is variable sound settings, so if I want to, I can turn the voices up while turning the music down, as the main thing that infuriates me personally is trying to hear the dialogue while music is blaring in the background, makes things difficult.
      As for multiplayer, I’m probably the worst person to ask about this, as I’ve been the silent type in multiplayer for many years and only recently grew out of it. However, what I would say is always have chat boxes, especially in team base games, as it’ll make things easier to work with your teammates and them with you.
      Other then those, there isn’t a whole lot developers can do, as it mostly comes down to the play and how impaired their hearing is. Sometimes all they need is some simple loud headphones to hear the general sound pretty well and other times, they need speaker headphones or bluetooth hearing aids.

  10. Lol you didn’t fall through the world that was someone’s personal home and then they left the sever and they home left with them leaving you in the world

    • @Justin Bushnell They don’t get destroyed, the base leaves with the player and when the player joins a new server it reappears as it was.

    • Drew708 ok so if someone legitimately raids a base, the owner notices it’s being raided, all the owner of that base needs to do is transfer to a different server and then that base disappears out of thin air, and that gives people no reason to raid as someone will put the effort in for it to be snatched away from them.

    • Mostly positive on steam. Nothing u can do about it 🙂

    • KevinDragonspearGaming

      @Justin Bushnell bases can’t be raided, bethesda found out with this game that most of their fan base are not fans of pvp and removed base damage in almost everything except if 2 people decide they want to pvp and damage each other, essentially agreeing to fight, the only other pvp is nuclear winter.

    • KevinDragonspearGaming ah right fair enough, I’ve only seen videos about the game, and I thought it was as bare bones as it possibly could be.

  11. Also. Jingles: “I’ve been doing a lot of modelling recently” …anyone else see Jingles walking down a catwalk?

  12. MCRN? Jingles, you’re a man of culture…..

  13. MajesticDemonLord

    What is this Game?

    The Graphics look Great!

    I like the Character – the Girl with the Cat, but the Old guy – I think his Character model needs a bit, no, a LOT of work….

  14. I understand what happened with all those dolls. That was someones C.A.M.P. and it despawned because the owner presumably logged off. You can see the C.A.M.P. itself at the foot of the bed at 11:59

    • Yup the game probably went on the fritz for a second when the owner of said camp logged off while Jingles was there.

    • Well everyone who played FO76 for more then 15 Minutes would have understood what was going there. But i don’t blame Jingles for thinking it’s a Bug , i fell thru actual pre-build Structures into the never ending Abyss that lies under Apalachia.

    • @German-HEAT- just Jingles being Jingles and we love him for that. All hail our gnomish overlord!

    • Another clue is that he couldn’t interact with the objects of that player’s camp that would have been lootable if a public part of the game.

  15. “my body is ready for you if you like it”

    -rita sobral 2020

  16. Rita: “That’s my own personal version of having loli figures in my room”
    Jingles “sh… she… I’m not going to comment”

    I didn’t mishear that right? XD

  17. This is brilliant we can actually see there facial expressions.

  18. When you work with wood, seal it first prior to adding glue and paint.
    That is funny, 7:25 into the video and Jingle said “I thought we would get started by … ” LOL
    Jingles, why dose your Fallout 4 toon look like Rita in a bikini?
    Jingles, just use your sniper rifle to shoot them and then feed them to the cats, … eeerrrrrr … That’s right, you’al don’t have guns over there, never mind.
    About the beer, That stuff has nothing on American beer. American beer is like making love in a canoe, F*ing close to water.
    I like this format, Do it again, do it again!!!

    • I really liked that line about US Beers! Made me lol.. My friends over there inform me there are smaller micro breweries brewing IPA and bitters as well now, are those any good do you know? They certainly look good in a social media pic..

    • @Kompoism I could not tell you, I have been dry since 1997.

  19. Most of Germany DOES agree with you about Koelsch, and think the same about ‘Alt’ (which is been drunken in Düsseldorf, next to Cologne).

    A guy from Cologne, one from Düsseldorf and one from Munich get into a bar. Guy from Cologne orders a Koelsch, guy from Düsseldorf orders a Alt, guy from Munich orders a Cola. The Cologne and Düsseldorf guy look puzzled at the guy from Munich, and he just says: ‘Well if you ain’t gonna drink a beer i’m not in the mood either.’

    • Miguel Celano Menezes de Almeida

      I lived both in Düsseldorf and München for a while and being Brazilian, it was all so fucking good I didn’t care much about it hahah

  20. Lawrence O'Donnell

    That jingles- he’s a clever cove..
    Recipe for an ageing YouTube gamer: bring in a pretty girl (with brains) ….and cats, LOTS of cats .. 😆
    I’m old: all I need is a pretty girl and a cat… damn! Knew there was a catch 😞

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