Mingles with Jingles Episode 331

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In what seems to be an amazingly popular new format, it’s Mingles with me and her again.


  1. the last time i was this early the beast inside was still a thing!

    edit i was watching a drachinifel video and i heard a ping i checked my computer and saw a jingles post two minutes ago and well it was pretty much a case of divert all power to the mouse hand!

  2. The Tank Commander

    Rita’s not lying about the screws. I heard her say that word more times than anything on that stream!

  3. 1AM in California..and he’s been having a Jingles moments! right, on with the show!

  4. I haven’t been keeping up with jingles as much lately, but seeing him nowadays fills me with so much nostalgia. Your first mingles with jingles episodes and older wot videos were my childhood. Thanks for everything Bohemian Eagle

  5. Paul: “Rita, This is a notebook” *Holds up actual notebook*
    Rita: “Oh! I thought you meant a tablet”
    Paul: *Facepalms and holds head in hands*

    This will be meme worthy

  6. There’s a girl on the screen so of course this format works better.

    • It’s just unfair, isn’t it?

      You could be the guy demonstrating a working method to heal cancer on video…
      … But the lady with the knickers and knockers will still have more views than you.

      (Not talking about Rita here)

    • Be honest, who would you rather look at.

    • @TheOtherBill Honestly I don’t want to look at them at all. I’d prefer them sitting close to a mic so the audio quality returns back to the usual Jingles video quality.

  7. Jingles can’t be a boomer, he wasn’t a sonar operator!

  8. Damn..Rita’s cup getting bigger..by next mingle with jingles she’ll use a 44 gal drum.. 😀

  9. I need to get me a Rita to be locked down with too.

  10. So jingles, for lighting a green screen, don’t sit directly in front of it. You want a bit of space, then have a light (Or a couple of lights) cast an even spread of light on the background, from then you can light yourselves. Keep a few feet away if possible. It helps spread out the shadows on the screen, because your shadows in the video are a bit harsh. Just some advice from a US Air Force broadcast journalist

  11. Turned 19 last week on Anzac Day. Everyone went out on their drive ways as an improvised ceremony of the fallen Aussies and New Zealand troops

    • Wind Fire it’s embarrassing how few people actually give a shit about Veterans Day here in the states. Those aussies, kiwis, canucks and brits have it right!

    • @James Harvey Agreed. Sad is an understatement. The simple fact is that our universities are brainwashing our kids that patriotism is evil, that the USA is evil and of course that means our veterans are at best misguided, if not evil. Welcome to the Left’s agenda. Clueless beyond belief.

    • @Wind Fire Speaking as a University Student, and a Liberal, I agree to an extent. Though I would push back slightly by saying that there’s not so much brain washing, as there is simple ignorance of history, and really even that is relegated to specific disciplines. Being a lover of military history, and the sciences, I’m in a much more grounded environment generally. Additionally, even among the most crazy batshit lefties I’ve met, I’ve never encountered anyone who disparages veterans; but in fairness, my experience is fairly limited, as are most peoples. But hey, even if we may not agree on everything, it’s clear you and I are both men with an appreciation for our country and it’s servicemembers.

    • @James Harvey Understood. Appreciate the hands on exeperrience. But brainwashing comes in two forms: What is repeated stated, and what is not stated at all. The combination is powerful in that they don’t provide historical reasons why and then provide alternative topics that often allow substitution thinking even if not stated explicitly.. You like military history, which gives you a distinct advantage too.

      Also, some universities are likely worse than others I’m sure.

    • @Wind Fire Good point! It’s very easy for anyone to fall into an echo-chamber nowadays, and I agree with you, there’s a huge disparity in the particular focuses or lack thereof at different institutions. Anyways, your candor is very much appreciated!

      Cheers mate, hope you have a great rest of your week!

  12. 33:40 “nearly unpronounceable” and I was waiting for “Let’s call him Dave”

  13. Saying the reason that all the whiskey is gone is “because you gave it a thorough taste test” is one of my favourite things ever and I am very much stealing it.

  14. Username McUsernameFace

    Howdy Folks and welcome to Innuendo Bingo with the Mighty Jingles! In this episode: Rita chasing people for their junk and wanting screws.

    • Username McUsernameFace 🙂 I guess I’m not the only one who heard Jingles voice in their head when reading your comment

  15. Whole episodes containing ‘Dumb Stuff that Rita Says….’ lovin’ it 😀

  16. Rita’s stories are like onions, they have layers. But not pages, those are for the old school notebooks.

  17. Actually Jingles when you have written on all the pages you “recharge” it by putting new paper in it.

  18. Your mission in life: find somebody who looks at you with the expression of adoration that Rita displays toward Jingles as he starts the video by recounting how crap he is.

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      “You got (me) ice cream?!” 😀
      We all heard the “me” in there, even though she didn’t say it!

  19. Dont lump Rita in as an average millennial; she’s one of a kind

  20. Rita: “I killed him to get my stuff back”
    Guy doesn’t have her stuff
    Rita: “Kills him two more times just to be thouough”

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