Mingles with Jingles Episode 332

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It’s back! Yeah, it’s been a week already. My how time flies… And yes, we gave up on the green screen idea.

Get Dave’s book here: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Forgotten-Tanks-and-Guns-of-the-1920s-1930s-and-1940s-Hardback/p/15528



  1. Is it bad that it turns out that I am incapeable of hearing the name David Lister without thinking of Red Dwarf?

  2. Lawrence O'Donnell

    So, “ the mighty Jingles” is just a nome de plume? ……illusions shattered…😞

  3. “(Team Fortress 2) does not put Ray-Tracing at the highest list of priorities” Well Jingles judging by its update schedule I don’t think they put TF2 at any priority…

  4. Also, Jingles: Star Wars the Clone Wars.

  5. On the contrary — I have thoroughly enjoyed “workshop Wednesday” — more please

    • @TheFatcat502 I think that’s what Jingles meant when he said people hated it, in that very few were watching it

    • TheFatcat502 I haven’t watched it indeed. But more workshop Wednesday means less WoWs/WoT/other games. Of course jingles can do whatever he damn well pleases, I’m not going to complain.

    • ElectricFenrir 0

      I like the model vids, and One per week ain’t that bad, quit whining…

    • Same. Left some tips for supplies having been watching lot’s of “how to” videos on YouTube.

    • The guy got me to watch paint dry. I do like the series a bit

  6. Eh, all the PC and anti PC bollocks is just that – a load of bollocks. Misandrist? Misogynist? I stick with misanthrope, gender is irrelevant, don’t much like anyone. It’s easier 😀

  7. Rita’s drawing is superb! Hope it makes a lot of money.

  8. “Welcome to another episode of Day Drinkers’ Club”

  9. Hey Jingles, a game that will be coming out this month is Total Tank Simulator. Think you’ll be interested in it and get it?

  10. RCing Around HQ

    30:59 When Rita says “Princess Leia”, the captions think she says “Incest Lion”
    Ummm… OK.

  11. Stalin's Grandson

    “I didn’t really edit it I just proofread it and added a few things” … jingles that’s exactly what an editor does…

  12. Filmcameras4evr

    While Rita’s drawing is absolutely amazing, as was Mr Moore’s charity raising, it probably goes without saying that he shouldn’t of had to do it in the first place..

  13. I see that Jingles finally got the green screen working. Looks almost like they’re sitting in front of a real wall 😉

  14. And at the end, Rita goes “we did a quickie”….really Rita, REALLY?!?!

  15. 40minutes and Rita calls it a quicky… Damn girl he is an old gnome.. take it easy…

  16. When you said you were starting this weeks Mingles with Jingles with a Plug and reached down, i REALLY expected you to just pull out a British Power Plug off the floor

  17. Jingles, drinking a FRENCH beer? Oh, how have the tables turned…

    • @FriskyOCallahan – It’s not as good as Kronenbourg 1664?

    • @Gig Anonymous it’s the only good beer in france that I know of. It was invented in Strasbourg, which was sometimes french and sometimes german. So no wonder they make a good beer.

    • @Cid Dax The only good beer you know? Well then I can’t recommend enough trying more French beer, because 1664 is a very basic “blonde”. It’s good (one of my favorite “cheap” beer in fact), but it’s far from being exceptional… a bit like a Pelforth, a Kronenbourg (the actual beer, not the conglomerate) or even a Heineken.
      Of all the French beers that come to mind, I think my favorite might be “La bête des Vosges”… but I haven’t been keeping notes on French beers in particular.
      Best beer of all times award goes, by a country mile, to a Japanese beer, of all things… Hideji Kuri Kuro. It’s almost impossible to find outside of Japan and the US sadly…

    • @Gig Anonymous I will give it a try if I have the opportunity. My favorite beer is called Dübelsbrücker but sadly it’s very hard to get if at all as it’s know owned by the same brewery making the Duckstein. Both beers are very similar in taste, but the Duckstein is more widely known and it’s more expensive.

    • FriskyOCallahan

      @Dano UK Lol thanks. It’s been awhile since I had some but I recognized the label. K-something 1664?

  18. Jingles is now SO crap, he misidentified himself as Paul Charlton…
    Never change, Jingles…

  19. “Don’t worry, I’ll edit this out”… no… no you won’t.

  20. The theme music for “Mingles with Ringles” had best be the Benny Hill theme.. OR WE RIOT!!!

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