Mingles with Jingles Episode 333

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Another week of nail-biting excitement and pulse-pounding social adventure draws to a close.

The Norfolk Tank Museums’ Challenger 1 Prototype Fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-ntm-rescue-the-challenger-1-prototype?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet



  1. someone looks like he’s going to take on an Alien with bat’leth, RIP jingles

  2. “you’re not putting it in…” that’s what she said xD

  3. Oh no, he’s drinking what we call bad attempt at a soft drink.
    Never change Jingles, also, love the new mingles

  4. “My but hurts” Theres the blooper hahahahaha

  5. You know, Australians don’t actually drink Fosters. There’s a reason we export it.

    And yes, XXXX is piss.

  6. Rita: hours of effort to make herself even more beautiful & presentable for us all
    Jingles: “Well…I put pants on this time!”

    “Claps”…keep up the great work mate lol

    ❤ To all from New Zealand 🙂

  7. Take it from an Australian. Fosters tastes like piss for us as well.

    • Isnt Fosters American made though?

    • @UCBANDIT009 Probably is by now, but it’s an Australian brand, owned by a South African multi-national company. As far as I know Americans are the only people who really still drink it because Americans wouldn’t know decent beer if they were drowning in it.

  8. Maybe Rita needs Jingles to do more exercise, didn’t realise your beer was that tasty… 🤣

  9. “It’s never going to be that bad.” in few weeks we all know what he will be drinking!

    2 player Co-op subnautica could work. Not an open world or large number of people.

  10. Jamie Stirzaker

    Think we need to put together an emergency selection of beers for Jingles, my personal favourite is from a brewery called Mad Squirrel

  11. Jingles… I suggest Alien: Isolation to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Rita’s arrival! You even have the appropriate shirt!

  12. Lord Dash Donald Dappington

    Fosters is basically not sold here at all, their entire business is selling “Australian” beer to foreigners.

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      Akshay Anand if it isn’t, it should be…

    • @Akshay Anand no pub here would be caught dead with a Fosters sign

      The Five big beers we drink is VB, XXXX, Carlton, Tooheys and Hahn.
      Great Northern is a newer beer, and it’s fairly good.

      My choice is Coopers. oldie but a goodie.

    • To the best of my knowledge, most of us ‘foreigners’ are aware of the marketing ploy and are of the opinion that fosters is piss. XXXX isn’t bad though, I prefer Stella tbh but XXXX is better than fosters.

    • LoL man thats rich LoL

    • To parody the old Foster’s ads they used to show here in the US: “Foster’s: Australian for ‘Budweiser’ ” 😉

  13. Episode starts, Rita says “My butt hurts…”….literally 2 minutes later, Rita “you’re not putting that in..”?! What the hell is this innuendo galore :D? We love it

    • You missed the “Yeah, I can taste that” bit? Anytime anyone anywhere says that’s what she said… they’re just quoting Rita. lol

    • lemsdarkapprentice 2

      @Linerunner99 I was like “ermahgerd” at that, too – lol [el’sda2].

    • I remember a Jingles coment on one of his early vids when some one suprised another player from behind in WoT: “Suprise buttsex, best buttsex”

    • Rita; _My butt hurts.._
      Paul; _That’s the blooper!_ (or _That’s the pooper!_ )
      Rita; _I think I did exercise yesterday.._
      Rita; _Oh come on Paul!? ..Alrighty…._

      …Either the chair she uses there has a thin cushioning upholstery.
      Or, a food baby was coming later, or it had recently been dropped off
      at the pool for swimming lessons.

  14. Jingles wearing Nostromo t-shirt
    “There is a pattern emerging” showing a downhill motion
    In my language “Nostromo” can be roughly translated as “Yup its steep”.

  15. Tovarish Bombarish

    Jingles: “…and this week we have…Bud Light…”
    We’ve all been there Jingles, but there is hope, it doesnt need to be like this forever. You can get help.

    Edit later*
    Rita: “you’ve been on a healthy kick”
    Jingles: “…yeah I even drink decaf coffee now”

    Me: what the fuck Jingles that’s a larger heresy than drinking Bud Light

    • What do you mean? I mean, it’s Bud light. It’s water with funny taste. can be that bad…. ahhh F-it I can’t even type this with a straight face. BUD LIGHT?! really Jingles? DO we need to send you emergancy beer packages that needs to be airdropped in?

    • what’s lighter than piss-water, that’s what Bud light is

    • in fact the only acceptable “Bud” is the czech Budweiser(Budvar)

    • Before we know it Jingles will be drinking Natty Lite

  16. So Jingles, when’s the next episode of Assassins Creed: Odyssey coming out. Also, I have a RTX 2080 Ti. I use it to play asteroids.

  17. Michiel Groenewegen

    Monty Python: American beer is like making love in a canoe.

    It is Fing close to water.

    • The big name stuff (Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.) definitely is, but the microbrews – and we’ve got a lot of them these days – are very good. Not sure if Sam Adams counts as a “microbrew” anymore, but it (especially the seasonal brews) is much better than the swill produced by the big companies.

    • @RayDT Blue Moon is good stuff, and technically not a microbrew anymore.

    • That was the case for a long time, as we all know? Anyhow, US beer is now every kind of beer if you want to find it. Liking Imperial IPAs now, at 9% ABV not really close to water. Good thing we got teased by the Pythons!

  18. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    *Talks for six minutes about nothing at all* “There isn’t an awful lot of game news.” *Talks for 46 more minutes*

  19. “We nuked Mexico City” … yep, sounds like a normal cyberpunk campaign.

  20. Jesuschristonacamel

    “My butt hurts”

    Jingles, I know you’re bored, but give the lady a rest 😛

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