Mingles with Jingles Episode 334

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This one’s over an hour long, you might want to take it in small bite-sized nibbles. We just had so much to talk about this week and still probably forgot something.

“Wanna Be Friends?”



  1. Sparks Gaming55

    “what you drinking this week Jingles”

  2. “I have German beer this week…”

    -“Ah, that’s certainly an improvement…”

    “…it’s alcohol free!”

    -“He got us in the first half, not gonna lie.”

  3. Josy Naemi Köhler

    Wait a second, Erdinger exist in smaller portions than 1 litre? Heresy! Alcohol free? Double heresy!

  4. German beer that is not Kölsch –> “Now we’re getting there!”
    It’s alcohol free –> “For Christ’s sake Jingles…”

    • @Onicorn That one has even less taste than Carlsberg’s alchohol free beer though

    • Thomas Wilkinson

      Razor Calahan 😂😂😂 talking about Heresy, ever heard of Radler? It is half beer, half 🍋 lemonade.

    • It’s like he’s actively avoiding proper German beer.

    • @Thomas Wilkinson I bet Radler is the next thing he’s going to drink xD

    • Thomas Wilkinson

      Razor Calahan maybe, but how is he as an Englishman supposed to know what beer can be called german, when even we Germans are so crassly divided by local beer patriotism, or simply lack of taste and personal class. 😅😅😅

  5. I had this Logan hacker and another one named Music (Could be the same as, I believe it change it name) on my channel (with 19 subs) when I was uploading my Empire Total war series from Ep 1 to Ep 13 (When I first saw this, to when this comment is going up), I was very suspicious at first, but then I got more suspicious when I saw the same channel commenting on Force TV YouTube channel asking the same thing “Do you want to be friends”. Now (when this comment is been posted) as an update the comments are now gone, “Suspicion over 9000”, and I still got my channel under my rule and control.

    But thanks for the confirmation Jingles that this is a serious issue. And sorry if it seems like an Ad for my channel.

    • There’s a “Sound” too… and few days ago I saw a new “wanna be friends”-comment but there wasn’t a name – only the standard YouTube avatar (blue background with different blue avatar). Stay safe, buddy… both from Cornholio-virus and hackers/bots 🙂

    • Also, I have seen another one called “Call” who says “loved it” so take care!

    • Its popped up on todays Flambass video

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      Same! I had Logan, but I go back to block him and his comment is gone, as is my reply to it

    • Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be

      Yeah, that Music guy has been to my channel a few times. Always commenting 5~ minutes after I upload a video. Luckily, on most instances, their comments automatically get removed by the spam filter.

  6. “I want to be friends”. My YouTube channel gets these bot requests daily. The name, text, and profile picture changes each time.

    • I replied to one of the comments on my friends channel with a simple no. Now I’m not making content on my channel but am now wondering if I might’ve been a bit hasty. It’s really imprtant to get the message out there to smaller channels to beware of this problem. My youtube channel has 0 content and is just for me to sub to channels and be a consumer. For producers like you, it would be more worrying I can imagine. I’ll have my fingers crossed that this problem is sorted out soon for you all.

  7. “Is there an alcoholic isotonic drink?” Yes, yes there is. You know it. BEER.

  8. Andys model & suff

    Ahoy there admiral! I like this new mingle -format, but you you think you could add timestamps in the descriptions, like Drachinifel does in the Drydock?
    Over one hour is a little long sometimes, and it would be nice to find the content I’m interested in.

    Ight, imma shut up and head back to the mine

    • As long, as the Overlord wishes the video to be, is the perfect length of the video!
      You will be reported and a record taken in your Gulag-Papers.
      Have fun mining salt with your toothbrush and fulfilling your now raised quota!

  9. Christopher Evans

    “Isotonic” (of a drink) containing essential salts and minerals in the same concentration as in the body and intended to replace those lost as a result of sweating during vigorous exercise.

  10. I love this new revamp to Mingles with Jingles. I like the lively atmosphere that Rita and Jingles bring to the video together. Such a beautiful and funny duo.

  11. I didn’t finish the TOG book …….. it was to long.

  12. Jingles, would love to get your opinion on the newly released XCOM: Chimera Squad.

  13. 1:50 “Im Pregnant!” ~ Paul Charlton

  14. “it’s cold and it’s wet, it’ll do” sounds like my Mrs.

  15. “You got your name in a books acknowledgments thats nice!, Not as good as being on the front cover though!” Jingles 2020 Oh Burn! XD

    • TuxedoedErmine Naswall

      Please let this account stealer attack T series. I still don’t even know what T series does other than it being a corporate company thing just farming YouTube unfairly like a business rather than an open site to express creativity

    • Arnold Wardenaar

      That was just mean!

      But it was very funny, though

  16. Jingles: “The stories I could tell you about the people who’ve pissed her off”

    Everybody: “Please…. do tell….”

  17. I’ve also been losing weight during this quarantine! Turns out that when you stop eating as much unhealthy takeover food, your weight goes down, who knew?

    In any case, in light of this success, I’ve kinda imposed on myself a new rule: foe every month, only one pizza, kebab, or hamburger is allowed. We’ll see how this goes, but it’s nice to try and find something positive in this otherwise dreary situation.

  18. “It’s cold and it’s wet.” – spoken by millions of college students.

  19. pantsR conspiracy

    As someone who quit drinking ten years ago I can’t believe I have to say this but for trying a new beer you buy singles or at most a six pack. You buy 24s of the tried and tested…

  20. “People play games on Macs that aren’t Myst?”
    Showing your age, master jingles. Well, I got the joke too, so there’s that.

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