Mingles with Jingles Episode 335

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Rita does something spectacularly dumb this week, see how long it takes you to notice what it is. To be fair, i completely missed it.



  1. So why is Rita wearing her shirt inside out?

    • Blake Lonsdale-Cook

      @Rita Sobral You can make a jump roughly every 45 seconds. That works out at 4 jumps in 3 minutes.

      To the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, it is roughly 750 jumps from human inhabited space (known colloquially as The Bubble) in a fully engineered Asp Explorer.

      Also, it is expected to take over 400 years for the Elite Community to ‘complete the game’ at the fastest pace it’s had so far.

    • @QALibrary err shes not Spanish…

    • @Vlad Drakul I didn’t say he wasn’t being himself, he really is an old crank, but a softy at heart. To bring out the softy you have to be somebody adorable like Rita…..

    • @MaverickBlue Ok if you say so. But it did sound like it. Peace!

    • @Evan Roberts Jingles makes fun of himself as much as if not more than he makes fun of Rita

  2. “Passed all your exams” – *cries in GCSE student who has had their exams cancelled* 2 years of effort…

    • Raymone Simpson

      Thats gotta be fucking rough. Hang in there.

    • Exam boards gonna make our A levels the hardest ever

    • Aren’t you just being awarded your predicted grades at GCSE, I thought I read that in the news recently, so essentially being given free GCSE’s!

    • Moritami Kamikara

      @ArrrGee Thing is though.
      Teachers are stupid as fuck.
      My History teacher (Who also happened to be a communist) predicted me a D
      I got a B.

      I am fucking glad I did my A-levels last year and didnt have to sit them this year

  3. at least Spaten passes as beer. We’re finally getting there.

  4. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Not even 1 minute in and I come to a realization: I NEED THAT T SHIRT!!!! Jingles?

  5. Andys model & suff

    Ahoy there admiral! I like this new mingle -format, but you you think you could add timestamps in the descriptions, like Drachinifel does in the Drydock?
    Over one hour is a little long sometimes, and it would be nice to find the content I’m interested in.

    Ight, imma shut up and head back to the mine

    I’m just gonna repeat this comment until I get my way, or have an “accident” in the crushing plant. Up to you bossman!

  6. @rita gamer

    if the Tortoise hull is “warped” or has a bad fit, try putting it in hot water so you can bend the hull without breaking it

    i had no issue with my 1:35th scale tortoise, but i warned you the bogies are a pain in the *ss :p

  7. When you said Ubisoft, I thought you were gonna say, CDPR just surpassed them as Europe’s biggest game developer.

  8. When Ubisoft released the new TOS, my accountant (read: wife) cackled with glee, knowing I’d never buy another Ubisoft game again.

    • @Andrew Manson Sadly, most everyone who plays these games never read the ToS. A vast majority of items aren’t actually purchased, you’re purchasing a license to use it … and those terms are changeable a the whim of the entity that issued the license. Not just video games, your iTunes, all types of software, digital storage, etc.

    • @mynameiswritinwater The games may sell well, but under those ToS, it won’t be with my money. Only 1 Ubi game left for me to finish, then it joins the others in the uninstall bin.

    • @BatteryH1862 That doesn’t make the ToS any less illegal in this case.

    • I will never, be buying ANY ubisoft games, ever again.

  9. Sooo, if one was to send you guys some beer from their country to try out, how would one go about that?

    • He has a PO Box I think. If you e-mail him at charlton.paul70@gmail.com and he notices (he gets a lot, plus he is old and crap, however if you make the subject “HOW DO I SEND YOU BEER?” that will probably catch his eye) he will send you the address. Or you could try to contact him using the social media links in the video description.

  10. *emerges from shed*
    “This week i have been mostly eating, dust”
    *reenters shed*

  11. Tiktok itself needs to be quarantined permanently.

    • “Lars tested positive for coronavirus”. I’d say he first tested positive for stupidity.

    • Chinese owned – infects anyone’s mobile using their 5 cent army so they can data mine all your secrets.
      Tik Tok – from the people that brought you SARS COV-2

    • With the tentacles of the CCP wrapped round it. I was personally never into the whole Tik Tok thing to begin with.

    • I downloaded it once after watching some videos on YouTube (before the musically merger) a lot of trashy content and young adults looking for quick fame

    • Well maybe a bit more than half of it

  12. 51:25 The monent rita new she had f**ked up putting on her shirt

  13. 37:30 “Technically every developer have that right” – no. No they don’t, just like a car brand can’t forbid you for taking pictures of a car you bought.
    EDIT: Also, in the EU, EULA are *worthless* and not considered a legal agreement, so you could EASILY sue Ubisoft for using your image and win.

    • @RedXlV Brexit isnt there yet, they are still in the EU till december 31 2020. And yes, this is a rather big violation of serveral EU laws.

    • @ThRonin75 Technically we left the EU on 31 Jan 2020, we’re now in the Transition Period where everything basically stays the same, which is due to end on 31 Dec 2020 as you said.

    • Easily? Doesn’t that still require a bunch of money?

    • Thomas Gervasio

      @Gig Anonymous I had some company law courses during my engineering studies (in France), and those terms in the EULA would basically be considered abusive. Maybe not the part where you can’t upload it on youtube/twitch because of copyrights, but the use of your content and even more your image definitely is abusive, let alone being fined for damages related to your content being used for advertising purposes without you own consent.

      I’m glad to see that what I thought is true, but of course disappointed to see that this shit was done by a french company. While we can have some brilliant and talented people here we can also have someone stupid enough to come up with stuff like that and be surprised that people weren’t happy about it.

  14. Ubisoft with a full on heel turn.

    Willing to assume this move is less to do with the makers of the actual games but the lawyers and suits upstairs who have no idea how real life works

  15. “When did you notice your shirt was inside out?”
    Answer should have been” When I started to button it.”

  16. Jesuschristonacamel

    “And he was rock hard!”

    Sigh. Innuendo bingo strikes again.

  17. Rita, while playing with her hair and hearing that the character was rock hard: “You got my attention”….I do think they are doing this on purpose 😀

  18. I’m gonna have to agree with Rita on this. ‘Lemonade’ implies that you are going to receive a drink that is not carbonated and consists of lemon juice and sugar. Sprite is not lemonade and if someone gave me Sprite when I asked for lemonade there would be a fight.

    • Exactly. Sprite/7up is pop (or soda, or soda-pop) lemonade is juice.
      Speaking of 7up… my grandfather used to think 7up was Zup.

  19. “F*** Ubisoft”
    Wait is this Jim Sterling I’m watching? 😀

  20. Timestamps:
    0:10 Beer o’ the Week.
    3:11 The Tee-shirt.
    4:18 Pride o’ Admiral Jingles from Elite: Dangerous.
    9:05 Absence of Workshop Wednesdays.
    13:40 Free Stuffs from EGS.
    15:35 World of Warcraft – One-Hit-Man Edition (and similar WoW Exploits).
    28:20 Sony can go Suck a Bag o’ Dicks!
    31:45 Amber Heard Violently Abused Johnny Depp.
    34:20 Ubisoft manages to Compete with Sony for Sucking a Bag o’ Dicks.
    43:50 Tik Tok – if you wanted to know about the … #CoronaChallenge
    48:53 Simply Minds Concert from Memory Lane.
    51:07 Jingles the Investment-Guru…
    56:15 “The End”
    56:50 Rita o’ the Week.

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