Mingles with Jingles Episode 338

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This is the place where I write something urbane and witty about the video you’re about to watch. Except this week I can’t really be arsed.



  1. The Armored Patrol shitstorm about Rita omg

    • Armando Rodrigues

      @Morgan’s Channel all possibilities are on the table, it could even be a b*u*t*t*h*u*r*t member of her former clan taking revenge on her, or it could be all true

    • It’s trash

    • The big problem is that Seb seems to be having too much fun with this so he looks suspicious as being an uber-troll…and he was a track record vis-a-vis Rita. Short version: Even if these allegations are true he’s a lousy messenger.

    • Buncha frickin’ drama queens. What? You can’t wait a week for your next show of Coronation Street to air? 😄

    • What is ‘The Armored Patrol shit-storm about Rita’? Seems it is just BS.

  2. I think “that series ” is red dwarf.

  3. If 2020 is by Stephen King, we need to be really worried about the ending.

  4. Thomas Thedoubter

    Is Boo still alive? Seems like forever since Jingles even mentioned him. Perhaps the cats took him for a walkabout and came back without him.

    • Three cats, one small dog? It was only ever a question of time…

    • @QuickyTime I’ve had to have a few dogs put down, I’m sure most of us have had that experience of losing a pet. They asked a serious, sad question and tried to lighten it up with a joke, aren’t people allowed to joke?

    • Lord Dash Donald Dappington

      @QuickyTime I’ve lost a dog, too, but it’s a genuine question. Just adding some humor isn’t a problem imo.

    • He went to undergo species change to hamster and off to baldurs gate. .

    • lemsdarkapprentice 2

      i was asking this too, as I miss him…did Boo die? :'( [el’sda2].

  5. This week on beer tasting with a random englishman and west-spaniard: Beers from Holland.

    • Right, as a Dutch person i must take offense, we do not associate ourselves with beers from Belgium, especially Walloon part of it. And its the Netherlands, Holland is the name for 2 provinces.

    • DankMemes&RuinedDreams

      @TheDrunken FOX I’m not even Dutch and I can sympathise with that offence

  6. ***We’ll edit this out*** First quote every mingles but never happens…

  7. Does the mighty gnome overlord want a 99p flake for that beer.

  8. written by Steven King and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

  9. “It is pretty much what you get on tap over there”
    No Rita, that’d be Heineken, Amstel, Jupiler etc… La Trappe is *faaaar* different from it XD

  10. reminded of a liar liar moment in regards to the twitch discussion after jingles made hius suggestion “stop breaking the law, asshole!” 🙂

  11. We need to stop mentioning the war!

    We didnt start it!

    Yes you did, you invaded Poland!

  12. Jingles: “Don’t worry i’ll edit this out”
    The Narrator: “He did not.”

  13. “Its goodnight from me, and its goodnight from him” – The Two Ronnies, not Morecambe and Wise.

  14. Can’t wait for my grandkids to experience the launch of start citizen.

    • Are you going to include your account in the will ?:))

    • I figure it will release once the Aliens actually land.

    • @Evilmike42 Yes, and the descendant of Chris Roberts will realise how much they got wrong with the game and will get a new kickstarter going for an “accurate portrayal of the galaxy we live in, and the aliens we have encountered”.

  15. Jingles’s T-shirt is actually quite genius.

  16. Well, actually Jingles…lol
    “Its goodnight from me ” “…and its goodnight from him” was the Two Ronnies.
    Morecombe and Wise ended their shows singing “Bring me sunshine”

  17. Actually have a meaningful conversation with a person, face to face, that is not one dimensional? Prefer to talk in person than text, call, or email? Write a damn letter? God, I feel old, but I was an 80’s kid.

  18. Andys model & stuff

    0:00 Cat intro
    2:02 Welcome to meeta with Rita/ Jingles with Ringles/Pringles
    2:50 Beer of the week
    6:30 Copyright infringement on Twitch
    17:20 Beer break
    17:50 Back to Twitch
    20:53 Internett archive, national emergency library and american corporations
    23:08 Trying to play Star Citizen
    28:53 Chilled felines I
    29:08 Elite Dangerous Odyssey
    31:24 System (something, I did not catch it), Deus Ex and Systemshock
    35:00 Distraction: sick cat
    35:19 Cat’s good, back on topic
    35:55 Phil Collins in Vice City
    37:13 Ritas GTA story
    38:24 Jingles Pacman/ Hungry Horace story
    39:45 Divinity: Original sins and Baldur’s gate
    42:20 Star Wars squadrons and pod-racing
    47:55 PS 5 games reveal
    51:20 Chilled felines II
    52:03 Pack to PS 5
    54:05 Cross platform play debate
    56:39 Chilled felines III
    56:46 Back on topic, sort of
    58:28 Goodbye from Tro Ronnies

    Jingles if you are reading this, don’t thing I am doing this as a public service. I’m just a man who want things neat and organized

  19. “Jingles with Ringles” or “Don’t Worry, We’ll Edit That Out (feat. Jingles and Ringles)”

  20. Star Citizen vs Elite sounds like a perfect example of “striving for perfection and never making progress” vs “good enough for now”.

    • That’s actually a thing in computer science – there’s genuinely a saying that goes “‘Perfect’ is the enemy of ‘Good enough'”.

    • @Adam Smith Thats the phrase I was trying to remember.

    • Classic example of how not to manage a project with multiple cases of poor direction, feature and scope creep. Function first, form after and you only add features once you have the core in place.
      @Adam Smith I know a similar one from the engineering side, “The better is the enemy of the good”.

    • @MrGrimsmith I’ve been describing this with SC recently. I installed it for the first time in 2 years and, admittedly, i’ve been enjoying the fact that i can play at a stable FPS and not crash and it’s quite fun just to be there. However, they need to stop the approach of “hey, let’s add more shiny new things!” and focus on giving us meaningful things we can actually do while in there. Step 1 is to make the players actually part of the world (trading, economy, alliances or what have you) rather than just floating around aimlessly. Focus on fundemental gameplay mechanics then start adding the shiny new ships and extra features as it goes along (a bit like EVE did).

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