Mingles with Jingles Episode 339

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This week Rita forgets to take her memory pills. Much hilarity ensues. Also – Boo!



  1. Boo and Jingles. Living out their golden years.

    • *Golden years,* gold whop whop whop, Golden years, gold whop whop whop, Golden years, gold whop whop whop
      Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, Angel, Come get up, my baby, Look at that sky, life’s begun
      Nights are warm and the days are young, Come get up, my baby!

    • Been a while since we’ve seen Mighty Boo. Glad he’s as fit and handsome as ever.

    • @Sagano96 You smooth-talking individual, you!

    • @Vlad Drakul your legendary mate😂

  2. “it’s a double, I’ve no idea what that is”.
    Coming from someone who thinks English beer is strong, that’s troubling 🙂

    • @Raz0rking OFC it takes a horse kick to get a Viking down

    • @Viking MGTOW The strongest “beer” i know has 67,4% alc, but never tried it and moThe strongest “beer” i know has 67,4% alc, but never tried it and most likely never going to, but its one of the strongest beers in the world.

    • Raz0rking 32% is NOTHING! That’s near cheap whiskey. There’s an Everclear at like 94%

    • Try ” Old Skullsplitter ” or ” Old Peculier ” and then tell me that English beer isn’t strong ……

    • I always love the fact that Northern Ireland uses the “Irish” measure (35ml) rather than the tragic 25ml UK measure.

  3. The Mighty Boo Returns! All hail the true overlord!

  4. “Have you forgotten your memory pils again?”

  5. I’m so glad to see the old fella (Boo) again. You mention the cats, often. Never much of him.

  6. Actually Jingles, ‘Duel’ was Steven Spielberg’s first full directorial debut!

    • And there was that little student flick he made called “Jaws”…

    • “Duel” is that film where a truck chases a car? Fun fact: Here in Spain, that film it’s called, “El diablo sobre ruedas” which translates for “The devil on wheels”. 😀
      It is an old “tradition” that here in Spain they change the titles of foreign films, sometimes because the title may be equal to some local film title (once translated, of course), and this leads to curious or funny titles sometimes.

    • @migteleco That’s the 1, yes

    • Interestingly, his first feature length (running time 2h 20mins) directorial effort was Firelight (1964). I say “effort” because it was never released theatrically and the film is now lost. He was in his teens when he directed it. :-O
      (Source: IMDB)

    • ‘Duel’ is such a nice movie memory of mine.

  7. Rita remembered her memory pills this week, they’re all over her dress.

  8. Apple actually admitted that they were intentionally slowing down their phones, and they justified it by saying they did it “to protect aging batteries” .. yeah..

    • Apple implementing battery saving measures was entirely understandable – the iPhone has never had stella battery life and I know relatively heavy phone user folks who have to top their 2yo iPhones up twice a day, so doing something that the majority of folks would never notice if they weren’t told – great! But doing it WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE……. good idea, massive PR fail, which is actually very un-Apple like.

    • @eualadindeal I use Apple’s phones, but only because I’ve never used an android so the switch seems intimidating. I’ve always known that companies like Samsung make far better phones, and you get a lot more for what you pay, but I guess it’s just me wanting to stick to what I’m familiar with. Most people buy Apple products to flaunt it which makes me cringe.

    • Oddly a new battery in the same phone did nothing to restore the speed of the phone. Sooo….just another cash grab disguised as an effort to serve us, the customer, better…I know that is not rain I’m feeling.

    • Apothecary Terry

      @D-Jay It’s not so much that companies like Samsung make far better phones, the main difference is really just what you get for your money. They’re like German cars- half of what you pay is for the badge.

    • Like the time Apple was sued in Australia for leaving a factory only test protocol within the OS that registered to the user as Error 53 of which in true apple fashion the “only way to fix it” was pay apple $1000 for a new phone; not joking this did actually happen. About 1yr later it was found out and they were forced to pay all affected Australian customers a combined $33ish million. If you want to know more of the general douchebaggery apple does go checkout Loiuss Rossman’s youtube; he’s primarily a 3rd party apple repair service and has many a times shamed apple for there deliberately bad customer service(i’m talking a 30sec internal cable reconnect job being quoted as a $500 screen repair and much worse!! in his own words fuck apple)

  9. Hold it guys. a dog that “drags it’s arse across the carpet” or “scoots” as it’s also known might look hilarious (or disgusting) but it’s not normal dog behavior and is a sign of some substantial irritation in the anal region, and it requires veterinary attention. Most likely culprit is clogged and itchy anal glands, but it should be looked at by a professional vet. So get the good doggo to the vet 🙂

  10. I remember going to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the cinema.

  11. Jingles, me and my family were watching this video, when boo decided to scratch his bum on the carpet, then my oldest ask it was Jingles doing that? and me, my youngest son and my wife, burst into and uncontrolled laugh, that lasted 5 minutes… He profoundly apologised but we will send him to the salt mine for a 24/7 tour the force!

  12. Any chance of seeing Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnoughts early release videos? Drachinifel has some. Have you looked at UA:D yet?

  13. “I used to be a barman before I joined the navy”

    Please tell me you pulled pints in the Castle

  14. Someone needs to tell Rita to readjust her halo.

  15. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    Boo dragging his butt may mean that his glands need to be expressed.

    • its most def not a good sign. dogs shouldnt be doing that. something is wrong…

    • Birds do that. Dogs do not.

    • Or he has worms.

    • @civiere Nothing is wrong. As Lord Runolfr Ulfsson said Boo just needs his anal glads expressed. I have three chihuahuas myself. They all do it periodically. We just take them to the vet and they express the glads then they’re good for quite some time. Their vet even said allergies can make them do it as well.

  16. Windows: Tries to force me to use microsoft edge.
    Me: “Taskmanager please.” “Kill this thing for me if you would.”
    Taskmanager: *Target eliminated.*
    Me: “Thank you kindly, and the launcher can go in the bin too while we’re at it.”

  17. Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch

    Jingles, asking Rita if she can imagine remembering a book from 30 years ago makes much sense. That irony alone made my day.

  18. I love the fact that last video there was a lot of “What happened to Boo?!” comments and today first thing Jingle does is showing us that everything is allright :D. He is old and got a lot of white hair, he is a bit “slower” and wants to sleep, hes knees are going weak, but he is ok.
    And Boo is ok as well :D!

    • Ikr, I missed Boo and then yay, there’s Boo. He’s been managing the salt mines and popped in for a break so all the miscreants in the mines are having a right old party!!

  19. sorry, I can’t watch these mingles anymore.

    there would be interesting topics, but too much distractions from Rita or the animals, it is not my cup of tea anymore.

  20. Jingles, do take a look at SSD prices, they’ve crashed harder than the economy after lockdown! You can get a 1TB SSD for probably less than the same price you paid for 250GB

    • Dude you’re not kidding, I just checked and they’re ~$100ish, which is about what I paid for my 250gb Samsung 850 Pro 3 or 4 years afo

    • Lol. My first home built computer was a 286 with a 20 Meg HD. There were articles written how we would Never fill that Huge storage capacity. 10 months later I installed a 40 Meg HD. 😉

    • I just check PCPartPicker.com and I see 2TB SSD from Western Digital for around $200.00.

    • You should ideally stick to Samsung and crucial because they actually make thier band flash, dram caches and controllers. Also make sure it has a dram cache and it’s not qlc. You want tlc nand.

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