Mingles with Jingles Episode 340

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It’s been a bad week to be a popular streamer with millions followers, although that’s the kind of problem I’m sure we could all learn to live with.



  1. as to the intro .. I can’t even …

  2. demonetized in less than 45 secs… that’s gotta be a new record :”)

  3. Aaaaaaad now I’m imagining Jingles in a bathrobe made out of people’s skins…

  4. German here: Veltins is just a decent standard industry Pilsener. Nothing exciting about it, but it’s ok. Would choose the Leffe every time over it.

  5. 1:36 i think all men can relate to this and how much they love their mother so you’re not alone there jingles 🙂
    also i was wondering. have you ever listened to Sabaton songs ? give it a try if you haven’t you might like them 😉

  6. After Rita talking about fireman pictures I now have a vision of Jingles surprising her with his own calendar.
    A whole year of artistic topless shots of Jingles for her to hang on the wall and admire.

  7. Christian Schinner

    We should send jingles beer from all places! Or bring them beer at tankfest

  8. These just keep getting better makes me laugh and that’s not easy on a Monday morning at work 👍🏻❤️

  9. DO NOT change the format of these vids you two are awesome and I find myself laughing out loud whilst watching. It’s so good to watch to forget about all the crap that’s going on in the world at the moment 👍👍

  10. Epic intro, I am just imagining Rita receiving one of those naked pics turning to Jingles and saying, this is one of the best ones so far and showing him what his 70 year old mother has been trawling the internet to send Rita. Never change, never change

  11. FYI Oh Mighty Jinngles, Morrisons sell both Leffe Blonde and Brun.

  12. I’d like to put forward a motion for the rear admiral to start a untapped account (for the beers!)

  13. If you start renting games, you will not be able to buy the game. Next thing you know the rental will run about $50 a month, mark my words.

  14. Buffalo Bill and the skin suit as an opener? Yup It’s a Mingles with Jingles.

  15. Officially starting a petition to get Jingle’s mom in an episode!

    • Judging from what I’ve learned about Lady Jingles this episode, I’m pretty sure that’ll contain content that will end in a channel ban.

    • How about one to get Jingles to make an effort ! at least Rita does and she looks great

  16. 38:40 you don’t have to excuse yourself like that, I think we can all understand one would become emotional regardless

  17. Here are the clips we mentioned in this week’s MwJ:

    Zombie Barricades “Optimus Prime Peen” highlight: https://youtu.be/lTg9Xu5ReQM?t=330
    Paycer, the guy that used to hide in car trunks on DayZ: https://youtu.be/LZH6TloktZQ (My favourite clip because of the guy in the dirt bike! 😂)

    Thank you for watching guys!

  18. Leffe just reminds me of “the lefhfhfhffh”

  19. And Rita: NEVER apologise for having a heart!

  20. Jingles: “Veltins…never heard of it.”
    literally every german ever: *surprised Pikachu*

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