Mingles with Jingles Episode 341

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In which, amongst other things, Rita catches me on an Easy, and then I have to explain to everyone what an Easy is.

Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association: gf.me/u/yba27w




  2. Jingles & Rita – test driving beers so we can avoid the bad ones. Your services to humanity are appreciated.

  3. Still trying to convince Jingles to play Hardspace: Shipbreaker, should be right up his alley.

    • Saw this game on one of Scott Manley videos and he is just as bad as Jingles…. After blowing up and dying stated “Maybe I should have read the manual before playing”

    • @Brian Ganger Yeah, saw it Scott Manley’s video too and bought it immediately. There is no manual though, and the tutorial is pretty basic. It only helps you with the first two or three classes of ships. Then you just have to figure it out yourself how you can dismantle higher class ships without blowing yourself up in the process.

    • 10 bucks says he bashes his head in with a Geiko ship keel bar.

    • @02091992able Can’t wait until he tries to pick up the first fuse lol

    • pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael

      @Gonun how do you pick those up without zapping the fuck out of yourself anyway

  4. This is my first time seeing jingles. Everything about him makes so much more sense now. It makes me happy.

    • Agreed, its really cool to know that the person that makes us laugh and smile knows how to really entertain us.

  5. Speaking of Jingles as a captain in wows, will he be obtainable again im the future?

  6. That Beer is just a real life LeFHB1, just in alcohol form!

  7. There is only one sound better than a Spitfire Merlin engine, and that’s a 4-Merlin engine Lancaster…

  8. Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs

    41:17 That’s is the best fake cough ever lol

    In most games people go by “I don’t like the way you play” or ” You’re not doing what I told you so I’m gonna report you”

  9. I think the best part and often ignored is when Capt Jingles shouts out “Enemy Submarine spotted” which was useful during the public submarine testing, but in a random battle, you can ignore it, but you still check what that “Submarine” is

    • the Heart attack I had when he said that right after the sub mode came out. I was in a slow ass BB and thought I didnt click random battle.. It was brown alert

  10. “Wait till i turn the camera off” “i’ll bite it” i had to a double take while listening to this and working.. Love the videos.

  11. If you have the time/energy and money, I would honestly recommend joining other youtubers in a legal case to fix the current abuse of copyright disputes. Even if it’s just about making a ruckus to bring this to youtube’s attention. Sometimes you have to play hardball to make sure companies listen.

  12. “How can we introduce the good ol’ Bethesda “features” into a TV show?”
    – Todd

  13. My favorite navy story is when my cruiser was tied up to a tender in Greece. Backstory, at the time women weren’t allowed to serve on most ships. Hospital ships and Tenders were the only exceptions. Well, it’s a tried and true hazing technique to send noobs out for fictitious items, just to run them around the ship. Left handed screwdrivers, a bucket of prop wash, going down to feed the “shaft seals,” etc.

    Well, i was waiting on the tender for my liberty buddy to show up so we could go out on the town. When this new kid requested permission to board the tender from my cruiser. The OOD (officer of the deck) (and in this case a very senior chief and female to boot) asked for the reason. His response was that he was sent to the tender to get three feet of “fallopian tubing”.

    The only one to keep a straight face was the OOD, who just calmly told him to “go back and tell whoever sent you that we don’t have any of that on board.”

    • Michael Mitchell

      @Mason Starnes One way to show up the Seargent is to find a tube of Graphite and write Magazine grease on it and say that you found it. LOL That really ticks them off. LOL That makes you officer material.

    • In the Nav, sending kids to the Corpsmen for a Channel Fever shot was the big deal. The Corpsman would, if they were of the right mindset, break out the biggest needle they had, and tell the kid that they were out of serum, but a new batch was being made – come back tomorrow.

    • Was on a working cruise thing, the boat I was on was leaning slightly where it was moored up, I heard one of the less experienced crew ask “How do we get it flat?” and a deeper, gruffer voice replied “it needs to be properly balanced down that side, go down to the stores ship and ask for a long weight.” We stood completely straight faced watching this guy walk down the moorings to a boat a few down, saw him talk to someone on the side, who got someone else who talked to him, then disappeared below, then the radio squarks and someone just barely holding on to their composure just says “How long?” My friend looked thoughtful for a moment, then said “he could stand to lose some weight, keep him there till after dinner.” And that was it, we couldn’t hold it in any more.

    • Kathleen Mcmanus

      The old ones are the best!

  14. SSAFA, is it me or could that be “Soldiers, Sailors and ‘fortunate’ Airmen” (replace ‘fortunate’ with your favorite expletive)?
    I’ll grab my coat…

    • But why is there a charity in support of military personnel? They are in the military to kill people. That also means they have a job that gets paid reasonably well, by the government. Why would they of all people need a charity?

    • @Sir Diealot Find out how governments treat the former members of the armed services, especially those who were seriously wounded.
      It’s an ‘effing’ disgrace how the men and women who paid dearly with blood and tears to defend your freedom are discarded when they are no longer deemed ‘fit for service’.
      Paid well? Most of us are not soldiers for the pay, I take a pretty good pay cut for my service. I don’t know anyone who is paid more during training and/or deployment than in their day job…

    • Veretikus Kojiro

      @Sir Diealot because government doesnt

    • @Mattias Devlin If the treatment is disgraceful, why do you serve then? I know that some countries have mandatory military service or structures where people have hardly any other option. Aside from that? Defend your freedom? Oh please! Especially the US or other NATO countries, and many besides, have done nothing but invading countries on the other side of the planet to rob them of their resources. “Defending your freedom” is in most instances a very transparent lie.

  15. So true, having Capt Jingles has made me look at my mini-map consistently 22:00 . Thank you for the (lack of) assistance 🙂 Never change Jingles.

    • Especially when he said “submarine spotted” since the public test I’ve had to look incase WG actually did add subs to random battles! XD

  16. Michael Mitchell

    You know one game that needs a reboot is Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. That was a real good Lucasarts game.

  17. pronstorestiffi

    Regarding the EVO business, the person who was accused came out and confirmed the allegations where true. He is a scumbag, and he has been removed from EVO.

    • Another side of sponsors pulling out is it may be that they know more than the public does. Not saying it wasn’t knee jerk, but You dont know what they know so they may not know but you dont know

  18. Matheus Rondel Leite

    “A man without a belly is a man without history”

  19. Apothecary Terry

    Is vodka “up” from beer? In alcohol content I guess…either way a Pringles with Ringles drunken livestream would be pretty hilarous.

  20. @Apothecary Terry
    I imagine that Rita would be able NAIL a few more “EASY”….

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