Mingles with Jingles Episode 342

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In which I explain the difference between a “Bite” and an “Easy”, and Rita beats me up with her shoe.



  1. I dont know what’s going on in the thumbnail, but Jingles probably deserved it.

  2. Sitting down to eat Monday dinner…where’s Jingles? Oh there he is 🙂

  3. Welp, let the powerdrinking commence!

    And Rita, I miss my old CVs too. Yes, even when the enemy team had Atlantas ;p

  4. Yesterday Rita; “Should I get a riding crop?”
    This thumbnail….

  5. Anirban Chakrabarti


    Someone got batoned for trying to escape the salt mines

  6. Inquisitor Jacknife

    Alas for those poor, forgotten memory pills.

  7. Themightyinvader

    Jingles I just wanted to say…

    I first found your channel when you had less than 20k subs and I stole my profile picture from the video you did that was your first face reveal, this must have been almost 8 years ago. Through many hard times growing up your videos were always a point of comfort. For about 4-5 years of my life I must have watched every single upload of yours. I remember in a mingles with jingles 142 I think you answered my question and I was stoked. Nowadays, I am working full time and have gone onto other things,I hardly watch youtube or gaming videos anymore. But I wanted to truly thank you for all the work you have done and the community you built. For many years it was a foundation and a point of stability and happiness. I wish you all the best in life and am forever grateful. You are a real hero in my eyes.

  8. It is so sad, 30 and already senile. I bet she forgot her memory pills, AGAIN!

  9. Domestic violence with la chancla. Press F for Jingles.

  10. Ádám Fellenbeck

    The thing I love the most in this format is the ability to see how much fun those two are having. 😀

  11. BotW: Sells 14 million copies
    Jingles: You may not have heard of this game

  12. Jingles sits in the corner, four and a half hours into his latest rare materials farming session so he can add 0.23 lightyears to the jump range of his Asp so he can continue his 35-year quest to become the greatest commander in the galaxy.
    He glances over at Rita playing Zelda and says “Nerrrrrrrrrd!!!”.

  13. Meanwhile in the car repair shop:
    “Can you get me a ‘piston return spring’?”
    “Yeah, sure!”

    • Ive rebuilt 2 engines in my life, and it still fucks with me everytime i remember that some small car engines have piston return springs. I was helping a friend with his Kia del sol that blew a head gasket. I take the head off and low and behold there were springs sitting in the cylinders, one of wich was broken. The look the parts house clerk gave me was murderous when i asked her for a piston return spring.

    • @Mason Starnes I used to drive a car with a 2 Litre turbo engine. It surprised me how thick the springs were on that, but when you consider that car was making 100HP per Liter at the time. Those pistons have to move fast!

  14. Was in USMC in 66 and in Okinawa in Staging waiting to be sent to Viet Nam. The supply Sargent I was assigned to work for told me to go get him a left handed shoulder holster for a recoil-less rifle. When I returned 3 days later from Naha, hung over and disheveled I was sent to Office Hours for being UA. The Captain dismissed the charges when I explained I couldn’t find the Sargent’s item on base and went to Naha to see if I could purchase one on the Black Market. I was also transferred from my rifle platoon and sent to intelligence school.

    • been there, semper fi brother

    • Thanks for your service and the laugh

    • At least you weren’t sent to get some grid squares.
      Or were ordered to check for soft spots in Bradley IFV armor…..

    • These are right up there with telling your noob assistant in aircraft maintenance to go get you a bottle of prop wash.

    • Give a rookie a random key from a drawer to unlock the hydrostatic lock on the post cannon so the MP’s can fire the morning flag raising round. Rookie calls back, can’t find the lock, “Roger, complete the mission, return to station, and fill out a report.”

  15. You can hear the children from the lvl 4 salt mines outside.
    Jingles must be happy

  16. ‘married guys, you know what I’m talking about’ … preach it, brother!
    Yours, that guy from MCM with the Portuguese wife 😉
    Also, Yaya *is* short, but packs a *LOT* in there :p

  17. Jingles: “so, what’s on the news this week, Rita?”
    Rita: “the same thing that’s every week, Jingles, trying to take over the world”

  18. My favorite BItes in the US Army Tanks were:
    “Go get the key for the Travel Lock” (Travel Lock is a bipod on the back deck to set the gun tube on. A metal bracket is set on top and screwed down. There is no padlock to it.)
    “Go get some squelch oil for the radio” (Essentially, squelch is a dial to reduce static in radio transmissions.)
    “Check the radiator coolant level” (M60A1 tank engines were air-cooled. There were no radiators.)
    “Go get a tire pressure gauge and check the air in the road wheels” (The road wheels are steel hubs with solid rubber. There is no air.)

    By the way, Rita, when was the last time you took your memory pills?

  19. In civilian shipping we’d send newbies looking for the “Golden Rivet”. The best “victims” were new crew who were already nervous at first time at sea as the story of “but it’s tradition and for luck” was easier to sell them on. Start of season there’d hardly be a sailing without the CSO showing up in the crew room looking for a newbie cabin crew they hadn’t seen for hours.

    We had one poor girl that was sent on the rivet hunt wandering the ship for over an hour before she landed back in the crew room very grumpy and dripping wet. She’d been up in the port forward mooring station because some evil genius suggested that the Rivet might be in “that cupboard”…except it was a bit bouncy that day and the forward mooring stations would take in quite a bit of water…hence the heavy water tight door on this “cupboard”. As soon as she opened the door the ship took a wave and she got it square in the face. Deck crew on watch at the opposite end of the car deck could hear the screaming 😂

    Shortly after new cabin crew were briefed to not fall for our shit so it spoiled the rest of the season but it was worth it and we had fresh meat the next season 😂

  20. Sees thumbnail: “Is this that domestic violins my mother told me about?”

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