Mingles with Jingles Episode 343

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This week I’ve mostly been playing Ghost of Tsushima. It’s almost great.



  1. Jaws t-shirt, very cool

  2. Have the duo ever thought of doing a live stream mingles with jingles.

  3. For those of you whom aren’t old enough to catch it, the Movie his Shirt references is Jaws

  4. Rita: I hate how many people you have to kill in that game to get a hat

    Jingles: *visible confusion*

  5. Coincidentally, Jingles, I was watching Jaws just last night. Was genuinely surprised even with a fake rubber shark how genuinely scary that movie can be – despite having seen it multiple times before and knowing where the jump scares are!

  6. ‘ere, Jingles, there are some grand parents that are in your age bracket and probably quite technologically literate. :o)

  7. He knows why Twitch banned him, his “oh I don’t know why” is just a PR trip.

    • Why did they ban him? I hadnt heard of him before this (I dont really watch twitch)

    • @Adam Ladd Rumor was he was recruiting other streamers to leave twitch to join tencents newest streaming platform

    • Yeah he definitely knows why. He had a contract with them so I would assume they told him they were breaking the contract. And yes it wasn’t an employer employee contract more of a contract of we will give you this money in exchange you do this and not this.

  8. 20:18 I think that this has ended up being more of a grey area of “employment” at best, (as far as I know and understand it while being neither a streamer or a youtuber) there is no employment contract between a content creator (CC) and the platform, the platform just provides a free space for content to be shown to an audience.
    And that most CCs get payed by their audience trough either the same platform or trough alternative methods (e.g. Patreon). So technically neither Youtube nor Twitch pay the CCs on their platform, they are just the middle men, thus they also don’t employ any of their CCs. Youtube pays CCs to show adds next to that content and not for the content itself.
    So the argument doesn’t work as an “employer-employee” conflict, but a conflict of whether a platform provider can or should be able to deny a CC their “showroom” without prior notice or explanation as to why they were banned and a proper way to protest their decision, beyond sueing them in court.
    Also if there was an emplyoment contract I am 100% sure all CCs either on Youtube and Twitch would be required to sign a “non-compete clause” which would prevent them from sharing content on multiple sites at once, as that would weaken any individual platforms content. And while you could say a Youtube video and Twitch stream don’t provide the same type of content/experience, this is something platforms will ignore to protect “their” content or they would expand to accomodate both types.

    Edit: But I may as well be horribly wrong as I have only limited information regarding the topic.

    • I don’t really understand why they couldn’t just terminate your channel and I think Jingles is missing the ball on that 1. I am self employed basicly freelancing for a firm. I can get terminated whitout reasons tomorrow. That’s the whole idea of being self-employed. Just as you can say that you stop working tomorrow, which you can’t do in normal employment.

    • Mr. Bubbles Design

      As a slight side note, many US state have at-will employment. Meaning they can fire you at any time for almost any reason.

    • And you agreed to terms when signing up. These giants can get away with most outrageous rules, because there are enough weak willed people that will put up with that and continue to subsidize them
      It used to be “You vote with your wallet”. Now also “You vote with your attention”. For example, if everyone would boycott games with loot crates, and not just shout on internet, they’d disappear in a month.

    • @calgar365 I think it varies by state. Some states are at will but I don’t think all are. There is a case against Patreon right now about them canceling someones account. The suit is alleging tortious interference between the patrons and the creator that was canceled. It could be the key to holding these tech companies accountable but it is still in the early stages.

  9. Hey jingles, have you seen ultimate admiral: dreadnoughts? Learned about that game recently, you can build your own warships there. Looks really interesting.

  10. The argument could be had if a company contracts someone with an exclusivity clause that that in fact constitutes a form of dependent employment….and a legal action is not out of the question if a contract that restricts your business freedom as a independent contractor is terminated without reason, because you did abide by the contract and werent allowed to have other clients during the time the contract was in effect.

  11. 34:35-35:00 Rita must be in some really weird stuff…
    Also *INQUISITOR, this video right here.*

  12. “EASY!” – I bet Jingles wishes he never explained it to her…

    • Especially since Rita so often genuinely misses what should generally be obvious things. Like the joke Amazon reviews later.

  13. Drukari are part of the Dawn of War: Soulstorn expansion, if you would like an RTS. They are also in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, if you want space battles.

    Sadly nothing like a 40k version of WoW at the moment 🙁

    • but there was one once iirc

      edit: Warhammer Online

    • @notlivingyet there was Warhammer Online, I think that still lingers. But that’s Fantasy.

      There is also Eternal Crusade, which is a third person shooter leaning in the MMO direction. It limps on but doesn’t have good reviews, and only Eldar, not Dark Eldar 🙁


  15. The Denmark joke I could live with, because of our superiority over that rainy mix of Germany and Scandinavia. The Holland joke however went too far.

  16. >>WG brings out new paper magical bullshit battleships.<<

  17. @Laird Cummings wouldn’t be surprised

  18. Curious Entertainment

    Faittastic chuckles in Tillman

  19. Jingles – “Did you get into Pokemon Go?”

    Rita – “No, because it requires to go out…”

    Yup, that’s a real gamer girl right there.

  20. “You didn’t get into Pokemon Go?”
    “No because it requires going out.”
    That’s me in a nutshell. I needed ridiculous excuses to play, like “Take a walk for exercise”.

  21. “Everything in moderation including moderation”- Oscar Wilde

  22. Rita buys a month’s worth of memory pills that last her the decade..

  23. Curious about an update on the second watch

  24. Glen McGillivray

    We are on the HMS Warspite.

    There is no shark in the world large enough to be a danger to our might.

    Could someone tell that orchestra stop playing that moody music please.

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