Mingles with Jingles Episode 344

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In which I unleash my inner weeb and Rita shows off her bewbies.



  1. I have several questions, Jingles-san

  2. MarcusBurkenhare

    If the belt is a pain in the arse, you are definitely wearing it wrong.

  3. “We’ll just edit that out” MWJ goes from 34 minutes to 5 minutes Lol

  4. Rita sold him right up the river about going Scottish there…. LOL!

  5. When you stood up Jingles, I thought we were going to get a reenactment of ‘Free Willy’

  6. Tsingtao is from Qingdao in China yes – it’s actually a German beer. Been there a few times. Greetings from Hong Kong.

  7. “Screw the hostages.” – and this is how Rita lost her job as a police negotiator.

  8. It amazes me that people can claim something is “cultural appropriation” and they live in a country that has been considered a “melting pot” for almost 200 years.

    • @PreceptorGrant Morality is absolute, what we are taught is not. The harm done by judeo-christian cultures was done out of line with what those beliefs actually teach, as those doing the teaching are also subject to corruption, especially greed. Probably this is most evident in the catholic church both past and present, nevertheless the morality itself does not change when we deviate from it.

      As you mentioned, absolute right and wrong can be observed in part by the things all societies accept or denounce(such as homosexuality), but that is not absolute thanks to the tendency of people to choose what is socially right over what is morally right.

    • Cultural appropriation is not a problem really, this is how people achieve common understanding. For some reason it became a big problem somewhere somehow… I find this really funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNUcR-eMxaE

    • @David LaBedz Replace ‘suspiciously’ with ‘blatantly fascist ‘.

    • @Evilmike42 thanks for saying it!!!

    • Melting Pot is something some PR guy cooked up (pun) If you look at our history Americans in general have managed to hate and mistreat just about every race, nationality and religious belief who has crossed our borders even those who were here before us.

  9. Jingles received a gift from his loyal salt miners in Japan

  10. People these days need to get over themselves. Must be so hard to be constantly offended… Ghosts of Tsushima is not only a great game, it really puts the player in feudal Japan. If the Japanese love it you should check your butt hurt feelings about it. Sadly most of these sentiments are coming out of America, that once shiny city on the hill. The way things are going, it is going to disappear up its own ass. Just like history, you can’t sanitize it. You should look at it critically and learn from it.

    • @Jon Hart When did I say no free speech? I’m just saying politicians shouldn’t use social media, mainly because of the dumb shit Donald Trump says. For example: “America only has 4 million cases because we’ve tested so much, if we had half as many tests, we would only have 2 million.” Or, do it the North Korean way, shoot them within ten minutes of them being confirmed. That’s how stupid it sounds. Yes, America would have less cases, but still the same infection percentage. Say 10 million people were tested and 4 million had COVID-19, that’s 40% infection rate. Now, what if we do what Trump proposes, half the tests, half the cases. 5 million tests, 2 million cases, and still 40% infection rate. As a Canadian, I am seriously concerned that America’s president has not passed basic percentage classes.

    • @Jinlu Qian It’s called a ” Declaration of Declination.” You get your voting ballot, mark NOTHING on it… and you then hand it back to them to NOT put in the box, saying ” I formally Decline”. That way the votes you don’t cast all go against ALL of the candidates. Damaged cards are ” Spoiled Ballots” and are kept separately at tally time, and are only used if there’s a recount or a challenge. Never Visibly mark or bend/damage your ballot.

    • @Scott Crawford Ah, okay, thanks for informing me. I’m 17, so can’t legally vote yet, but damaging the ballot is what I heard, may have been misinformation or misinterpretation on my part. Does that apply to Canada as well, or just the US?

    • @Jinlu Qian I’m Canadian, and have been a Scrutineer in 2 elections. Declining to Vote only works in Canada, that I know of…

    • @Scott Crawford Okay, thanks for the info

  11. Rita…”Screw the hostages”, Mongols… “achievement unlocked”.

  12. So is the Lord of the Salt mines now having a Daimyo reboot

  13. This weeks Mingles with Jingles was sponsored by UwU enterprises, Kawaii LT, and Weeb Inc.

  14. IntegrityForSale

    No weeb judgment from me. It’s not like we didn’t all wear our bathrobe like that as kids so we could pretend to be a Samurai.

  15. I greatly enjoyed Armchair Admirals. Jingles’ description was “Veteran, Horse Thief, Rock Star”. I had a few people in chat convinced that Jingles had been in Spandau Ballet, but left before they hit the big time. 🙂

  16. “Bend over in front of the camera and let everybody see it” wait, we still on youtube?

  17. ‘In the flickering illumination of their flashlights’ *ahem* they’re called Lasguns Jingles

  18. Talking about Japan and Portugal, have you watched the great TV miniseries “Shogun”? It got Richard Chamberlain as the Pilot-Major John Blackthorn AND John Rhys-Davies as the Portuguese pilot Vasco Rodrigues.

    I read somewhere that it didn’t subtitle the Japanese speech to let the viewer get the same feeling of confusion as the captured Englishmen. It’s well worth to watch.

    And now I thing I have to try to find it somewhere. I don’t thing I’ve watched it since it’s originally aired in the early 80’s.

    • I watched it 2x, once in grade school when it originally aired and then in the 90’s. I got a nasty strep throat or something coming out of a weekend and I ended up calling in sick for the whole week. Some cable channel was showing Shogun so I got to re-watch it again as an adult. I had a Japanese account at work and was keen to immerse myself mostly in listening to pronunciation. The scene where Chamberlain gets pissed on is TV legend.

  19. It appears Jingles has finally received his Jedi Robes.

    • david and martine albon

      So it would seem, but will he ever make it onto the council? Or is he just to crap to get that far?

      Oh shit I think he heard me… Oh… Down to the deepest level of the salt mines? Yes sir, right away sir…

  20. Jingles’ best idea ever for Mingles Monday…”Cat Cam”.

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