Mingles with Jingles Episode 346

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With Rita away in Belgium and Alexa lacking in conversational skills I may need to call in a special guest for this weeks’ episode. Luckily, an evil gnome genius is never short of a minion or two!



  1. Not even a minute in and jingles already has a hostage

  2. It’s 6am and saw the thumb nail… Rita has a beard so deffo time to go get sleep 😴😝

    I’ll watch this later though. Gn all and have a great day 🤗

    • well I hope you slept Reload . . . cause you missed a Blinding Good Episode Cocktails and all . and some Jingles history Hmmmmm .

  3. The Mighty Boo, Destroyer of Worlds (and random cat toys), graces us with his presence! Today is a good day…

  4. Jesus jingles,this is too early.

  5. Oh wow… been a while since I seen one of these, but my GOD your woman put on a few! Did she always have the beard? I can’t clearly remember now, I think that thirftstore explosion may have burned my mental eye out

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      Inservio I’ve heard that this is even worse for Spanish women. Rita being from Portugal is not affected quite as severely…

  6. Boo just absolutely could not find a place on Eddies lap.

  7. Owen Benjamin is a lot of things, many of which I would rather not repeat in polite company, but Patreon shot themselves in the ass on this one. Part of the problem is that they tried to retroactively change the terms of service, and the judge said, “nope, can’t do it.” Also, other people, many a damn sight better than that so called comedian, who have been blocked by patreon, are filing arbitration claims as well. I will defend someone’s right to say bullshit, so long as it doesn’t advocate something illegal, because either all speech is protected, or none is.
    *Edit:* As others have pointed out: The First Amendment applies to government, not private individuals. So a company or person may rightfully say, “I will not bake that cake” or “I will not allow that tweet to be seen.” We are then free to use another business, or pressure them for change, if we cannot let it go.
    My sentiments at the end of my initial post were aimed at those who say Mr. Benjamin’s statements were “hate speech” and therefore should be illegal in many localities. Hate speech is a vague and altogether dangerous concept, because who is in power and using it for their benefit today, may be ground under it tomorrow. To my admittedly limited knowledge, Mr. Benjamin has not advocated for murder, or theft, or rape, or fraud. If he has, that is already covered under existing law.

    • @Michael Mitchell The First Amendment only applies to the government. FaceBook and YouTube are NOT the government, ergo it does not apply to them. What part of this do you not understand?

    • @Stoney Mahoney Very true, and rightly so! Companies can be out competed or damaged by boycott, whereas there is no real competition for government, and NOBODY in their right mind would want government to totally collapse as a “bad” company might. That is why we are free to say, “Hmm, I’m not sure I like the looks of what Company X is doing in regard to Y issue… I wonder what alternatives are out there?” Contract law and the attending statutes surrounding it are the bedrock issues in this case. P.S. see my edit on my initial post, I needed to clear something up that you pointed out.

    • @Pete Hall I find it so very depressing when people start spouting “1St MeNDmeNT!” in response to someone/some company declining to do business with someone or carry their messages on their platform. The level of entitlement it demonstrates boggles my mind, not to mention that these people generally have internet connections of their own they could quite easily leverage to establish their own platform to express themselves from. Awareness of that tiny little personal platform would be their problem to solve, but no government ever mandated that people should be required to listen to what someone says…

    • @Michael Mitchell US law does *not* in fact provide for “free speech” on somebody else’s website. They’re free to ban anybody they damn well please.

    • @RedXlV It gets a little shaky though when said company is partially or regularly receives funding from the government. It can get really dicey when a company receives most of its funding from the government or through government contracts.

  8. I want to hear what Eddie can tell us about Jingles’ backstory!

  9. “Don’t worry its not real” we know jingles you live in England 🙂

    • Jingles: Pulls out a gun
      Me: Is it real? Nah, can’t be, he’s not in the US
      Jingles: Don’t worry, it isn’t real
      Me: OK it’s DEFINITELY real!!

  10. Don’t say ALEXA on youtube Jingles, my alexa’s all started playing different songs

  11. This may further trigger Jingles: Forest fires may actually be fought with controlled burns, literally fighting fire with fire!

    • Bogdan Toma-Silai

      Was about to explain the concept of a counter fire myself. Yes, that’s a used method when combating wild fires. The idea behind it is to deprive the incoming wild fire of its fuel source. Especially effective in areas where lugging ungodly amounts of water and/or AFFF is either not feasible or has proven to be ineffective.

    • Well.. ackshually Jingles.. !

    • @Alex M lmao

    • @Bogdan Toma-Silai Yeah now AFFF is now banned in the states supposedly causes cancer and pollutes ground water. The Navy should have kept the Halon systems installed on their warships.

    • @Michael Mitchell After all, that only chokes the crew to death … and f*cks up the planet

  12. Boo certainly has his slaves well trained. They hold the bowl at the proper height for a sip.

  13. Can we get a video series of just Jingles and Eddie sharing Navy Shenanigans? I haven’t laughed this hard in years

  14. Your vest should say “sons of arthritis” ibuprofen chapter

  15. I enjoyed that. Can we have a “Fat Old Sailor Show” maybe once a month? Or a “Fat Old Seamen Show” if you’re feeling fruity!

  16. Not seeing anyone else say it, so I’ll eat the bullet: ‘Actually Jingles…’ I’m pretty sure the gun in the Gun Jesus poster is the HK416, which the French are adopting, and HK helped get the poster made as I recall. The book, incidentally, is ‘Chassepot to FAMAS: French military rifles, 1866-2016’, written by Ian McCollum and published by his company, Headstamp Publishing. I also really wanted their book on British bullpup rifles, but didn’t get my money in order before the kickstarter ended.

  17. Corona has been hard to everyone, just look what it did to Rita.

  18. Rita not there: aaaahw
    Eddie appears: YAY!
    Jingles and Eddie go on a stroll down memory lane
    Boo enjoying the dog-live
    Day: saved

    • Being a couple of navy boys of one sort or another I’m guessing they were lovers, brings to mind jingles voice over in World of warships…Morning men, starboard ten, cum on the cabin boys back again. At least I think that’s what he says

  19. Concerning fighting fire with fire: Actually Jingles they used to put out burning oil wells with dynamite because the shockwave pushes burning fuel and oxygen away and so the flame dies

  20. Are we to have ‘ Mingles with Eddie: The Jingles stories ‘ ??? That could be a very interesting video LoL

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