Mingles with Jingles Episode 347

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In which Rita returns, I try to stick to a script, fail miserably and we end up rambling on for over an hour.

Also, get Gun Jesus in John Wick! https://www.change.org/p/lionsgate-give-ian-mccollum-a-cameo-in-a-john-wick-movie


  1. Morning Jingles. Morning Rita.

  2. My girl uses alcohol for a mixer with alcohol too. Approve 100%.

  3. Slightly freaked out at the thumbnail…. looked like Jingles was holding up a diaphragm, very relieved it’s a weird rubber cup thing…

  4. Jingles The Navy gave you more money so they would spend more money in port so that the host country would want more visits from your Navy ships since most of the ports you are going to visit are more “tourist” stops.

    • The Navy will use any excuse to pay its staff more than the politicians allow. The Army is notorious for its underfunding of the troops and has been so since for ever.

    • @Stephanie Wilson Why us Army types just got more….creative.

    • That’s a nice thought, but somewhat flawed.
      Local overseas allowance, separation allowance and flying/sea service allowance are paid whether milltary personel fly into Khandahar (not really a tourist stop) or Nevada.
      It gets better if the the married couple are both serving military, separation allowance is paid to both of them.

  5. Radovan Dragović

    I already thought Rita would say “Because it turns out I’m pregnant!”, but ok… Anyway, Eddy is quite i bit bigger then Rita.

    • Radovan Dragović

      @randy tessman Because you feel you know those people, you have grown accustomed to them as if you knew them for a while. That feeling was in the past reserved for close friends and family, but with emergence of vlogging and reality television you began to feel that for people who are in reality complete strangers. We are still animals and our brains do not work well with modern technology…

    • @Radovan Dragović Now dont take this as a personal criticism as it seems your not a “right to know” person. People need to remember boundaries even on social media, comfort with some one doesnt mean access. IE. Say you go into the same shop/bodega every morning on the way to work/school and same person is behind the counter…….. over time most of us will learn the persons name and say a lil more then morning to them. To the point where if you went in and someone else was there you would ask “hey wheres ??” …..we are creatures of habit 🙂 But unless you have exchanged phone numbers and then gone out one night with the other person and started an actually relationship of any kind you dont really have a “right” to know the answer to that question……. IMO

    • Now sadly have to admit the curious part of my brain does think about those personal questions too …… Thou they share parts of their lives with us and seem more then honest when answering questions put to them from US the public. Whether they are a “couple” again, just friends & roommates or maybe friends with benefits is entirely up to them and whether they want to share that information as well. I think that “comfort” we feel for a fav personality on media gets lost in a easily slippery slope of gossip which turns to division & hate and cancel culture of the two sides only we have in large today 🙁 In the end Rita and Paul are friends and anything else should only matter to actually people in THEIR personal lives ………bless em both and I am glad we get to see a lil peek into their lives <3

    • Radovan Dragović

      ​@randy tessman Difference is that local clerks do not share facts of their daily life with you on regular basis and if they do you would consider them friends and feel obligated to know what is happening in their life and if some trouble befallen them. That is what I was talking about, because of type and amount of information internet personalities are sharing with us our brains develop type of connection with them that is normally reserved for close friends and relatives.
      Oh, piece of unrelated trivia, difference of culture, I am in a culture of Mediterranean descent and here it is normal to personally know people that are working in small local shops, clerks, bakers, butchers and so on, to the point that you do form a friendly relationship with them and get to know them on personal bases. It’s horrible in normal times, everybody is sticking their noses in your business and everybody knows what everybody is doing, but in exceptional times, like these now, it actually proven to be really useful, because everybody is now feeling that it is their duty to help people around them, even to the point that they will spend a bit more money to help local businesses.

    • Radovan Dragović

      @randy tessman And yes, being aware of those facts helps me realize that Rita and Jingles are people I do not actually know, I might throw a joke or two but I do not presume to know what their actual lives are like or even what they really are like as people, I treat this as an interactive show. I tend not to poke my nose into other peoples affairs anyway.

  6. Huh, Eddy looks quite strange today, I wonder what happened to him…

  7. lol
    Rita: 15 makes it 2 weeks.
    Jingles: How many in 2 weeks


    • I thought Rita was about to scream”EASY”!!!!!!

    • That actually derives from a Portuguese idiom. When we say two weeks from today, we say “de hoje a quinze dias”, roughly 15 days from today, because we include the day, hence 14 + the day = 15. the same for a week: “de hoje a oito dias”, 7 days + today. I hope it makes sense!

  8. Jingles think about the US submarine personnel.
    6 months at sea, most all of it underwater.

  9. am I only one who would like to see pictures of Jingles in the RN Navy, see him if he was ever young lol

  10. I bet they gave the sailors more money so that the locals would like them coming ashore.
    Having a bunch of stingy argumentative sailors ashore wouldn’t be fun.

    • Since one can’t change sailors to make them more likeable, the services just gives them more money, so that the locals can at least look forward to the sailors’ wallets visiting as well 😀

    • Well not only is a logical PR move by the British Navy but its fairly old tradition for them as well. I wish I could remember where but have heard that the “rate” Paul was talking about is based not on everyday items but on the local cost of paying for “two people” to see a show, eat @ restaurant, go for a few drinks and pay for local nightly lodging and its the total minus their pay and the difference is what is added. The difference of rank is considered by the “class” of the services used by each level of officer, British tradition at work ……..lol

  11. I think Rita got confused between ninja and shroud

  12. just watching the two of them get incrimentally more pissed as the vid goes on

  13. The Badass Bassist

    Meanwhile, Forgotten Weapons’ Gold play button letter from YouTube read as such

    “Dear Forgotten Weapons,

    We are grudgingly sending you this, because you do gun content, and you suck and we hate you.”

  14. Fedaykin Fletcher

    Pls Jingles fix your certificates or what ever in the middle they are crooked and it is tillting me to the heavens

  15. I watched a forgotten weapons video immediately before this video, drachinifel immediately before that, hearing you mention both of them dropped me into a weird dimension where only 3 YouTubers exist lol

  16. John Wick: ”gunsmith i demand your finest firearms!”
    Jesus: ”best i can do is Chassepot, drum-fed Pepeshka, an L85, or this 40mm Bofors L/60”

  17. I’d like to jump in with few things on the whole replay topic:
    As Jingles and Rita have already mentioned, if you upload something to a public site, it’s out there and ppl can do whatever they want with it AND you might not like or appreciate it but it was YOU at the end of the day that gave them permission by uploading it onto public site.
    It is their own kindness if they decide to take it down after you ask them (morally right thing to do as Jingles mentioned) but they don’t have to.
    As for the person in question here, Panzerknacker, I actually met the guy at one of the conventions and he is a very nice person. I would never expect any kind of trouble with this guy and I’m not surprised at all he just took it down after the guy asked him to.
    As for his editing, his videos ARE actually edited. They have intro and outro, which in itself is already editing. The battles themselves are not edited but his videos are.
    You might be thinking “wow such editing skills” but it doesn’t matter. I’ve heard HORRIBLE stories and examples of ppl taking other ppls content and with 1 minimal change pretending it’s their own and got away with it.
    Editing videos is a grey area, but in case of Panzerknacker, he is probably more than “in the right” to use other ppls replay files that they themselves uploaded for public to see.
    I’m sure a lot of us heard our parents say more than once: “careful what you say in public, not everyone will understand what you mean, they only hear what you say” and same goes for uploading things publicly.

    • Replays files are the property of WG and anyone should be able to do anything with them.

    • @George Bizos
      I do not watch all of his videos, on the one I am interested in. Because I enjoy videos with comentary more and my time for watching and what I like to see don’t match.
      But it is not like a random guy who has a playlist of the videos he most likes.
      He is a CC and so he does also the things that are expected like testing ships, he streams also on Twitch, does the give ways like all other CC. And putting videos of replays on YouTube is one kind of promotion WG expects, or at least is not unhappy about I guess.
      Putting out the replays without commentary is a way to get more viewers. Not sure if the vidoes would be watched by more people if he does commantary in German althoigh there are German Speaking CC who does this. And As I knew was he one of the first who started with WoT replays. That is where the clan started. So the replays without voice comments are kind of historical grown.
      Because of very severe issues with his internet, he did not as much as he wanted to do. But this will change in the next time because he got a fibre connection finally.

    • @Helloweener I’m not saying he’s a random guy, clearly he has a following, but it does seem like he is a notable community contributor and this series of content he puts up looks like a collection of battles he feels are worth watching…
      Doesn’t matter if it is a random guy doing it or the someone with 20 million subscribers or whatever other content they put up on their channels. Looking objectively, this series looks to be a series of just pure replays of battles he thinks are worth uploading and therefore worth watching, therefore making it a curated playlist.
      It is akin to someone who runs a blog where every day they post a short poem…so long as they don’t claim they wrote all of the poems, it is them saying “this is a poem I enjoyed and think you might enjoy as well”.

    • Seems like some people missed the point on why the replay debate was kicked off in the first place, so i’ll explain in more detail why I brought this topic up in MWJ and what I would like to see from Panzerknacker and the other replay channels.

      1. I want unedited recordings of replays to be banned or something?
      The point of the “no editing” complaint is that the Youtuber who uploads the replay doesnt add anything to the gameplay. Putting his own Intro in front of someone elses gameplay doesnt add anything to the viewers perception of the game. Unlike for example Jingles commentary, which contains historic background information or an explanation of whats going on which is really helpful for viewers who arent very familiar with the game. But its not like I want this type of unedited-replay-video to be forbidden. Barely editing is completely fine, I actually know a fair number of people who prefer raw gameplay over commentary. Not adding anything new is only relevant for copyright discussions. Because simply recording the replay doesnt exactly make you 100% the creator of the video, anybody with the same graphics settings can create a video thats completely identical. Very complex from a legal viewpoint though.

      2. “Shut up, guy who played the game. All of this belongs to Wargaming anyway”
      well yesnt, but mostly yes. Generating an mp4 from a replay means that pretty much all of the visuals and the audio are 100% WG content, from music to soundeffects, over 3d models, textures and UI design, even the font. All of this is Wargaming. The only things that the players do is play the game and write in chat. From a copyright perspective, that makes them something like actors in a movie. As a result, they do have some rights, not a lot but there are some. Saying that the player who uploaded the replay isnt allowed to complain and that the Youtuber is allowed to do anything he wants because Wargaming gave permission is simply wrong.

      3. Just mark it as private, duh
      As Jingles said, the replay sharing websites have a lot of benefits, they convert the replay into a youtube video and generate post battle result screens from the replayfile, which is why he uses wotreplays and uploads replays as private.
      Well, for replayswows, there is no way of making a replay private. You basically have to upload the replays and hope that nobody notices. Btw “Just upload the video yourself” isnt a great alternative if the uplaod of a 1GB file takes more than 8 hours because of a crappy internet connection. But still, everyone knows that its public, and thats why its perfectly reasonable to call people like me out for uploading a replay to a public site but not wanting it to be reuploaded. I shouldnt have uploaded my game if I didnt want Panzerknacker to get his hands on it. I only uploaded the replay there because Jingles asks his viewers who submit replays to do exactly that. I was, however, fully aware that Panzerknacker and others might see and reupload it. That is not why Im unhappy about my replay being reuploaded. If it had been a WoT Replay, which was marked as private, it would be a different story.

      4. But that means that the guy with the Henri replay is a salty *bad word* and laying a trap by making a replay public but writing in the description that he doesnt want it published is *bad word*!1!!!
      Yes, that was intended as a trap and yes, it worked perfectly. The point here, is not to sue Panzerknacker with a sneaky trick. You could think of this as something like an experiment by the games unicum community. And ill get into the reasons behind it later.

      5. The guy reuploaded your replay and showed it to his very large fanbase, you are famous now! Why do you not like this publicity? Why do you hate people who reupload other players replays? What do you want?
      Am I actually famous? You could of course always argue that they honor our achievements by reuploading the videos and sharing them with their viewers, but they dont really do that.
      I dont mind Jingles uploading my replays, but I dont like it if Panzerknacker, TopTier or others do it. Why you ask? This ties in with me being something like a movie actor in the replay. I dont mind people uploading it. In fact, I think thats great. The issue is, that I would like to be acknowledged for the game and treated with respect. If Jingles uploads a replay from a player who sends him the replay, he mentions the name of the player in the video description, sometimes title and of course during the commentary itself. He also often reads out a part of the email that the player wrote when sending the game to Jingles. By reading out the email you also learn something about the player, like if the player is just an average player and still manages to get a great result. This is nice, but its obviously only possible because the people send their replays specifically to Jingles.
      Creating the same kind of engagement with ones community is obviously much harder for smaller channels, so taking replays from public sharing websites is pretty much the only way and that is completely fine. The issue is, that the players who uploaded their games on these websites want to be treated like human beings. I remember Quickybaby uploading replays from public sites at some point. And just like Jingles, he mentioned the name of the player, in the description and the commentary. Nothing wrong with that. Id feel honored if that happened to me.
      If the Youtuber specialises in raw gameplay without footage, its obviously difficult to mention the players name in the non existing commentary, but there are other ways.
      At least try to credit me properly. I found A LOT of comments under reuploaded replays, where the people writing the comments seemed to think that the Channel host played the game and not somebody who simply uploadd his replay on a sharing website and probably doesnt even play on the same server.

      Tell your viewers that you uploaded my replay because you thought I played it well and I deserved the publicity. I dont want replay youtubers to provide links to my social media channels or something like that, just write my name in the channel description. Right now, the only way to check who actually played the game is from the Replays Loading Screen, the killfeed and the post battle result screens. And if anybody watches these videos on a smartphone, they wont be able to read any of that, even if they tried.
      My second request is of similar nature. Tell me if you use my replay. As simple as that. I dont need you to write me a 5 page long love letter and ask for my permission. Just a simple “Hey, I saw your replay. Thank you for uploading it on the website. I thought it was good and more people should se it. Thats why Im uploading it on my channel, Here is the link”.
      You can contact players via their Wargamig account, so why not do it? Its pretty easy. I would have loved to be the first person to comment under the video that features my gameplay instead of hearing about it from a friend who stumbled across the video on accident, long after it had been posted. I dont stalk every replay youtuber out there so I have no idea when one of them might upload my gamepay and that feels terible. Like when you send a game to Jingles and he doesnt upload it but you never know if he didnt like it or if he just missed it. The difference between the two is, that Jingles probably missed it and the replay youtuber probably doesnt care about you.

      Having someone use and maybe even monetize your gameplay without you even knowing about it feels terrible. I am one of the many players who has contributed to the content of the replay channels. I love seeing people appreciate and learn from my gameplay but it pains me when it is done without my knowledge and without me being credited at all and I am 100% sure that the majority of the players whose games are featured on those channels feel the exact same way. So please, just write the players a message if you use their replays, they will love you for it. Just dont make it look like you dont care about them and just milk their skills for views, because thats exactly what it looks like right now.

    • @Kirion Someone sounds a bit salty

  18. “just don’t rush it!”
    -chris Roberts

  19. Rita: The link will be in the description
    Jingles: Yeah no, she’ll forget it


  20. Good God. Your ship videos are fine. You’re an idiot. Unsubscribed. No one wants to hear you talk shit for an hour. SHOW WORLD OF WARSHIPS VIDEOS…that’s the only reason you have subscribers…it sure as shit isn’t your personality.

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