Mingles with Jingles Episode 348

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Ugh… tired. Still have to do Mingles with Jingles, can’t be bothered. I know! I’ll phone in sick!



  1. Okay jingles we get it go and have a good rest we can handle it for once

  2. “quick video” *checks time* 14 minutes sure thing jingles

    • comparing to last week’s 1 hour and 10 minutes it is bit short I would say 🙂

    • It’s funny to see other YTers apologise for the video being so long when it’s 12-14 minutes long. Meanwhile the gnomish overlord puts out a “short” video…

  3. because as we know “jingles is just crap” lol

  4. Misidentified due to too much salt in his eyes from the mines

  5. “Conqueror, Colbert… close enough… They both start with fires and the letter C. It’s confusing!”

  6. Jingles will simply just be be “Blinded by Science!” every time he gets one wrong.

  7. The Excuse for Misnaming stuff is “That you are Jingles, and its in your nature to missname things”

  8. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Epic (Starscream): IM STUPID! IM STUPID!

    • @ashesofempires04 Sweeny is going after apple because they enforce their policies unevenly. In app purchases from stores are bypassed (aka amazon, etc) and the argument is that microtransactions are targeted specifically by apple as an easy moneybag while ignoring purchases made on material goods. Which, btw, is not specified in Apples terms and Agreements for the app store. It is however, listed in google. The other arguement, is noncompetitive behavior wheresuch Apple would have an unfair advantage for any product they produce software wise on their appstore over other developers and since Iphones only use the appstore, they hold a monopoly on that platform.

      Its more broad than games and alot of companies simply partner with Sony and Microsoft to bypass the fees.

    • What is going to happen to apple when they shut down all unreal games on there store.
      All those companies with file suit, and they will want punitive damages. This will be a class action lawsuit that apple will not win. All the other game companies did not violate apples contract. apples is going find that lawsuit trouble, and I am sure Epic money will find its way into those lawyers hands. Apple thinks it can do what it wants and get away with it, and we the people will never see what happens everyone will fire there shots, and apple and epic will sign a new contract, and everyone else will get a little cash from apple, say opps our bad.

    • @E Hiebert Apple aren’t shutting down Unreal games, as I understand it. They’re shutting down Epic’s dev tools for it. Existing games continue as before, they just can’t be updated or patched. Apple haven’t done anything to anyone except Epic.

    • Not sure it is as clear cut as that… This could be an Epic move from Epic depending on how the contract is worded. If it does not specifically state that that 30% has to come from sales made to players who downloaded the app from their store or that the game has to direct the purchase through the google or apple shopping system then they may not actually have any right to that money and Epic knew it and was prepared for the backlash and that is why that video was ready. Now if it is found that Apple is illegally holding the Unreal development tools without cause for ransom they could find themselves in some serious shit.

    • @Dafydd Flower Not being able to update games is going to still be a case for those Devs to sue apple. apple is interfering with there stuff, and they followed the apple rules.

  9. Go with “glasses prescription is out of date.”

  10. I am a dedicated boomer: have been watching Jingles only at 360p since the last 7 years… gives me the Jingles-view.

  11. Jingles’ new excuse
    “I’m old and crap”
    “Hang on, that’s not new”
    “What can I say – I’m old and crap”

  12. When a partly chinese owned company say that they are on the side of consumer I press the big X button for doubt

  13. Kholdan Staalstorm

    Excuse for wrong name:
    Syntax error, does not compute.
    Recognition.sys file not found.
    File missing or moved from //Jingles/recognition/shiportank/ directory.
    Link to data in shapes.db not found.
    Substitute with basic data some other thing used previously or Dave.
    If Dave not found, go to blue screen.
    Call Rita for tech support.
    Syntax error

  14. The idea for an excuse: Akitsuki’s charms have a lingering effect on Jingles’ mind.

  15. Excuse:

    Your getting old, its not the screen that has low res, its your eyes

  16. “Can’t be arsed!” – still puts out a video longer than what 99% of Youtubers ever do.

  17. Im happy to see the old mingles with jingles. Even though it wasn’t on purpose. I know I’m probably in the minority but if it could be like this atleast once a month rather than every week(say every first Monday) I feel would be cool.

    • Yeah, I prefer this to the “new” format.

    • I’m happy to see it too. I stopped watching the new format months ago, and judging by the views I’m not alone.

    • Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

      Yep this is actually the first one I’ve watched since he went that route, I thought hey sweet the old way is back ! Was saddded when I heard the first 10 seconds 😔 ah well I still have his weekly wot video to look forward to.

    • I totally agree, i much prefer solo jingles talking about current events over gameplay footage. The conversation style format with rita is too stuttery, stop and start and distracted for my liking but oh well, jingles will never tell rita no

  18. Jingel’s new excuse: the muzzle flash in 4k was so bright i got temporary blinded when calling out said vehicle

  19. Jingles: Google are scumbags

    YouTube: We’ll have our Silver Play Button back pls k thx

  20. I was like “Old format! Old format! The old format is back!” then I realised it is too short for a proper Mingles with Jingles.But anyways I am happy for this short “mingles” too. Thanks, Jingles. Get well soon!

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