Mingles with Jingles Episode 350

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Back to the old format this week, in which I talk about the latest ways the big publishers are getting together to screw us all over and discuss why while it would be nice to have a new PC with a 3000 series GPU, I don’t actually need one.



  1. Holy cow. 350 MWJ. And the old format back to.

    Well time to strap in and start watching

  2. Honestly here in the netherlands for big companies, we are a tax haven as well

    • Ah yes, fuck big companies, not that they don’t bring in jobs and all. Having worked at two big internationals, I’m actually very glad we make it a bit easier for them to have them over..

    • Does low taxes go for everyone or just companies

    • @Imperial Guardsman only for big companies like Shell and other big companies, no we the people just pay regular taxes as it should.
      The government is just a bunch of idiots, with the amount of taxes we miss because of the exemptions made for big companies we lose over 1.4 billion euros in tax just imagine the things we could do with that money, improve education and higher pay for teachers.
      And remember those 1.4 billion is just what we lose in taxes from 4 companies let alone the rest

    • Imperial Guardsman big multinationals only, average Joe gets pissed on and pays the big bills

    • Oooooof that sucks

  3. Huh new PC to bad that the 3 k series is announced people are selling their GPU which cost 1.5 k now to 500 so yeah.

    • Apparently the 1.5K has the performance and features of a Titan, and the lowest priced card has the performance of a 2K series top line.

  4. im up so late i saw this was uploaded “1min ago” with “No views”
    holy shit its gonna be an all nighter

    • It’s been an all nighter for me already! All of these liberal city rules means I have nothing to do!!! It’s currently 3:17 here in Palm Beach Florida… 🇺🇸

    • @Shanghaied im EDT too, just finished my frozen pizza and on to the next YT wormhole to keep me awake lol

  5. I’ve missed this style of mingle with jingles

  6. It’s the Lone-Jingles! who this week is without his trusty side-kick, or gallant mount.

  7. I was waiting for the jingles excuse for buying his new computer too early.

    • “too early” is really debatable. i mean, don’t forget, even if the higher tier cards come out on the 17th ( or i think the 3090 comes out a few days later or whatever), whether they’ll be in stock is a whole different matter, let alone if there would be any prebuilts available (jingles got himself a prebuilt). this problem is going to be even more obvious with the 3070, which isn’t coming until sometime in october (and is a more appealing option, thus more people will go for it). it’s likely that Jingles would be waiting for his PC easily into november, if not later if he waited for any 30 series GPU, and by that point you’d have all the shenanigans with ryzen 4000, etc. etc… and you get into January.

    • @Njolf November? That is optimistic 😀 Here in Germany you have to wait 4-6 weeks for sure, make rather 8+ out of that -.- Prebuild that is though

    • @SmokeJam yeah, i guess i really went for the best possible scenario there
      but in any case, where i live we’ll be lucky to see anything come out more or less this year, and even if we do, affordability is a whole different matter lol

    • @Njolf yeah the money is something completely else indeed 😀 For now I dream xD

    • @SmokeJam yeh, suppose so. i’m really hyped to see what they’ll do when they come out, though

  8. Honestly, Jingles, I don’t think the way that Activision Blizzard is handling Next Gen is even legal.

  9. Whoever told Jingles he needs a separate SSD for Windows is a complete and utter donkey. The only thing that windows will cache regularly is the page file and that would be around 32GB of left to its own devices and can manually be set lower – it won’t magically just keep increasing its size. A 2TB 970 Evo would’ve been more than adequate on its own and you could just partition it if you really wanted to.

    Having games stored on an NVME is a total waste of time as it stands. Without a 3000 series card he won’t even be able to use the new I/O GPU decompression when it materialises. He would’ve been far better buying a 2TB QVO drive for a third of the price as the performance would be damn near identical for the purpose he is using it for.

    Jingles, if you are happy with how your 1080ti performs (which is very similar to the 2080) then you could’ve probably bought a PC without a graphics card and slotted your old one in. That being said, it you did that you’d miss out on the new NVENC encoder they released with the Turing cards which might make your life a lot easier when recording games.

    • funny thing is the new PCI-E 4th Gen SSD’s are faster and cheaper at 2tb than the really fast 3rd gen PCI-E SSD’s. I personally would have got them to put in the MP600 2tb and a 2TB 870QVO for storage it would have worked out the same price and you can ditch the mechanical drive altogether. I bet the 1080ti is going rita’s way so it won’t be wasted.

    • Indeed, I still have the 1080ti radiator cooled continues to perform admirably! NO need to upgrade!

  10. Why didn’t you build your own rig?
    Delivery times have been super normal for parts generally speaking, and the plethora of build guides from competent persons has made it easier than ever.

    • @Artixskillz absolutely true. 10 years ago I could build my own PC. Now arthritis has reduced my ability to handle the tiny screws and small mobo connectors.

    • @PrinzAlbatross dont forget his background with the navy he would have had to learn electronics even on a basic level ,building a computer is easy its all plug and play , yes its easy to go wrong but watch a few videos on here like i did and you will find its not hard to build a air cooled pc that works, the only problem i had was fitting the front IO connectors on the motherboard only because i got big hands..

    • I don’t build my own PCs primarily because I don’t want to, hate the idea that a fuck up can mean that there is a potential of something breaking. Also these reasons:
      “Oh it’s cheaper!” And? It saves me $20. I just go to a guy who does it for me

      “It’s faster!” *Well no not really, not for me*

      “It’s easy to learn!” Not for me. In ArmA, give me a vehicle and a complex weapon systems, and I’ll get it figured out in 2 hours. Anything with tech? 3-4 weeks. Even with videos. Because I don’t have the time to sit and watch them, got a busy schedule and the cost – rewards ain’t good enough.

    • @Artixskillz and here I am 63 and about to build another pc for my home theater. It really is what I call tinker toys. It just all plugs together.

    • Have you *seen* a Jingles landing?! Now imagine him putting the CPU in to the motherboard…. and realising he forgot to take the re-buy insurance… 😜

  11. in finland almost every lumberyard or hardware store ran out of wood stock because people were making so much yard decks and other home improvement projects 😀 thanks corona

    • Isn’t Finland just a big forrest (except in Lapland)

    • @Eric Kaufman even that is actually, with a few bald spots, we have trees for days

    • I bought an Alaska Chainsaw Mill just so I could finish some home projects. Here in the States, the lumber shortage is quite serious, and expected to last for a while. Believe it or not, part of the problem is a couple dozen BIG lumber mills have been burned by eco terrorists (who seem to forget that they are risking forest fires). Additionally, because of invasive pests, like the Emerald Ash Borer and Pine Bark Blister Beetle (thanks, China) some places had a glut of lumber that caused mills to shut down due to depressed prices. Finally, because of the aforementioned pests, some species of trees may well go extinct in the next ten years or so. Ash has been decimated to the point where our local forestry association estimates that it will be extirpated from the State by 2025…

    • was expecting some nvidia / woodscrew joke ngl

    • Same in the UK

  12. Jingles… then why not order a PC without a graphics card and just plug in your 1080 Ti? It’s two screws and a clip that holds the card in place. If you think this is too complicated then watch a video on how to do it…. and before I forget it… you took the worst possible time to order a PC. Not only RTX 3000 series are on their way… we’ll see new Ryzen CPUs too later this year… so all you needed was some patience.
    I think all of us would have been fine with a lower resolution for a few months until you can get your hands on hardware that can handle it.

  13. Wait, an actual MWJ? Hope this stays, he should do the Rita stuff on another day, calling it Mingles With Everybody or something but keeping it MW”Jingles”! Really enjoyed this one (finally) once again, especially the indepth why you don’t need a 30xx.
    Was eyeing a new system myself, but unlike Jingles I can wait a few months more for it, probably 3070 since I use 1440p. Easier on the system, 4k is overrated imo, even my favorite tech site agreed to my surprise also favoring that resolution.

  14. Gonna be honest, I like this format better. Talking head vids get boring.

  15. Star Citizen will never be released since it’s just an experiment to see how much money people will waste.

    • I heard Star Citizen was made by an offshoot of the group that brings you the Space Launch System (That’s over budget, over due and unlikely to last)

  16. I actually prefer this type of Mingles with Jingles.

  17. I miss these kinds of Mingles with Jingles. I just can’t get into the camera variant.

  18. Glad to see Mingles with Jingles is going old school. I MUCH prefer this way of doing it.

  19. “No Rita, No Eddie, No cats… Unless you hear them in the background.” – Hears a meow in the background. Plot-twist, it’s Eddie.

  20. This is more like, just talk, no drinking, no t-shirts, no cats, no bad audio, no semen jokes.

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