Mingles with Jingles Episode 352

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I’m really glad I didn’t wait until the 3080 series of GPUs were released until I tried to order a new PC.



  1. We like the background noises. Akizuki (did I spell that right?) Is cool when he talks back.

  2. “never seen ANYTHING like this before!”

    GW: quiet murmuring “yeah….. not indomitus or anything……”

    • Yet again, who’s fault is it? If people can’t just fucking wait for a couple days (not to mention a week) to get their stuff, they deserve to get scalped.

  3. After the shitshow that was the 3080 launch, I just decided to buy a used 2080 Super instead (I’m upgrading from a 1060) and wait a few months at least for a 3080 I actually like to be easily available. I figure I can always resell the 2080 and make at least some of my money back.

    Also funnily enough I also just started replaying RDR2 on the PC this time xD

  4. 7 minutes 2 seconds until Jingles realised ” I’m too old for this shit…” 🙂 only 35 years too late 😉

  5. If ever the diy gets to you, look up the diy sos episode where a royal marines mates call them in tonhelp finish his build…. he’s sleeping in his roll top bath

  6. Damn, last time I was this early Jingles had Rita along on his Mingles with Jingles

  7. “never understatement the human race’s ability and perpencity to engage in asshat behaviors” – unkown

  8. $15 for Smooth Track in Australia. Still an excellent deal.

    Thanks Jingles.

  9. 2 Weeks for a new kitchen? Really? Me, my brother in law and my father in law stripped, cleaned & placed a new kitchen in 3 days. Jingles, you better film them as footage for next weeks Mingles With Jingles.

    • Was about to say, lol. Those must be the laziest workers he could find. I bought old house some time ago, and when i made a plan to rebuild it, it took 6 days in total. A house, not a kitchen.

  10. “Jingles Tech Tips”

    peace (from the UK)

  11. Yes, agree with this for sure.

  12. Them console peasants got Jingles! Now he thinks 30fps is perfectly fine framerate! Oh noes!

  13. Being able to record with the air conditioner turned on is good, we want a comfortable Jingles. Hopefully provision can be made for Akizuki’s comments. Also the cheapest power supply that will do the job (1,000W) from tiger direct is $310 US. That might be cheaper than a whole new computer when you upgrade the video card.

  14. Jingles called my 970 system old 🙁
    Ahh well, I’m not looking to retire it yet.

  15. I love hearing akizuki, its cute.

  16. “it’ll probably take less than two weeks” he clearly hasn’t met english builders

  17. I took a few years off from wows, returning i missed a few things that i could never get again. The only one of those that i regret not getting is the jingles ship commander. Is there no way to get it now?

  18. And I quote from this video. “I’m going to have to wear as little as possible”.

    Jingles, going commando, coming to a cinema near you.

    Ps: a question jingles in the spirit of mingles with jingles next week. How much clothing are you wearing right now? Underwear included 😀 we are all waiting… Lol

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