Mingles with Jingles Episode 354

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My kitchen’s ready! Almost, still waiting for my new fridge but I can finally eat something that isn’t microwaved or takeaway! I’ll start with something simple – make a béchamel sauce with butter, milk and flour, add some nutmeg and pepper. Toast some thick slices of bread, cover with béchamel and grated gruyere cheese. Slap some ham on top, then even more grated gruyere. Cover with a second slice of thick toasted bread, top that with more béchamel and MORE grated gruyere, slap the whole thing in the oven until the cheese starts to brown, plate, slice in half, eat.

Oh and some stuff about gaming and things this week too.



  1. 3:19AM in the states. Insomnias hitting me hard tonight and jingles, while I love you, I might be able to fall asleep to that British voice. Cheers mate.

  2. As an unabashed fan of the “old” version of Mingles With, I do listen to both. But that’s the catch: I LISTEN to Mingles instead of watch it. And having just one person speaking makes it much easier to follow while I do things in the background.

    • @Vlad Drakul Amen, I miss that format too!!

    • I also prefer the old one, I came back to listen to the Mingles only for this old style.

      the new was always sidetracking for no reason, which quickly became boring and frankly annoying to me, I stopped listening that one. it might be relevant that I am not a fan of trash reality tv shows either.

    • Yeah the old version is better.

    • i listen too, i drop the vid quality to 144p at work and listen to it at work when i’m doing mindless work in the afternoon shift. mingles makes mondays at work enjoyable 🙂

    • I prefer the old version because it’s much shorter.

  3. personally the reason i subbed is 20% gaming, 80% jingles, so i don’t really mind video blogs of jingles in the same channel hahaha

    Since this comment is near the top im gonna be selfish and say: MORE WORKSHOP MODELING STUFF!!!! Ur massive stash of kits aint gonna make them selves >:|

  4. Hey salt overlord. If you need tips and tricks I’ll be glad to help out. I’m a professional chef who has worked in different Michelin stars restaurants

  5. Also we should score your cooking like a game.

    • Oh I can here it now…
      Jingles: we are gunna add some pepper to the dish.
      Everyone: Actually Jingles, that’s paprika. Your almost as shit in the kitchen as you are in warships!!
      Jingles: this meal doesn’t have enough salt. Back to the salt mines with you lot.

    • Jingles no! Boiling everything for the next 6 hours is not how to do a round of beef and veg…we don’t care if that’s the traditional English way!

    • oh my i didn’t even think about the salt memes we can have now with “cooking with Jingles”

  6. The thing I love about “Mingles with Jingles” is that you don’t have to watch it to know about what he’s on about because I play on my Xbox or PS and just have it on in the back ground and I just like listening to his voice

    • Gonna do the dishes right now! 😀

    • I really enjoy laying down listening to his voice and some things to stick! I even keep a majority of his Elite: Dangerous commentaries as a way to sleep, listening to him in the background, occasionally cracking a smile when he does his Jingles moments <3

  7. Geoffrey Richardson

    No your not in the minority, it’s the people with more dollars then censes buying the ‘best’ hardware

  8. so I’m not the only Brit who just can’t get enough Binging with Babish lmao.

  9. In defence of CD Projeckt: I work for a parcel delivery company. 5 weeks of working 6 days a week, often both Saturdays and Sundays, are pretty much our runup to Christmas every year. So if people condemning them for making their employees work 6 day weeks, maybe they should rethink all that online shopping they’re doing before Christmas.

    • Or bakery employees, butcher facilities, veg canning plants etc etc.
      The difference is with the food manufacturing industry it’s considered a necessary industry in most countries. Thus being exempt from a lot of labor laws.
      I worked at a bakery. The most days I worked in a row mandatory was 60.
      Most paychecks were 135 hours in two weeks.
      The most was 160 in two weeks.

    • Oh no, Overtime How dare they!

      I’d like to see those journalists reactions if their Internet from their ISP decides to crap out.

      if they’re told, “we’re sorry, all available technicians are currently restricted from overtime, you service will resume on the following business day.”

    • The issue is not so much overtime, it’s unpaid overtime. People in gaming companies have a yearly salary, where doing more hours in the week doesn’t bring in more money on the paycheck. In some studios crunch time is “voluntary”, but in your reviews it will be brought up if you didn’t do any overtime during the crunch time you are not a team player so you don’t get a raise or bonus, or any kind of advancement. Then there’s the fact that crunch time lasts for months rather than weeks, where you are asked to do 60h/week or more.

      That wouldn’t be so bad if crunch time was something that only happened once in a while due to unexpected delays. But in some studios the managers plan the schedule with these months of crunch time. And that often doesn’t prevent a delay, so you get more crunch time as the deadline is extended.

    • @Philip Bossy It’s not just the gaming companies. I just did a 6-work-day-week in my tech company because some asshat somewhere in the hierarchy decided the project wasn’t going fast enough. Nevermind the fact the employees they forced to come on weekends are *not* the ones behind schedule.
      I work ‘overtime’ several every day, without being paid more because they don’t *call* it overtime, therefore it’s not overtime, therefore they don’t have to pay me more.

    • @Philip Bossy well that first part just means that pay laws where those companies operate are complete bullshit. The sheer fact that can happen is crazy to me. At least in the case of CDPR’s workers, that’s not a thing because EU laws mean they have to be paid for any overtime.

  10. Idea for the name of the new channel: The Not So Mighty Jingles.
    (because in real life nobody is as glamurous as their voice alone would sudgest)

  11. You could call the new channel “Jingles: Beyond the Games.”

  12. Jingles try “cowboy Kent Rollins” really good and wholesome food.

  13. So how long before Jingles realises that all of the pizza he’s eaten over his lifetime has onions in the tomato sauce?

  14. While I do enjoy this format of Mingles With Jingles more than the other, I’m not opposed to it by any means. And well I guess both have their ups and downs. I think of this format as more of a radio podcast or something more than a talk show and the other is very much the opposite.

    And at the end of the day I guess it’s whatever content you feel like making for us that I’m most happy with.

  15. I like both versions of MwJ. The old style is more productive as you can keep working the salt mines and just have it on in the background. And the new style is cool because you and Rita are just too cute.

  16. I know my comments don’t amount to much(as I deserve for being a filthy console peasant), but for what it’s worth I spent 20 of my 40 on this earth employed as a professional cook/chef. Your kitchen is looking lovely and there’s only a couple of must-haves that I recommend you get if you don’t have them already. 1) a high-quality chef’s knife that cost more than $50. 2) a Cast Iron skillet. Both are items that will serve you well beyond your own existence

  17. I prefer the newer style of Mingles, I’m one of the few that actually watch rather than listen in the background so watching you and Rita taking the piss for 45-ish minutes is great.

  18. Nonsense, if Quickybaby streams himself making steak and homemade fries, you can do those kinds of videos here (as long as you keep us stocked in Akizuki videos)

  19. Jingles: I can’t wait to dive into the kitchen and cook something!
    Rita: We have a kitchen?
    Jingles: Yes. It’s where we keep the washing machine.

  20. keep all your vids on this channel, not everything has to be games.

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