Mingles with Jingles Episode 355

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In which we learn that if you absolutely want to receive a record number of dislikes on a YouTube video, just do a video on Star Citizen. Wiser men than me wouldn’t then spend an episode of Mingles talking about it, too!



  1. Last time I was this early, they hadnt finished installing glass bottoms on the new Italian Navy

  2. Dont Worry yourself Jingles, We all come for the disappointment.

  3. 6 mins old. wow. Another short and sweet episode. Thanks you old gnome

  4. For me, Star Citizen is a perfect example of how effective PR can make you profitable, *from a game that isn’t officially out yet.*

  5. you’re not wrong, Star Citizen is a bit Battlecruiser 3000AD isn’t it? I bought that pile.

  6. They’ve spent most of the five years on the PVE and all the money on big name actors

  7. Ring back Eddie and those wicked shirts!

  8. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen aren’t my cup of tea. Watched a few videos, but didn’t enjoy them. So I turned them off and watched something.

    The only time I ever disliked something was those two music tank videos

  9. I like both formats of MwJ. So i can’t argue 🙂 Nice gameplay in the background. Someone got a pro torpedoe guy badge xD I laughed when those ships eating the fishes like there was no tomorrow xD

  10. Bloody hell jingles, ive followed you for a very very very long time now, i love your content and take your comments as mostly as gospel but this rant about star citizen was fairly crap tbh. You have stated false information and shown a huge amount of lack of understanding. I find that hard to believe from you, i always thought of you as much more diligent worker then this. I would be the first person to call CIG on their bullshit advertising and teasing of content after being a backer since 2014. But after all of that and a pretty penny invested same as you i still follow the development. enough to have i think to be an informed opinion. After hearing this rant at the begging of this video i honestly thought you were just trolling.
    Iam not going to argue the points because iam trying hard to white knight around my favourite channel. Please just try a little more research before a rant.
    Anyways Keep up the other great content from a fellow British Vet with pride

  11. Jingles: if the beer (or cider or montilla) theme comes back, please give tips: in three days im gonna have this, so that it possible for myself how shall we say join you !

  12. #Jingles have you heard anything about subnautica below zero ?

  13. Maik Gehteuchnichtsan

    You cant please them all. Keep up the entertaining Work Jingles.

  14. Walking simulator? Hideo Kojima already made that and it’s better than star citizen

  15. With regards to Star Citizen, it doesn’t interest me so i don’t watch… or vote.

  16. Ahhh BC 3K, I remember that 🙂 never did get it to run…

  17. Thanks for another Star Citizen video. Two in a row, what a treat! See you again in 2025 for the beta test of Squadron 42.

  18. Since I heard the first time about Star Citizen: I Finished College, Lived In 3 different Cities, than moved to another country, opened my own company, got it successful, got married and still the game is not out. Probably I will learn to play it with my kids.

  19. those that like the new style usually only like it because they can do something else while listening so if you go back to the old style for those that like watching and listening to you both sides get what they want then 🙂

  20. ..a return of Gnome Vs. Food? ..sort of??, mmm ;¬P, *Rear Chefmiral Jingles..* :¬)

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