Mingles with Jingles Episode 356

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  1. I thought this was going to be the episode where Akizuki finaly got to host

  2. david and martine albon

    Hehe, we didn’t want to see Jingles at the start anyway.

  3. That’s not a little cat it’s a huge cat!

  4. Aki has a better beard now than Jingles.

  5. 0:19 Looks like Akizuki is giving Jingles strong competition for the best beard in the house…

  6. is Rita ok? as she is wake in the day light hours.

  7. “Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope” – Hawkeye… and me

    Yes yes yes I know, back to the triple shifts in the salt mines

  8. someone needs to clip that glasses waggle as a reaction it had me cracking up

  9. Tja Jingles next time: Brille Fielmann

  10. Inquisitor Jacknife

    So, message of the day: Boycott Occulus until they ditch the arbitrary facebook requirement.

  11. Jingles the Facebook account is demanded for Oculus, because Oculus is owend by Facebook.

  12. “Speccy four-eyes”

    That phrase was the bane of my childhood.

  13. “There’s a little cat in my seat.”

    Camera pans down to show full-grown lynx.

  14. Facebook owns oculus. When Facebook brought oculus try promised that there would not be a link to Facebook. Wow what a shock Facebook has lied again

    • Facebook is Russian malware

    • People put far too much trust in private enterprise, without realizing that the ethos of business boils down to, “sorry, we have to sell Grandma’s house and render her homeless and destitute, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

  15. It should be pointed out again and again: the prices of glasses are the result of a near monopoly, with anti-public trust elements from top to bottom. There is no way that a frame ever needs to cost that much. And so virtually all brands large and small are deliberately overpriced.

  16. Jingles is not wealthy enough to be “Eccentric”, nor does he have a nobility title accepted by the crown unfortunatly. This must be rectified!

  17. true vision was an interesting decision, my love for wot console died the day when they did a deal with WWE and HotWheels introducing a battle pass and a theme related garage, including a hot wheels track. bright blue and orange tanks with huge hot wheels labels plastered over them make the merc tanks seem not so bad.

    • as a. ps4 player I too am having hard time with the gimmicks and now we basically have to pay for ops which we got for free I stopped playing but own over 40 premium tanks so I’m pissed off at wot

    • @john beardshall If you buy the base pass for 2000 gold, you’ll get that 2000 all back for free. You won’t get the fourth premium tank though…

  18. When I saw Akizuki in Jingles seat I said ‘Finally we get an episode with content’ lol…. sorry sorry, no matter how bad they are – if I get a joke in my head I. Must. Say. It.
    On the other hand Jingles Still waiting on that ‘How To Cook’ Episode.

  19. Jingles: “there is a little cat in my seat”
    Me: are you talking about Rita? She does not appear that small… Sorry Rita!!! 🙂 Ahh, he was talking about Aki…
    Well, old man, maybe leave Aki in the chair and you just do a standup? 🙂

  20. Jingles “I can still run every thing in 4K ultra graphics” me “I can’t even run most games in minimum graphics” 😢

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