Mingles with Jingles Episode 357

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The one where Rita lets slip that she hates all Australians. True story!



  1. Mingles with Jingles, the only positive thing about Monday

  2. why would you cancel the first order that was going to take months to be fulfilled, until you had the other 3080 in your hands sooner….

  3. All I know is Rita has a really good grip of that “Hard Rock” glass.

  4. I love how JIngles introduced “beer of the week” just to make damned sure he is not flagged as a childrens channel.

  5. Remember Jingles, don’t drink and talk and, even more importantly, don’t take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time…

  6. Monday morning Pringles with singles, carbonated draft horse urine testing, and then gaming news of consequence! Woohoo it’s Monday morning. Yay.

  7. 2:54 “I’m sure you have lovely ales” Maybe they just have high quality cats.

  8. Hi both,

    After the last Mingles with Jingles where I said how much I love this format I thought you might like to know that I am now under request of my fiancee to not watch these until Wednesday when she is working from home and can watch as well. She never watched your channel before, other than when I was watching something, but she absolutely loves watching the two of you. So, now I have to wait until Wednesday 🙂

  9. I was watching either Linus tech tips or Jayztwocents messing around with 3080s last week. They had a card from Asus that they had been lent. Lent by Asus with implicit instructions to return it ASAP because that was the only one the PR department had…or words to that effect….So even people at card companies departments can’t get ’em!
    Tin Can Sailors is brilliant BTW.
    Oh, and Jingles…. RTFQ ;-p

  10. Jingles being Jingles….and sometimes Rita being Rita, that’s why we all love yous two!

    • Yes two for the price of one. They bring out the best in each other. Loving, self mocking and silly. We need more of this It’s couples therapy *for the viewers!*

  11. The second you said word of whoreships I thought about the smolensk….

  12. If you’re going with Coopers again I’d highly recommend the Pale Ale (in bottles)!

    • Coopers is far superior to Calton Draught.. The Pale Ale is the most popular, but the new-(ish) Session ale and Hazy ale are beautiful too.. even if they have just re-named the Session ale Pacific Pale Ale..

    • Yeah definitely get bottle sent!

  13. Outer Worlds is 50% off on Steam too!

    • You can save some money on games if you wait till they are on sale. Borderlands 3 when it came to steam they later had a sale of something like 70% off I was able to get the deluxe edition with all the DLC for the cost of the base game without a sale. That is a bargain as each DLC goes for about 20 US dollars. I got KOTOR and KOTOR 2 for less than 3 dollars each once.

  14. Fallout needs Jingles shaped mods starting with Jingles Nate body replacement, no crotchless version please. T-shirt is a good start and a full arsenal of Airsoft weaponry to boot. A loyal dog companion Boo and the ever-popular Rita replacement for Piper mod. And then feral ghoul replaced by cats mod. With cameo by Eddie as Head Super Mutant… all with 4K options please.

    • Never played the game . . . .but .. .if jingles and Rita , Boo . and The cats plus Eddie as a Bonus . . . yep I’d buy that .

  15. It’s ok Rita, us Australians don’t like Carlton draft either!

  16. it was stated in an interview by Todd Howard that they’re working on a “new” engine for future games so… would presume that would be coming with ES VI …

  17. Actually Jingles, smell does fctor quite a lot into our snese of taste, mostly due to the fact, that our smelli ng organ is right next to our tasting organ. That is also the reason why you lose quite a bit a sense of taste when having the sniffles

    Also you can get Outer Worlds is half price on STEAM and i think GoG as well

  18. “Dumb things Rita has said or done” except it was a dumb thing Jingles did.

  19. She’s right it’s crap beer, Cats piss is one of its names.

  20. JIngles…. “world of whore ships” OMG man never change. 07

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