Mingles with Jingles Episode 365

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Welcome to 2021! It couldn’t possibly be worse than 202…. wait, let’s not tempt fate.



  1. Howdy Jingles, welcome back.

  2. Dammit Jingles, I wanted to sleep. Good video btw. But, how is the FV3805 restoration from Bovington coming along? Perhaps an update for us?

    • How about an update on some games like Breathedge, Subnautica, The Evil Within, Alien Isolation, etc….?

    • I went to see the FV3805 a couple of years ago, the owners are refusing to let the tank go to Bovington for restoration under any circumstances, there simply isn’t the ability, facility or money to restore it on the Isle of Wight, since that one day where people went to help basically nothing has happened. It could easily have been done by now but I was talking to one of the people running the museum and they said that they won’t let it go to Bovington at all, so it probably won’t get done.

      Honestly I’m half tempted to get everyone together, crowdfund it and just buy the damn thing off them do that we can all start doing something.

    • @The_Victorious_1 Goodness, that sounds like some idiot in a charity i once had to work with……awful. Good luck, sounds like a plan….

  3. I’m not so much salty with BioWare over Mass Effect Andromeda… I’m still very much salty with them over the 10% of Mass Effect 3 that basically took a huge dump on the established lore and players alike.

    • I think I only got 2/3 the way through dragon Age Inquisition and ME Andromeda, not complaining because I love the content. Maybe time to reinstall one. Meanwhile I’m 2/3rd through Witcher 3, see a trend?

    • Ah, the ol’ _Deus Ex_ “you have your choice of endings, trouble is, all of ’em suck” technique.

  4. could we possibly get some more the good the bad and the ugly and random acts of violence?

    • I think he stopped doing those because they relied on a lot of music and clips from movies which brought in a LOT of copyright strikes!

  5. “They’re just making these things up now” is a historical quote now

  6. I’m expecting them to implement Tier 5, Tier 6 and give up at Tier ‘Why Is Noone Paying Attention Anymore?’ within the month

    Edit: 9pm, we’re all in Tier 5. I’d prefer not to be right that fast please.

    • Well because the grind really starts at tier 4, eases off at 5 and is painful at tier 7 and up, you need to use premium

    • @eldridgep2 y;know, as someone that’s been clean of those games a few years I was very confused by those replies, but I must admit having to go premium to keep going in higher tiers of lockdown *does* sound likely at this point.

    • Well when it gets to military lockdown you can thank all the people that ignored the rules of all the tiered lockdowns every time you apply for permission to leave your own home

  7. Just remember Jingles, if you thought 2020 was bad, the sequel is normally worse than the original

  8. I remember saying that CDPR are not going to remain squeaky-clean and saintly for long and getting verbally abused by people enamored with them years ago.

  9. A note to the Cyberpunk running on older PCs: mine’s pretty old, and while my processor is decent I think (4 GHz i7 6700K), my video card is old as poop (Radeon R9 390). My cyberpunk looks pretty good, most settings on high, at 1080p and runs in the low 30s for framerate.

    Now I know lotta Chads would scoff at that, but I’ve been playing games since the 90s and to me that’s playable, though certainly not ideal. I’d like to get a 3070 if I ever get a job again.

    • @clamum are you using an SSD? I have a theory that the bulk of issues with this game are because of using standard HDD’s (like the PS4) vs an SSD.

    • Remember that the best gaming experience comes when you have the shittiest rig there is.

      After updating my rig i found that I don’t really even wan’t to play games that much anymore + there isn’t that much of time to them when u have a fulltime job.

    • @TheNightking too true. ironically that’s who consoles were aimed at originally people who didn’t want to or could not afford to upgrade every six months just to get best performance or even be able to run the latest games. I think they described them as drop in gamers is someone who just wanted to get out for a while after work. I think we’ve lost a major point of playing games now. It’s all online competitive rather than just for fun.

    • @Hasshodo Oh yeah for sure. I’m not actually complaining, I think it runs ok actually (for me, not everyone can play in low 30s frames but I certainly can).

    • @clamum in my case I saw the writing on the wall a year ago – I knew this game would be unsatisfying on consoles, and I wanted the full experience. So I built a gaming PC for two grand, notably built around a 2080Super. Game runs great for me

  10. Have to say, that was by far the best Mingles with jingles I have seen in 2021!

  11. Congratulations to 365 days of Mingles with Jingles, a combined year of “good” news from our all mighty overlord. Hip Hip Hurrah!

  12. I remember the old Warcraft games, hell I remember when they first introduced diablo, Oh Lucasarts, and monkey island, and full throttle.

  13. SouthTexasPrepper


  14. Re: shareholder lawsuits
    OK, I have some knowledge of this sort of thing as I am related to a plaintiff in a somewhat similar type of case (real estate investment, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms, but subject to similar laws and regulations to protect consumers and shareholders from fraud).
    Obligatory: I am not a lawyer/barrister, this is not legal advice, if you need legal advice, please consult an attorney in your jurisdiction, etc.
    Generally speaking, a publicly traded corporation is expected to not cover up information (other than stuff like trade secrets, obviously) or mislead investors into buying shares– as a rule of thumb, US law tends to favor well-informed decision making in the stock market (which is seldom actually true, but I digress). There are 2 law firms who publicly said they are exploring a lawsuit, one in New York, the other in Warsaw. (Edit) Now, there are a few conditions on whether a lawsuit results in a judge ordering the defendant to pay damages, because everyone screws up, and everyone lies or bends the truth, and filing the lawsuit would be a waste of time and resources if the damages aren’t significantly more than the legal fees. So this kind of lawsuit would need to prove, in addition to the alleged deception, that there was _material harm_ done to the plaintiff, and a reduction in profits would count as material harm in this case.
    There is evidence that CDPR did not release review copies of the PS4 versions, which can mean that they wanted investors to think everything is hunky-dory on the PS4, and that they would make lots of money selling to PS4 players. However, as we know, a ton of PS4 players demanded, and received, refunds. CDPR is going to have to be very, very careful going forward, because they are potentially looking at a fraud lawsuit, and if that’s how Sony interpreted the PS4 launch, I’m not surprised they kicked Cyberpunk off the PlayStation Store. It’s like being a manager of a store that sold toys that had sharp metal edges– sure, the fault lies with the manufacturer, but would you want to be associated with a product that cut kids’ fingers?
    There’s evidence also that CDPR claimed they were working with Microsoft and Sony on refunds at a time when no such conversation existed. Probably more a case of mismanagement rather than an attempt to mislead customers, but certainly not a good look, and you can be sure that it will be part of any potential lawsuit.
    If I were CDPR, I would get their documentation organized, and I would use their massive windfall to hire some really good attorneys in Poland and New York.

    It’s entirely possible that the people these law firms represent are negotiating something with CDPR and this is their way of pressuring CDPR into more favorable terms. I can’t say either way, and if I were CDPR, I wouldn’t take that chance. Lawyer up and let the legal team do the talking instead of the marketing team or the founders.

  15. “Many games back then would kill you for making the wrong choice.”
    Evidently that’s considered “revolutionary” now, because that’s how you allegedly “learn” in _Breath of the Wild._

  16. “It was my job” is not an acceptable excuse, but it’s one we see time and time again from people in bureaucratic organisations be they corporations or the government. There seems to be this idea that it’s not just ok, but even expected, that one puts personal morals aside when working. That one is somehow not accountable for things one does because it’s just “part of the job description”. If you have to set your morals aside to do a job then you should, if you have the option, quit.

    • It’s the corporate equivalent of “I was just following orders!”

    • Rarely does anyone have the luxury of putting their financial well being behind their own morals, more so if they are responsible for others, like children. Personally I think its rather arrogant to judge someone without ever knowing the circumstances of their position or their lives. Working for a corporation that made a video game that doesn’t run on your preferred console, whether honest or not, is not the same, nor does it require, a nuremburg trial

  17. Jingles going full Jim Sterling on today’s Mingles with Jingles.

  18. Jingles: No matter how bad things get they can always get worse
    *Oh Shit!*

  19. This is where Star Citizen development team comes in and says seee!! This is why we take so long to develop the game.

  20. @ShiningLizardGaming new year, new pickaxe!

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