Mingles with Jingles Episode 366

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Another week, another episode where I thought I had nothing to talk about and then wouldn’t shut up 25 minutes.



  1. Just as I was wondering “Where is Mingles with Jingles then”?

  2. “May not be a long episode.”

    *Checks length of video*

    “Okay Jingles.”

  3. With a chance of you seeing this since there are only 14 comments right now, I want to thank you, Herr Jingles, for the enormous support You have provided to my engineering degree through your daily videos

  4. Jingles, regarding the turret traverse, it depends on what figure they use to baseline the “reduction”. You’re correct that if they are basing it off the ‘degrees/second’ approach, a 20% increase is much better for a fast turning turret (e.g. 10% on 2deg/s becomes 2.2deg/s whereas 10% on 4deg/s becomes 4.4deg/s). However, if they baseline it on the actual time taken to turn 180 degrees, and make it a % reduction in time to turn 180degrees, then it becomes much more beneficial for slow turning turrets (e.g 20% of 30s is 6seconds so becomes 24 second 180 turn, vs 20% of 15s is 3 seconds so becomes 12 second 180 turn) EDIT: Percentages in the first example

  5. “Very little to talk about” – 26 mins later….. 😀

  6. I gave up on WoWS when it became like having a second job with all of crap I had to remember. I mean, really good players can look at the lineup and pick out the gimmicks the different ships are suppose to have, but I would be willing to bet that the average player can’t remember all of the ships that get hydro or smoke or radar (or whatever combination thereof) off the top of their head. Add to that all of the other minutiae, and it can go from “a thinking man’s game” (lol) to “how the hell is this fun when it’s so much like work?” It’s not like it’s a complex game with an open world and a storyline or something like that… It’s PvP explodey botes.

    • @Jerry Man I do stick to single player games.
      Multiplayer will always have some percentage of players griefing, being toxic in chat, or simply being fools who ruin any chance you have of winning (assuming you’re trying to be competitive).

    • This is why I’ve given up on all my ships except Atlanta. Only ship I play these days.

    • I actually logged in the other day, and logged straight out again.

    • @Andrew Lale Sometimes, I get a Twitch drop – log in, open the container, take a look around, select some ships….and loose all interest…just the thought of another 20 minutes wasted by carriers, HE spam, lemming train or similar….nah….in addition to that, the prep-time is way to high these days.

    • Yeah, the game feels more and more like a chore, especially with the recent grind-fest events. I’ll keep the game installed, it is pretty afer all and I did get into it for the ship models after all, but… fuck me if I can get bothered to do anything at all in that game…

  7. I stopped playing WoT about 4 years ago, and I recently re-installed it. Boy, there’s a lot of things added to the game. Almost unrecognizable, compared to how it was before. I fear they will do the same with WoWS. I played WoWS when it was in alpha testing, and few months when it was released, and I remember how simple it was, and tbh it was good like that. Sometimes adding stuff doesn’t help.

    • Don’t fix something what is not broken.

    • I had the same feeling last year – installed WOT after few years break and 4 days later I remembered all the things that were not fun in the game, now there are just more of them 🙂 when I collected parts of schematics for particular country and some points I did not understood I realized it’s time to go

    • I had the same experience with WT yesterday when i reinstalled it…. ( deinstalled 2016/2017) Man it felt bad gettng blown up by helicopters and Mig 21s while your in a Maus. And if you survive the planes then there are those Leopard 2A6s and all the rocket launching tanks xD

    • Adding stuff that “liberates” (new) players from the burden that is a positive bank balance is quite helpful for Wargaming, though 😉

      I got frustrated with WoT and WoW because of the “community”. The same goes for War Thunder. Almost any MMO game I used to enjoy is now home to, well, sporks. Or foons, I can’t really remember. And frankly, I don’t care any more. I now enjoy playing SP games again, at my leisure, without the frustration caused by said sporks and foons. I do enjoy watching a good WoT, WoW or WT replay on (for example) Jingles’ channel, but that’s it, really. Perhaps I’m just getting too old for that ****.

    • @El Bee I feel same. I’m infact sure I’m too old for this. Can’t stare in screen all day sucking every detail. Too bad for WT though. Just looking at thise historic machines was giving me gosebumps.

  8. no i was a veteran of wot and reinstled it last year……was like “wtf is a directive?why won’t it stop reminding me this tank is for sale?holly shit…wg lol”

  9. Want to encourage BBs to move up, let me target secondaries on a smoke screen or an area around a target point. Let me mark a smoke screen and secondaries fire into it until a ship in that general area is seen..

    The other things are to cater to the people that spend money buying a ship, assume getting torn down is the ship, so they buy the next bigger ship. They are T8 or higher, no contribution, but they spend money.

  10. 5 years of playing WoWs still waiting for the CORE engine to be used in WoWs

  11. Jingles if your pulling numbers out of your ass again could you please at least wash them off first? You know the dam mess you made last time man. Disgusting LOL

  12. as per usual, You are talking out of Your ass Old man AND at the same time, You are 100% correct and on the point :o) please never change ;o)

  13. i love how Jingles is going around headshoting people at NCPD crime scenes…..including the victims…..

  14. Jingles: not much to talk about this week.

    Also jingles: oh yeah, drop down menus 😂

  15. I recently re-installed World of Tanks after a couple years.. the garage screen hurt my brain, I played for 4 hours and I still have no idea what half of the stuff in there is for..

  16. “I’m not qualified to talk about Captains in World of Warships.” says the man who is one of the very few people to actually BE a Captain in World of Warships.

  17. IMO it seems like they are trying to get the F2P people to quit .

  18. “Who is it benefiting?”
    From my perspective, certainly not Wargamming. I still play but have stopped spending real money on it.

    • Same here, I stopped playing WoT altogether after 7 years, and stopped making purchases on WoWs (including premium time) 6 months ago. I still like WoWs, but I feel there are more and more decisions being made that I will need to see how that affects the game, before I can feel happy spending money on it again. Same as on tanks, except I carried on paying for stuff right up until the end on that game. Also helps that you can get a whole game like Hell Let Loose for a tiny bit more than 2 “offer of the month” packages on the WG premium store for either game of theirs I mentioned.

    • Im benefitting because people will come to my game once I finished it

    • Me too, me too…

  19. Christmas Reward Tank? Ah you mean the “Free garage slot”

  20. Jingles- You have forgotten the main rule of game dev’s: Never throw reason and logic in the face of a visionary”.

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