Mingles with Jingles Episode 367

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CD Projekt Reds’ has responded to the allegations levelled by Bloomberg mentioned in todays’ video, despite refusing to comment directly to Bloomberg in advance of their article being published. You can see the response at https://www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-cd-projekt-red-responds-to-report-about-fake-e3-demo-and-development-issues and yeah, it’s pretty much exactly the sort of lies, half-truths and deliberately misleading non-answers that you’d expect from the people responsible the catastrophic mismanagement of Cyberpunk 2077.



  1. Did I hear the word… TOG!? Oh lord

  2. Last time I’ve been this early, TOG train was still a thing

  3. So I’ve been playing wot console since it first came out, spent money and so many hours building up tank crews and perfecting the gameplay of my favourite tanks and how they work with my crews. But apparently none of that matters anymore, instead it will take away all the progress I made. Crews are completely stupid how they have been changed, and the tech tree is now a complete mess, near impossible to find anything! Shooting tanks and trying to figure out have I hit, the hud being destroyed has made situational awareness far more difficult when everything already was as good as could be! They have ruined the game and now it’s near unplayable

    • Keep your money and go off to play something else for a month. Sucks but only when their income stream fades will they change anything.

    • Yup exactly my experience they show you how much exp a full line will cost instead of each tank like they are gaging for us to free exp. the hud is a Poundland Version of armoured warfare and it looks like they are teasing modern tanks so yea.

    • Lol p2w hurt lol

    • @Stephanie Wilson haven’t played the game since, it’s just such a let down on a game I’ve spent so much time on.

    • @John Smith hardly pay to win, I have a couple premium tanks sure, but most money on premium time, even then still not a big amount

  4. Was waiting for you to mention wot console.. after the update I played 3 games… uninstalled…5 years of game play and a few 100 euro down the swan

    • @heresy to burn making a tank game for pc since i got too frustrated with wot and trying to do everything better (mix of wt and wot with best elements of both and add my inputs too). Can check jagdpanzers progress on youtube, i also got a link to it in my only vid on the channel. And join the discord if you wanna take part 😉

    • Wish they would let us convert our accounts to PC even if they just sold our tanks and let us keep our xp progress… would still be better then playing the dumpster fire of a game.
      You are not the only one who wasted 5 years. >_>

    • 6 years down the shitter. I can’t even comprehend how they even gave the go-ahead to even authorize this update. Should’ve known it would go this way when they did that stupid mercenary thing a couple years ago. My favorite game of all time, COMPLETELY. RUINED.

    • I had a crew with 18 skills and several others with 10+ skills. Now I can only put 9 skills on any crew. Not really happy about that

    • Jesse Herring no crew customization anymore either. I customized my favorite crews and they removed it for absolutely no reason.

  5. I have all but given up on console tanks, they have attempted improvements since those posts were made but in Wot console tradition they broke more stuff in the process, I have a clan of over 60 players and we have our own discord server that was very lively pre update its basically dead now.

    • I didn’t have a clan my self but me and the few friends I hang with were all good players. If we played often we would be round top 1000(slightly above) consistently but damm those changes. It was like y though. I had the same attitude as u. I gave up on it in 2016. I wanted to play more but y?

      But Now… Gg

    • Same have Gman used to get between 12-15 clan mates every Friday Saturday night now 3 maybe was good trying to get into games together and having fun it’s just dead. Can’t wait till new halo comes out.

  6. The game went to shit and I haven’t gone back

  7. Your luck with hardware is similar to my luck with women, seems good and quite expensive but I always end up sending them back

  8. ive played WoT console on xbox for 6 and 1/2 years so shortly after it realest on xbox 360. but with this update i feel like they have got the yamato guns and they are hamming it up my ass, its made my so detached from what i liked about the game, and now i don’t play anymore. i don’t think ill ever be back

  9. Wonder when we’ll learn that corporate games developers screw over their staff and screw up what should have been amazing games, only selling them to us because of fraudulent or overhyped trailers.

  10. Probable conversation in Wargaming:
    WoT console dev: Hey guys, look, the WoWS players are getting so frustrated they’re chucking money at the game to get a tier X premium ship! We gotta get some of that action, how did you guys do it?
    WoWS dev: Well, the bean counters told us to change the interface to make carrier gaming more inclusive and frustrate every other ship class. The players aren’t happy about it, but we’re breaking sales records.
    WoT console dev: Wow! I’ll let the project lead know right away!

  11. Well, after that wretched hive of scum and villainy, here’s one for the “not all game developers are scumbags these days”-file: Petroglyph Games apparently had some time between projects a couple of months ago, so they sat down with a bunch of mod authors with the question “what bugs/features would you like fixed/added” and went off and made a patch, which released a couple of days ago, for Star Wars: Empire at War. Yeah, they went and asked their community (the modding community is what’s keeping EAW alive really) what they wanted, listened to them and implemented the suggestions given for a game that was initially released FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. If that doesn’t show love and dedication for their work, I don’t know what does. They’re certainly the game dev heroes of the week in my book.

  12. “characters were galavanting around without pants” nono that was a feature

  13. why did wargaming regress and kill their console game,

  14. 29:18 In case of an Activision published game, wait until the game comes out, read the reviews, wait a few weeks for them to add the micro-transactions, then decide if you want to buy it.

  15. Talking about playing WoT-console… Isn’t it that time of the year to have a War Thunder replay?

  16. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    Console WoT sounds like wargamings – “bring your toddler to workday” got out of hand…

  17. “Stop pre-ordering games”

    I felt the ghost of TotalBiscuit there for a minute

  18. As someone that plays BOTH WoT console and WoT PC, the only thing I have ever asked for since the beta of WoT Console is for it to be WoT PC. I don’t know why they are different anyways it never made sense to me

  19. They destroyed the game.I’ve been playing for years, after this update I uninstalled the game

  20. I have been playing wot Console for 7 years now and the thing that really pissed me off was when the head of the studio (paingod) told us that they only tested update 6.0 with 10 in house devs. Like wtf!!!

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