Mingles with Jingles Episode 368

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I guess we pretty much have to talk about the World of Warships commander skills rework. Oh dear.



  1. Alexander GamerFox

    Ah yes, my 1:30 am Monday video from Jingles

  2. Well this is an early upload. My usual greetings from the States, Gnome Overlord. Hope today goes well.

  3. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Also WeeGee: Adds a skill to get -10% dispersion to BBs only

  4. The commander rework is a joke imo just like the cv rework

  5. Jingles and coffee, perfect start to another no good monday. Cheers, thanks for making mondays a bit more bearable.

  6. The rework needs tweaks ..lots of them..

  7. 4:00 ” You don’t have to pay to retrain a capitain when you asign him to premium ship”, yet

  8. Jeez, jingles, 8 am, early upload

  9. You should have seen queues lately: 70 battleships, less than 10 every other class

  10. The CORework also kills hybrid DD lines, notably the British line. RIP Daring

  11. So. it seems that WG keeps with its old and well-known tradition and, never mind if it’s WoW or WoT, every single time that WG changes anything, they f*** it up in their usual great style. Oh, WG, never change.

  12. This rework is seriously making me want to quit the game, The absolute toxicity since the launch is insane.

  13. I’ve been playing world of warships for a couple of years . I don’t see the point of the rework . I guess it is nice to get exp from captains you dismiss . but how often does someone dismiss a captain ? I mostly play destroyers . and once I had a 19 point captain everything was all set . im not saying wargaming hates destroyer players , but things sure have gotten hard lately with all these aircraft over head . destroyers with radar and battleships with hydro . and now I have battleships and crusiers at the back of the map telling me “go spot noob” and cussing me out when things go bad . I do’nt think I am the best player in the game . but I do have a 57% win rate . so i would like to think I have an Idea on what it takes to win a match , im not saying wargaming hates destroyer players . but i am sure not feeling the love lately . I quit world of tanks 3 years ago when it stopped being fun . is world of warships next ?

  14. 0 for 3 on reworks 3 years in a row. Xbox achievement unlocked: Incompetence

  15. After 4-5 years of playing wows and even making custom skins for the ships, I stopped playing it a couple of weeks back and I’m pretty happy with my decision 🙂

    • you’re not alone – last year I was targeted by planes on my DD in 3 battles in a row and I finally said “fu(k that, I have better things to do”

  16. Jingles what’s going on with Elite Dangerous are you still playing? I love that series.

  17. “The longer a f2p game survives, the more complicated it becomes”.
    Is Jingles secretly playing PoE lmao

  18. Wargaming has once again proved that the Art Department are the ones having to carry this ship…

  19. 17:00 meh… I was already playing only PVE mission, so that wont bother me

  20. And you find that your secondaries now miss a destroyer at close range far more than they hit it.

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