Mingles with Jingles Episode 369

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This week I answer the important questions you’ve been asking on Discord! Don’t worry, it’s just a phase, I’m sure it’ll pass.



  1. Good morning our dearly beloved Gnome Overlord!

  2. Friedwald der Lebendige

    will there be any more cold waters???

    • Awww … come on! I wanna see him in more “Alien Isolation” videos!

    • Or more Atlantic Fleet. Miss that game

    • anything from killerfish

    • It would be interesting to know why he’s not done any for so long. Is it he just doesn’t like it that much? Is it some kind of issue with copyright claims due to cold water gate fiasco a few years back? Perhaps jingles has a gagging order to not discuss the topic? Only he knows.

    • @justandy333 Yeah, only he knows. All we can do is guess. Like, so many Mingles with Jingles, Cold Water, Why You Heff To Be Mad videos have been purged from the channel cause of copyright

  3. episode 369?

    *smacks lips*

  4. Mondays generally suck, BUT I got my salary today so this Monday is saved. Bought me my first mechanical keyboard. So YAYAYAY

    Jingles, it doesn’t matter if you know anything to everything, I like to hear from you. That’s it. You can just say ‘Herp-a-Derp’ for 30 minutes and I would still listen to that.

  5. I would like to point out that those “hippy, guardian of nature types” were also 9 feet tall and had fangs and claws that dealt Agg Damage, the sort of “Oh shiiiiiiiii…” destruction usually reserved for chainsaws or giving a Vampire a forced suntan. So hopefully it’ll be less “Hell no, we won’t go” and more “*Inhuman snarls of Rage while throwing skid-loaders around the logging camp*”.

  6. It is now the year 2042, and we have a sneaky War Thunder vid in the bg

  7. Oh the good old epiphany toilet. Even Michael J. Fox knows about it.

  8. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    When Jingles mentioned games he was looking forward to, was disappointed that Subnautica: Below Zero wasn’t on the list but may have forgot.

  9. Jingles, what about the GME (Game stop stocks) and Wallstreetbets story? I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it. search YouTube for it. You will not regret it.

  10. Fallout: The Frontier was a little more complicated than there being just one member of the team that sucked. Obviously being into something so publicly is kinda bad but it looks like that was a scapegoat for the titanic mess that was the mod itself. A sad end to a mod that had enormous potential.

    • Yup, I recommand the “investigation” video that Rimmy Downunder did with interviews of the devs. Pretty eye opening

    • I don’t think it has ended. Someone just got upset about some furry pictures and they threw skunk under the bus to try and save themselves.

  11. Hey Jingles, you got featured on the outro of Spiffing Brit’s part 2 of the youtube algorithm exploit.

    • Half the Youtubers I follow did lol, even tho most of them release completely unrelated content in any way. Spiff did realize that some of his initial assumptions were bass ackwards tho, unfortunately, the internet hasn’t quite realized it yet and continues to post keyword after keyword in response to every community post they can find……I assume half of them are probably just bots, and the other half don’t actually subscribe to Spiff….

  12. I would seriously suggest watching Rimmy’s breakdown of Fallout: Frontiers, Jingles. There’s a lot more to it than a horny furry.

    • I’ve seen people complaining about the sex and the slavery and the sexual slavery. I get the feeling some of these people have never played Fallout: New Vegas because those are _not_ new to that game…

    • @TheKazragore That may be true at face value, but there’s a certain literary finesse that comes with tackling such complex and morally deplorable subjects such as sexual slavery. The problem here is that it’s treated with a comedic bluntness unbecoming of such a sensitive subject, especially in the more sensitive age we live in. If you look more deeply into what people are complaining about, I think you’d be just as offended these situations are — as the devs seem to imply, played for laughs rather than portrayed as a harsh reality of a broken world. To just dismiss it because sexual slavery and other such things were covered in Fallout 2 and to a much lesser extent Fallout 3 is to overlook the importance of tasteful writing.

  13. These Q&As are less about the answers and more about how far the old man can digress. XD

  14. Ds9 was 25 years ago. So most of those actors were middle aged at time .

  15. Got it on DVD, don’t forget Beyond the law with Charlie Sheen

  16. I feel like Jingles is actively trying not to answer our questions. He should consider becoming a politician!

    • Hahahaha, your commend is so underrated. Joke aside, you’ll be cast 6 months to the salt mines, and I’ll get 3 months because I laughed at your joke.

  17. In Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the Werewolves were more than just hippies. When vampires were asked why they hide from humans in the cities, they reply “We’re not in the cities to hide from humans; we’re in the cities to hide from the werewolves.”
    Werewolves are fn scary in oWoD.

  18. Solothkar of Trinsic

    “Come out and expose yourselves.” – that is what the Mighty Jingles told us to do, officer. My department in Star Trek would be Barkeeper Staff!

    • Are the bartenders Starfleet staff, or are they civilian employees? A-ha! There’s just no way Whoopi Goldberg met ANY military-style regulations.

  19. Uhm, JIngles, their age now, 27 years after the series premiered, isn’t the same as their age when on the show.

  20. me: hears “fallout new vegas the frontier”

    me: OH GOD.

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