Mingles with Jingles Episode 370

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The one where he actually remembers to write stuff down to talk about.



  1. Jingles are you going to play “War on the Sea”?? I hope you upload some gameplay of it, Cheers

  2. So finally EVE has come to ELITE … how surprising.

    • @FluxBob no, it’s not OK if it’s griefing, which this is.
      Griefing, even more so griefing of new players, is detrimental to the player base. It stops players from coming back which is NOT good.

    • @CaptainDuckman When even a 10 year old can sense that there something not okay then I fail see the issue here.

    • @Light Woven I hink they should permaban these assholes and never let them back into the game! They could easily attract minors into the situation who aren’t suppervised by an older sibling!

    • I play Solo, is there anything I’m missing in that game mode? Besides other players, I really don’t like other people who play online.

  3. Omg the fact that a 10 year old sensed this was a bad thing where many others do not. Hilarious.

  4. Re: Elite.

    I think Frontier will keep track, and as long as the Hull Seals et. al. can keep on top of it, then they won’t get involved. If it gets out of hand they’ll take action. Because to be frank the most annoying part of trying to get into EVE is dealing with the assholes.

  5. “Are there at least twice as many ads on YT?”

    Sory didnt notice, thats what I have ADblock for. 🙂

  6. Jaap-Jeroen Brouwer

    The AAgunners in WOWsPC are probably busy playing WOWs Legends.

    • nah, they’ve been sponsored by Raid:Shadow Legends to make videos promoting the game

    • Jingles, it looks like Frontier is letting the Elite players to be in control over this slavery problem. Players are choosing be nefarious or freedom loving and playing those roles fully.

  7. Yeah its getting really annoying to watch YouTube theses days, getting bombarded with adds so: hello Addblock nice to see you back again.

  8. The whole Elite thing is hilarious af.

  9. On PC, adblocker prevents YouTube advertisements

  10. “Oh my god, thats absolutely hilarious” crowd, gather here.

    In fact, after I heard him tell the whole story, I found it even more hilarious. In a game about exploration and mining, someone set up a forced labour camp, and a fleet of warships and carriers jumped in to start a prisonbreak. I love the internet.

    And yeah, Youtube is basically unenjoyable on mobile.

    • Get yourself YouTube Vanced. It’s just like YouTube Premium, but without the paying.

    • I shed a tear, I was so proud. (Yes, I’m an ex-Eve player. Imagine that)

    • I’m a big fan of letting the players sort it out themselves if they have the resources to do so. This, like the Fuel Rats, is another perfect example of players actually making a meaningful impact on the universe in an unplanned and unscripted manor.

  11. Jingles : “Is it just me or..”
    Everyone : “YES!”

  12. The key to create a nice female character is to first write a good character, then say its female. And not writing a “strong FEMALE character” but a “strong female CHARACTER” and The Expanse is AWESOME.

    • I’m as big a fan of gasping Naomi and polyamorous Belters as the next man but the Expanse took a serious nosedive in the second part of season 5.

    • This. This right here is it..

    • @Derek McManus It’s too bad MeToo killed one of my favorite characters in the show. Oh well

    • The all too common tendency to make a female character “strong” by just making her the only one that doesn’t constantly act like an idiot is equivalent smearing shit on your wall to make your drapes look better.

      I especially hate the way that any criticism of a female character is dismissed as SF fans not liking strong female characters. Ellen Ripley? Sarah Conner? Major Kusanagi? Zoe Washburn?

    • @MWSin1 The issue is that many individuals of a more sexist bent tend to hide their sexism in what they insist is “reasonable criticism.” And these people unfortunately tend to outnumber the people who actually do have reasonable constructive criticism.

  13. Your take on the Elite Dangerous is spot on, situations like this create awesome possibilities for meaningful player interaction which is more than simple trading and pirate/bounty hunter. People figuring out methods to fuck others over and then others who band together to help those who fell for it are doing it right.

  14. Fuel Rats are doing a good job overall, may the universe bless them for just beeing there !!

  15. When a ten year old has more sense than adults.

  16. “She’s a Witch!”

  17. Yes Jingles you sound real convincing “I actually remember to write down all of the stuff… most of the stuff… or at least some of the stuff” ~Jingles Feb 2021

  18. Daughter: “Little brother met some people who offered him a job but it was a scam so I told him to run away.”
    Father:”How do you know it was a scam?”
    Daughter: “They offered free dental!”

  19. EVE has cultivated a generation of Rothbardians like no other game.

  20. “Trial by Social Media” -This is the most accurate thing to describe nowaday politics. This is a new middle age, where you have to proove yourself innocent but meanwhile you are beeing witch-hunted and locked out of puplic.

    • Producers aren’t responding to questions of Law, they’re responding to questions of audience reaction. Telling televisual stories is a business, and producers, even more than your average bear, can wet their finger and figure out which way the wind is blowing. Personally, like Jingles, I *suspect* that the guy is guilty as sin, but it also rubs me the wrong way that his livelihood has been permanently jacked before he’s been convicted or at least shown to a reasonable standard to have done what he seems to have been accused of doing. But here’s the thing: There are no Rules of Evidence let alone a Burden of Proof for getting fired from an acting job. At least not Criminally. Civilly, he may have some recourse, although I suspect that in the modern political environment, that’ll be a hell of an uphill slog. In any case, I thought they handled it as well as it could have been. Boom. Dead. Let’s talk about it for a sec, ok let’s move on.

    • Corporate media particularly media like TV or streaming is based on social acceptance. Most places have moral clauses in contracts and are usually written to be draconian. Last thing Amazon need is a #MeToo army to boycott them and go to the capital to make a case on pillage during the pandemic. Wealth tax, excess profit tax, requirements to help smaller businesses at lower or no cost or threaten their existence. Controversy is to avoid at all cost. This is a business decision and has nothing to do with justice.

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