Mingles with Jingles Episode 371

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It’s been getting a bit rough lately, but with the whole Covid thing going on I got to thinking about how we might have handled it all if it had happened as little as ten years ago…



  1. World of Tanks-

    That’s some mingling with the title there, jingles.

    Though, I do understand the whole cabin fever thing. These lockdowns can drive even antisocial people like myself to insanity.

  2. “world of tanks -” hmm, interesting name for a Mingles with Jingles episode

  3. I’m not used to catching these 56 seconds after posted and I thought it was another 50 second video for some odd reason. Anyways, welcome back to the mingling jingles.

  4. 10 points to all of you who clicked on this video before the title was changed.

  5. THE TITLE!!!

    Notification Squad: at ease!

  6. Jolly good old boy! It’s nice to see that you haven’t changed a bit! Care for a bit of tea and crumpets while we discuss your sanity?

  7. Last time I was this early this channel was still called Bohemianeagle
    …and the title was still “World of Tanks -“

  8. Oh look a jingle moment
    And the video hasn’t even started

  9. absent-minded goldfish

    notification: “World of Tanks”

    me: on a monday?
    *opens notification
    yep, jingles being jingles 😀

  10. Watching you from the beautiful contentinent of Africa (well most of it not all). Your warm laughter and dissection of battles when you narrate WOW and WOT is absolutely refeshing man.

  11. So early that this video is named “World of Tanks – ” and not “Mingles with Jingles…”

  12. Paying for things the way you do Jingles isn’t being old fashioned, you’re just honest.

  13. Jingle: glad covid happen at the current date instead of the pass
    SARS in early 2000: am i joke to you

  14. You are very wise grumpy old man Jingles. By repeatedly mentioning Covid 19 in this episode, you make sure that this episode is not monetized. As many youtubers complain that all their videos get demonetized whenever they mention Corona, Covid 19 or the pandemic, this is a brilliant way to deliver on your promise to not monetize Mingles with Jingles as promised to your patreons like myself.

  15. ten years earlier just like in all previous pandemics there’s no way the lockdowns would have been as aggressive or long lasting.

    • Exactly. But people in the UK would also not have been used to taking day trips on the channel tunnel train between London and Paris (or to the Netherlands).

      With corresponding things for other countries of course.

      The death toll would also most definitely have been higher, simply because it would have been impossible to enforce this kind of lockdown.

      On the other hand, we had SARS, we had swine flu. What had happened if swine flu had been as bad as Covid-19? If it had been as bad as first feared?

      A lot more people would have died, and it would have been seen as “unavoidable”. Now, most people try to push the limit of the restrictions that are in place, often to such extrent that they change _nothing_ about how they go about their lives.

    • You clearly haven’t been to East Asian during SARS(2003).

    • There would have been no lockdown. Yes more people would have died but life would still go on.

    • Without the current-day infrastructure, our glorious political overlords (elected or otherwise) would have been forced to end the lockdowns after a couple weeks like they claimed in the beginning. We would have returned to normalcy much sooner. In a way, modern technology is what has enabled governments to extend this shit show over and over.

  16. Танко Нейков

    A lot of serious meaningful topics and all the comments about the missnaming of the video. That is sad…

  17. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    Dear Jingles, weirdest thing is that I can keep this up for years. Does that mean I’m socially deviated? What helps me to accept this, is the time I went with my grandmother to the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek. In the basement they had the Airborne Experience, which made me felt awfully uncomfortable and brought my grandmother back to that time (she was in her twenties during ’40-’45 in Arnhem). Having that experience and seeing what happened to her, is helping making it “easy”. It is just the way it is, no use fighting the situation. Despite what she experienced (and the little I know of it), I have never met a more positive, grateful and accepting character. When I was out of a job for over 1,5 years, I was about to give up and talked to her about, she pulled me close and said: Son, in the end it will be alright… It just takes a long time doesn’t it?

    Jingles, you are also entitled to have your bad days. Contrary to rumour, you ARE human after all. I hope the advice she gave me can help you a bit as well: It will turn out allright in the end… But it does take a bloody long time to get better, doesn’t it old chap. 😉

    And yes, I agree with you that the digital infrastructure is in that sense a blessing.

    Keep breating. When you feel like crying, cry. When you feel like smiling , smile. And when you need a shoulder to lean on, I think you can lean on a lot of shoulders in the comments. We’ll get through this.

  18. 9:18 “hey that’s the USS Intrepid!”

  19. Apologies, but I also have been home almost a year and it’s god damned depressing.

  20. “More time off than Long John Silver’s starboard steaming bat” I love that! It has an alliterative ring to it

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