Mingles with Jingles Episode 372

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You wouldn’t have thought it would be this hard to buy a joystick…



  1. I wonder Jingles, would you share any stories from your time in the Navy next time there’s a week where nothing much happens? “Story time with Jingles” has always been my favourite part of Mingles.

  2. SUB NAUTICA FTW One of the great games!!!

  3. That end was epic. Went in between them and torpedoed them

  4. we want history stories back

  5. The PC and gaming industry today make the old used car dealers looks like clowns.

  6. We need a Rita cameo, at least so we know she is still alive.

    • @David Burton and now the same clip is seen, in every video from now on there is different voice line from past videos, and jingles keeps enforcing that rita is alive

    • absolutelystupid

      @JellyCarrot that would be a funny April fools joke, if jingles manages to work a Rita cameo in to every mingles/old man jingles video from now until April 1st… But she’s wearing the same clothes every time, and makes comments about things like “have you heard the UK has started vaccinating people?” “it’s nearly Christmas!” etc

    • @absolutelystupid That would be very funny, not easy but funny.

    • Trust me she is alive ! Jingles thinks Panam from Cyberpunk has the best ass on the planet. Little does he know the best ass on the planet is attached too Rita ! If you all would just care too follow her on her own videos on Twitch. Or F.B.

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    It’s all part of plan. Market release minimal quantities and the demand goes up. Never ceases to amaze me how deep mom’s credit card limit is.

  8. Everyone with a brain is quickly fleeing Shitcago as the city goes full Detroit.

  9. Jingles, you should try Valheim. It is a greats game.

  10. note to self: you don’t “NEED” a new joystick right now 😛

    • WOOOT?!?!?!
      Dafuq you talking about bruvah? ………… You always need a new Joystick.
      Tell the missus you bought new tires and make the purchase with cash (wink) = no paper trail.
      That way she can’t do a woodward and Bernstein by “following the money”

      Good luck bruvah

  11. Jingles: I have no idea how many buttons are on this thing…

    Me: *laughs in Virpil*

  12. Oh come on man, you can use X-55 just fine. So what if you need to map every key, once on every game that uses it. How many flight simulators do you plan on playing this month? 1? 2? I mean I am lazy, but this is just crazy.

  13. ArfurFaulkesHake

    The old man forgot that Breathedge got released this week.

  14. I feel bad for the G.W. Panther. He was trying so hard 🙁

  15. “thrustmaster” “Rhino” “joystick twist control”

    It’s not just me is it here, or am about to lower the tone again suggesting they sound like sex toy references?

  16. Joystick get stuck playing Star Wars? “Use the Force, Jingles”

  17. Can we all eknowledge the fact that this guy pulled off not one, buy two double strike torpedo runs?

  18. I see Jack “Sonic the Hedgehog trains school shooters” Thompson is back in Chicago. These kinds of laws go nowhere, and Evans knows it.

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