Mingles with Jingles Episode 375

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This week, despite suffering from a reaction to my COVID vaccination, I attempt to do two of the most requested things in Mingles with Jingles – answer questions and tell Navy stories!



  1. Jingles, I appreciate you. Thanks for all the free entertainment!

  2. Mingles with Jingles 375 or How Jingles Nearly Died in the Navy

  3. Edmond Cristian Razmerita

    So that is why Jingles keeps mixing things up. He got hit in the head while mixing things up xD

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if either Paddy himself saw this or someone who knows Paddy and made him pay up the 50 quid after all these years?
    Not exactly holding onto hope here though

  5. Havent watched your videos in years. Saw this pop up and had a nostalgic gander. Thanks for making my childhood amazing

  6. Christian Schinner

    I am not afraid of heights, i am afraid of the impact after the fall 😀

    • I’m not afraid of heights, I do not fear the fall. I just hope the fall kills me, or doesn’t fuck up my brain, neck, or spine. Let it break whatever it wants 😂

    • @Kholdan Staalstorm never had to deal with those types, just the regular extending ladders to get up to a home roof. Also the folding ladders that a M1120 has stowed on a side. Those things are so flimsy that I always used a tire to climb up when I had to.

    • Kholdan Staalstorm

      Yes, flimsy ladders are a no-go!
      The ladders I’m referring to are Industrial or Offshore type ladders on buildings or structures.
      Some have a security beam system running down the front of the rungs so you could hook up safety harnesses to and it slides up or down with you, until you do a sudden shift in speed.
      It’s so tight that if you’re a big build bloke, you can get stuck.
      No fun.

    • That deceleration trauma is a doozy!

    • No fear of heights, but wind when you are hanging on your safety line can slam you into the building, very unpleasant especially when you come to and see bones sticking out of appendages.

  7. Jingles, damn near every American veteran will attest that there is always a “Patty” (or as we say, “That Guy”) no matter what… every gagglefuck of GI’s will always have at least one of That Guy. Many of us will even admit that sometimes, we were That Guy. The standard weekend safety brief: “Do not add to the population, do not subtract from the population. Stay out of the news. Stay out of the hospital. Stay out of jail. If you do go to jail, establish dominance quickly.” It exists because of That Guy.
    Also, I’m late but happy belated birthday you salty bastard. =D

    • Yep.
      There’s always a Buddy Fucker.
      You *do not* want that reputation.

    • @You Tuber well, HE didn’t get hurt, pay a 50 quid fine or have to clean out a taxi, so he seems pretty competent to me. Just not a good run ashore.

    • @timbrom and that’s why HE had the anchor on his arm and our baby RO learned a valuable lesson.

    • “If you do go to jail, establish dominance quickly.”

      Now there’s the start of a story…

    • The one time I was “that guy” was in March of ’91, a couple weeks after the Desert Storm cease-fire. My platoon (from A Co, 101st Military Intelligence Bn, 1st ID) were camped out near the Kuwait-Iraq border and bored ask hell. “I know how to liven this party up!” says I and proceeded to pull the bullets from a couple belts of PKM ammo (7.62x54R) that we had found just lying around. Dumped the powder in several paper cups and then tossed it onto a small fire we had been allowed to build. **WHOMPH** One of my buddies had had his back to the fire and it nearly quite literally scared the shit out of him. He was a good sport about it and when he covered me in the contents of 3 chem-lights later that week we both had a good laugh.

  8. Hi Jingles, you probably won’t see this but I wanted to thank you for a previous Mingles story about Sicily in 1943. It helped me realize that no matter how worried I was with new responsibilities at work, there’s no way I’d do as badly as Hopkinson did.

    EDIT: I’m glad this community can relate to the difficulties of modern life and the correlation to massive cock-ups of WW2 Generals.

  9. Joosy; the great ginger hunter. Mice have no chance when she’s around.

  10. with friends like that, who needs enemies lol. entertaining as always jingles, hope you feel better.

  11. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    “Name I can’t remember…” becoming a running theme isn’ it.

  12. Cameron McAllister

    Every time Jingles opens a video with “We have a problem this week” you know it’s a cat chillin’ in his presence.

  13. Kholdan Staalstorm

    I’ve got a similar story from work as the last of the “Paddy” stories:
    On a business trip to a trade fair, the relatively small company sent all of the employees there.
    The right hand man of the boss was living it up and went to town on the beer supplied on a poorly planned tech talk at a pub.
    Afterwards we all went to a indian restaurant where wine and drinks where loosely distributed before and during the meal.
    The right hand man started to feel the effects and seemed poorly, stayed on the toilet for a while at the end of the meal but wasn’t successful.
    He dumped all his stomach content on the table and floor in the restaurant.
    As the more dependable and sober in the group, I was elected to take him back to the hotel and get him inside his room.
    He got cleaned up and went to bed.
    Our boss was left with the task of paying for everything including the cleanup.
    Since then I’ve been a bit hesitant for any company outings with alcohol, as some still drink as 18 but are well past both 40 and 50.

  14. Cameron McAllister

    He isn’t afraid of heights, but God forbid you speak in a Celtic accent in his presence.

    • With a drunken slur.

    • Randolph Phillips

      @Laird Cummings You can do a Celtic accent without a drunken slur? (My red-headed relatives would be appalled.)

    • @Randolph Phillips och, aye, y’cn mate.

      We had a quartermaster from Scotland; it was a pure joy to hear him call the time check from the pilothouse each morning.

    • Randolph Phillips

      @Laird Cummings I am Irish-American. Spent my childhood being told not to drink because I was Irish and would become an alcoholic. (Seriously. The leading cause of death in my family was liver failure due to alcohol consumption.)

  15. “Howdy folks, hope you all had a hhhweekend”

  16. Sounds about right. The majority of my RAF medic training was tri-service at Keogh Barracks, and the navy, who had the entire 3rd floor of the accommodation block to themselves were constantly abseiling into the rooms below them on bedsheets, destroying the room and escaping the same way they came in.

  17. That is why I never want to get drunk.

  18. Am I the only one who wants Paddy to pay up the £50 by taking Jingles on a nostalgic bender?

  19. “I’m aware some of you might not know what dress the ship means” and proceeds to use navy jargon for the next 5 minutes. Helpful as ever.
    We love you Jingles, never change. But I do hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Full Dress Ship is a massively annoying evolution.
      Do not want.

      But, it boils down to this: make the ship pretty for the gawkers.

  20. Hey Jingles, any chance for some ELITE : Dangerous episodes ? I really really loved that series.

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