Mingles with Jingles Episode 376

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Elite: Odyssey alpha test live today at 2pm GMT! https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-alpha-rollout-plan.567846/



  1. Gotta disagree with you a bit, Jingles, on the part that graphics are more important for shooters than RPGs. (Good) RPGs can get by with not quite so good graphics by having great story, worldbuilding, characters and so on, while most shooters do not have that to fall back on and instead have to go for graphics and gameplay instead. Examples from my recent-ish experience: Replaying the first Gothic and Knights of the Old Republic and they are still fantastic despite desperately outdated graphics adn clunky gameplay. On the other hand, something like the more recent Battlefields, Call of Dutys or Star Wars Battlefronts are sooo boring despite looking great. And I used to love Call of Duty back in the day.
    Disclaimer: This is an opinion.

    • Oh yes, the Gothic series, look old enough to wonder if it was your grandparents who played them yet I enjoyed replaying Gothic 2 last year. Found some new secrets too while at it.

    • Mindaugas Stankus

      Why disclaimer? TMJ fan base approaching star citizen levels?
      Good point about current (AAA) shooters. You don’t need great graphics for shooters or most games (exception realistic sims?). Taste is everything as always. Some retro looking shooters: Ion Fury, DUSK, Prodeus, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, Overload. Games never carried only by one thing. Only graphics or only story don’t make great games. Sound, music, passing, game mechanics…

    • Agreed. Fallout 1 or Planescape: Torment have more quality in their worlds and characters than 99% of modern “RPGs” in spite of looking like crap.

    • yes, graphics are less important for RPGs, but an extremely ugly presentation can act against enjoyment. I have to agree with Jingles, graphics of Vampire: The Masquerade is painfully terrible, and this comes from someone who recently played and was fully content with the graphics of Fallout 1+2 and Avernum.

    • You kids my first game was a command line text game then we got 6 color and exciting beyond dreams 16 color games My first flight sim was F-15 Strike Eagle which was wire frame. So hearing kids complain that something isn’t 8 billion colors Talk to the Hand. lol

  2. Bavarian Firebird

    Pre-Alpha and it looks more advanced than the all-time-alpha of star citizen.

    • Yeah kind of sad

    • We get it, StarCitizen is the worst early access nightmare ever.
      Fun fact though: last time I played SC walking around, trading on stations and interacting with some NPCs already worked + the environments are far more detailed.
      So, what exactly is looking so advanced? Nothing. People just like to shit on SC whenever possible.

      Say, when SC releases, why would people still play ED? It’s just a repetitive grind towards bragging rights about the nicest ship. Unless you want your name on one of the many identical looking planets there is nothing else to aim for. Truely “advanced” game design.

    • @Fones R Phunny “when SC releases”
      It never will bub, not before we get actual spaceflight.

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I am a fan of Jimmy Carr and his sister, Alan! I have watched every Big Fat Quiz since they were only on youtube in 10 minute segments! 2007ish! I watched 8 out of 10 cats and the Countdown’s for ages, used to watch his old shows like 10`o clock live and distraction in the day!

  4. What is this thing called ‘graphics’, best game ever: Multi-User Dungeon or MUD played on teletypes…….

  5. ED Pre Alpha, better performance then SC ever had 😛

  6. Tha Campin' Dutchman

    Sounds to me, that if you have the paperwork to prove stuff, you got a good courtcase against DHL here. They weren’t really helping themselves.

    • Jingles, not 100% sure about the law in the UK, but in the US, where our laws were originally based on UK law, there is a concept called estoppel wherein you could argue in Court (were you so inclined) that you relied on the original amount presented to you by DHL in their original letter and paid it in full, and therefore they are estopped from requesting that you pay additional monies to them, since you already paid the amount that they originally demanded for this debt.

    • I would of called their bluff & said take me to court, stuff you DHL..

    • I could hear the theme to Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’ playing in my head while Jingles was telling the story.

    • @LTC_Tiger They can claim that jingles knew that the charges should be a lot larger and so they will argue that he got an opportunity. . .. then estoppel is less of an argument.

    • @Stefan Skoglund Not really…Jingles is in a good position to say that he relied on their letter and paid in full. He can argue that no one knows better than DHL as to the amounts that were paid on his behalf.

  7. Funny how VTM: Bloodlines came out in the same month and on the same engine as Half Life 2, yet the graphics didnt age nearly as well..

  8. I trust, Mr Jingles, that we will have a series on Drowning Simulator. Better know as Subnautica Below Zero which is due for full release on 14 May 2021

    • Both the base game and the Below zero expansion are being released on the switch as well. So excited for that.

  9. Wow! I had my doubts about Star Citizen in the past, but this is looking-

    -What do you mean this isn’t Star Citizen?

  10. I thought that was Star Citizen footage and old man was pulling our leg.

  11. FashionableTimewaster

    I’ve had the same thing happen with tickets to see the Killers, I booked the tickets in the spring of 2019 to see them in May 2020 in Bristol, it got cancelled and rescheduled for May 2021 a couple of weeks ago I got another email saying the tour had been delayed until 2022! Three years after I booked the tickets! 😭

  12. Well it’s official elite now has everything that star citizen promised

  13. Historically, in software development, “alpha” meant in-house testing and “beta” meant public testing. Therefore, “pre-alpha” is nonsense. Something that isn’t fit for even in-house testing among the developers themselves cannot possibly be even run.

    • Big-budget game developers use the terms a bit different:
      – Pre-Alpha: gameplay footage, but you’re not allowed to criticise anything because it’s all subject to change
      – Alpha: a few “content creators” got to play, but you’re still not allowed to criticise anything because it’s all subject to change
      – Beta: the public can try out a few features, but you’re still not allowed to criticise anything because it’s all subject to change
      – Release: everybody realises that all three of these “development stages” were just a cut-down version of the final product published to build hype and nothing has actually changed

    • @Seppiya Made me laugh.

  14. Jingles telling his great grandkids a story about how he came upon tickets to a Jimmy Carr show he didn’t get to go to..

  15. Jingles, when are you gonna get back to “that bloody drowning simulator”? 🤣 It’s being released really soon.

  16. A mysterious letter using the cheapest mailing service available besides maybe carrier Pidgeon, talking of a fee that was never before mentioned, almost sounds like a 3rd party scam.

    • Yep, same thought.
      Just had that happen to me with a phony Verizon Wireless bill that I never set up.
      Reported it to the police and to Verizon Wireless, so I shouldn’t have to deal with it.

  17. That pre-alpha is what EVE Online Ambulation should have been.

  18. I Probably would have fought that charge to be honest.

  19. “You won’t find much story in a first person shooter.”
    *Gordon Freeman would like to know your address.*

  20. know there is no way he can read all the comments, would love to see him and rita and a third (eddy?) run a tank as a crew in “hell let loose”

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