Mingles with Jingles Episode 379

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It’s been a rough week. Sit down and let me tell you about it.



  1. Gremlins Jingles, it’s always the gremlins. Australian internet infrastructure is chock full of em.

    • Leon Peters-Malone

      Yeap. Always full of them.

      Wait till you see the image I got from Steam. It thought I had a 3,644,372,480.0 GB/s download speed.

      Yes, really.

      Though in full honesty, it was a switch in the US that was causing the issue. It was just not forwarding my traffic correctly.

      Something that was diagnosed better by two game studios than the ISP.

    • If those are gremlins, then you have to call Chloe Grace Moretz to take care of the problem.

    • I find that surprising, as the Australian population is 80% tradie

    • Tradies too busy building grounds, stadiums and complexes for sport. Sport is apparently more important than internet.

  2. we love you jingles! best of luck you old gnome

  3. Jingles, when telling a story you generally start at the beginning of everything that happened, its also happens to be named the _start_

  4. all the hugs for the jingles to cheer him up!

  5. Don’t throw out food! Find a shelter or food bank to donate it too!

    • Was literally halfway through writing the exact same thing….

    • While I agree in principle the reality of it all might be different. Last week my fridge/freezer died. I discovered it by stepping in melting water when I went to the fridge to get my lunch. When I opened the fridge it didn’t smell right and when I opened my freezer even more water poured out onto the floor. Admittedly some of my food might have been well enough to pass onto a shelter, but honestly, in the moment I focused more about getting smelly, soggy food out of my kitchen and dealing with the flood of melting ice on the floor that I didn’t start sorting through the food to see what could be saved and looking for a place that needed the food.

    • @strandvaskeren That’s what happens when the freezer dies and you don’t notice for days (it’s happened to me once: came home from a trip and you know what kind of mess I found). But if the freezer is still working, and the food is still good, you can move all the food out and to the shelter before anything spoils

    • With mine – if it was good enough to eat I’d have eaten it, if I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to eat it and I wouldn’t inflict it on anyone else either.

  6. If you need to run a charity livestream or two to recoup the cost of all this, I’ll gladly chip in as much as I can. For the longer term, might be about time to start looking at moving.
    As for the food in the freezer, what about Eddie? Maybe he might be game for letting you stuff some of it in his freezer. Or for that stuff that’s reaching its danger point, surely he’s got a working kitchen he could loan you in exchange for a meal and cleaning up afterwards. Might not be as special as a Home with the Gnome video, but better than losing it to spoilage.

  7. Lesson from this weeks Mingles with Jingles: if you buy cheap, you buy expensive.

  8. Don’t worry about cooking mate, you’ll be able to roast whatever you have in your fridge freezer using the electrical fire that’s about to happen. The burnt plastic gives a unique flavor to your steak, it’s just lovely! Just don’t forget to evacuate as soon as you’re done.

  9. Wouldn’t it be amusing if the electrician knocked on the door, it opens and the electrician says “oh my god it’s Jingles!”

  10. Jingles, if there’s a place that does food for the homeless or something similar nearby, you could donate the food to them. Saves it going to waste by just being thrown out.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Jingles have home so few episodes = BBQ with gnome ?

    • Or make some friends with the neighbors. Jingles could give them food before it goes bad, and they could loan him some time with their stove. Maybe even all get together and have a nice dinner. Wow – imagine that!

    • yeah and if the food is off and people get sick from it what then its a good chance it comes back to bite you in the ass cause the people running place are not gonna be too happy about its not so much wasting food its more not knowing if its still good or not

    • @Dave Bell That is exactly what I was thinking

  11. And a voice spoke to me through the chaos, “Smile and be happy! It could be worse.” I smiled and was happy and it got worse.

  12. If your kitchen is under warranty you should get everything paid for. Even the electrician that had to come on short notice.

  13. @The Mighty Jingles so? 🙂

  14. The Sparkys comment went like this” ‘SNIFF’ Yeh mate mate ya consumer box is fooked” .

  15. Pantera Północy

    Don’t throw food away, Jingles; Take it to a friend and cook there. ~

  16. @Pulsar 94 And Outlast

  17. How to make a captivating 10 minute video out of a short circuit.

  18. He’s going to need a sparky? You know what that means, 48 hr shifts in the saltmines

  19. It sounds like when they remodeled your kitchen. They probably accidentally nicked one of the electrical cords with a nail or something like that in the wall. It sounds like your electrical current is grounding out

    • Since it is the whole box tripping, I would bet on the primary power line feeding into the box. 1960 military construction, could be interesting to see what they considered acceptable for main power lines.

    • That’s a very probable hypothesis.

    • @greyfox 707 Probably not much better than the 1940s military retrofit I get to deal with. Planned by a chimpanzee having a temper tantrum in front of a blueprint of the house probably. Well, that or an officer 😛

  20. I’d definitely pay to see that! Hope you get things sorted out mate.

  21. Christoph Pirringer

    i’d be in for that 😀

  22. “The house that I live in is really really old, it was built in the 1960’s”

    *Me, whose house was built in the 1870’s:* Hold up

    • 1881 here. Did a full rewireing as the second major project. (Roof was first).

    • Ranch in Utah, the house had been built onto a log cabin. Dad brought me up to the attic, at 12 years of age, and pointed to the the ‘wiring’. EVERY gauge wire, from that which powered the dryer to the doorbell, was wrapped up in a ball of electrical tape, and warm enough you could feel it 6 inches away with your hand. When they painted the kitchen, the painted over the electrical outlets with this gawdawful pink enamel paint, and then stuck whatever appliance plug in there to open up a hole with the plug. So trying to fit another appliance in there didn’t quite work. Yeah, we did a lot of remodeling. Never had so much fun with a sledgehammer, before, or since.

    • My friends’ farmhouses… early 1870s, 1830s, and 1820s. All modernized of course. One has even been moved!

  23. Jingles, get yourself a little camping stove and cook your food in the back garden.

  24. I second this motion !

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