Mingles with Jingles Episode 381

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In which, amongst other things, I have a damn good rant about people being shit to each other.



  1. Morning/evening/afternoon to you The Mighty Giggles/The Mighty Babbles keep doing what you are doing.

  2. Yay, last time I was this early Jingles had electricity on the ground floor.

  3. Man Jingles, It is refreshing to know somone else helps people in trouble in WOW besides me.. even opposing fractions.. and when somone helps me, at the minimum I always bow to them, as i dont play many classes that do buffs.

  4. Oh look, its shiny.

  5. That second story – I need more righteous outrage Jingles.

  6. ToughAncientSpark

    Jingles, you can’t save the world if the world doesn’t want to be saved.

  7. 22 minutes and 9 seconds later:
    “Anyway, moving on *swiftly*” – 51 years old grumpy old seaman

  8. I know what you mean Jingles. So few people actually want to help others in these MMOs, it’s a breath of fresh air when someone does want to help.

    • You Mean like in real life? People just show it more online.

    • I recall when I used to play RIFT.
      My Guild’s raiding group didn’t use a rogue tank and I was the only non-DPS rogue in the group so all the juicy high tier Tank loot just defaulted to me cause none of the others wanted it.
      I quite enjoyed queuing up for the easy 5-10 man dungeons/Raids and giving a bunch of under geared/newer players a really easy run through the fights. The rogue’s tanking thing was to just never get hit and so the Cleric didn’t even have to do anything.
      I think once or twice the clerics actually respec’d into a DPS build and we cleared the dungeons super fast with 4 DPS and a bit of “Passive” healing coming from the DPS cleric keeping me going.
      It felt good to just do a nice thing for someone without expecting anything back.

    • I had a character who I’d just gotten to max level in guild wars 2. I still wasn’t sure about gearing or anything, and a guy in my first guild just flat out crafted a set of armor for me just because he had the materials laying around. It was really nice of him to do that, and so I tried to pay it forward a year later when I knew the game better. There were quite a few generous interactions in GW2. I rather liked that community.

  9. I believe the phrase that comes to mind for that particular mage player is “Don’t care looks cool”.

  10. Darkness Nighthingale

    Thank you Jingles. I’ve been stuck in a 6 hours trance of KING. 8 girls singing the same songs in perfect harmony. And KING of all songs. Once you’re in. It’s really hard to get out.

  11. Totally agree with your views here. Simple patience, courtesy and manners seem to have almost totally disappeared in online play.

  12. Sounds like Jingles has been playing Warcraft with the WG dev team.

  13. Mingles with Jingles is the only thing that helps me keep track of the weeks going by

  14. Tell us what you really think and feel Jingles 🤣🤣🤣 I was waiting for the “And that’s how I met Rita you loveless looser nerds!” 😜🤣 Great work Jingles, you give me hope for A fairer, kinder, happier world of gaming 👍

  15. I’m watching you since 4,5 years now because well my english teacher told us to watch english videos and well youtube recommended me your Sir Foch video and from then on you gained a new fan. You made me patriotic to a country I never even visited or saw for that case. You are also the reason why I now have 3 flags hanging in my room. I’m swiss-german so the first 2 explain themselves but the third flag is the flag of the Royal Navy because of you.
    So thank you for all the years behind and hopefully to future good years and stay (crap) as you have always been, we love you man #nohomo.

    • Something similar happened to me. Although i never had formal English education, i quickly figured out i needed to “hear” the language, not only read it.
      So, Batman the Animated series, Top Gear (the one with the 3 amigos) aaaaaand this channel taught me enough. 3 years ago, i spent a month roaming england… i was amazed that I actually could speak english!
      When i came back, i went to an institute to get tested on what my level was. Turns out, they told me that with a 3 months study plan i could take the proficiency test.
      And so i did. Turns out being a geek can teach you another language. 😜

    • @TomGS Yup definitely. But to be fair you need to know the meaning of the words. Not all but some at least. Thats at least my experience but yeah jingles made my english go from absolute crap to a decent(-ish) level

    • @Burn Stick yeah, i had a very basic understanding, and then internet happened. (At the time, 90% of the information was in English)
      I taught my self a bit, used a translation dictionary another bit….

  16. Jingles is the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

  17. I keep forgettin that you are only 1 year older than me and you remind me so much of the way my granpappy talked!

  18. Reminds me of Final Fantasy XIV dungeons. Painstakingly crafted content and story behind all of them, details, secrets, little mini-tales to each one. And you never EVER get to properly see or read through any of them because everyone speedruns them like they’re only allowed bathroom breaks once the boss is down.

    • Those cutscenes make perfect bathroom brakes. 😉
      I can only tell it from GW2 but all the instanced group content be it dungeons, fractals or raids is usually rushed.
      To be fair fractals and raids don’t have many and only very short cutscenes and most of the story is told by NPCs between fights. So you can follow the story while on the way to the next boss, there’s also very little trash mobs at least in most raids, they are more like a boss rush.

      Dungeons are a different story esp. the story mode so it can be a bit harder to find a group that is willing to sit through the cutscenes but it can be done.

  19. Someone needs to produce a Jingles care bear 🐻 lol

  20. Every time jingles goes on a rant about how awful or stupid people are. I 1: agree whole heartedly, and 2: feel instantly 30 years older than I actually am

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