Mingles with Jingles Episode 384

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This week – Elite: Odyssey launches with a crash and a whimper, Subnautica: Below Zero stumbles before it’s barely out of the starting blocks and Godzilla and King Kong aren’t quite the monsters we were hoping for.



  1. Best part of my Mondays

  2. Chris Nunya Business

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd 22 minutes of rambling goodness!!! Happy Monday everyone 🙂

  3. Hey jingles :), I suffer from severe depression and I just wanted to say thank you for giving me some peace every day for 20-30 min, it definitely helps, mingles with jingles is my favorite series so thank you sir

    • Start getting lots of exercise, google “how to get quality sleep” (something like the 6 4 2 1 rule) and start watching every video from Jordan Peterson. Good luck brother, depression is a bitch, you don’t deserve it. My best cheer me up is reminding myself everyone’s life is pretty horrible and catastrophic. A bit negative to be sure but truly, everyone’s life is a tragedy. Just have to laugh and enjoy as much as you can on the road to nowhere.

    • Bold Persian Immortal

      I started reading JP’s book. Really good! Also, Uncle Jingles thank you for taking care of us.

    • I found audiobooks and online jigsaws help, depending whether I can be calm or need to focus
      The Horrorbabble channel on YT also has an oddly calming effect due to the voice of the narrator

  4. Michiel van Hemert

    next ‘mingles with jingles’ : in a hot bikini in a hot bathtub,..the jingles-landing included ofc !

  5. Childish Soldier

    Was just listening to scary stories for the past 2 hours and now it’s time to calm down with the soothing voice of our gnome overlord

  6. Jingles we know you’ve wanted to bring up the ingame currency refund thing for a long time – you brought it up a reasonably long time ago :-)!

  7. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a donut while listening to Jingles! Have a great week Jingles!

  8. Hey Jingles, just heared, that cobi will bring out a Tog2 out of building blocks in june (in collaboration with the tank museum); maybe thats something for you 😉

  9. Another reason to use a separate in game currency is so they can change the price of items in real money without changing the cost in game.
    And so they can set up the system in such a way that people don’t realise how much real money they’re spending.

    It’s a lot easier to spend 500 pearls than 50 Euros for a cosmetic item, even if you deep down realise that the exchange rate is 10 pearls to a Euro.

  10. I have Jingles as my voice over and it always makes me laugh every time i sink a dd and hear something like “you have sunk a friendly aircraft carrier” makes my day every day ^^

  11. All while “Star Citizen” is selling a new fighter while still in Alpha.

    • if you are still buying video game products in alpha and complaining about being ripped off then you must be new here, or are very very stupid

  12. Advertising companies have entirely too much power in social media, and it needs to be broken.

  13. Jingles I HIGHLY suggest you build the coffee machine in subnautica below zero. You won’t regret it.

  14. Was anyone shocked when Jingles was flying in the cloud to the mountain, and didn’t crash into it??? Wonders who really is flying in this vid… LOL jk just teasing ya Jingles.

  15. Krešimir Turkalj

    Also reason why there is in-game currency is that it’s layer of abstraction so it’s harder to evaluate how much you are actually spending.

  16. The in-game currency and the price of an in-game item never line up either, it’s either too high or too low, so that there is currency left over, so that the sunk-cost can convince you to keep playing.

    Edit: and it’s always “cheaper” to buy bigger blocks of in-game too, locking yourself into the game even more.

  17. Oh yes back to the mines, Jingles is right, start to anther wondrously horrible week! Everyone take care!

  18. Ahh, a multi-topic jingles rant to start off my birthday. Might be a good one after all.

  19. Odyssey Alpha: is actually a beta
    Odyssey Release: is still a beta

  20. something ive learned from playing subnautica below zero is, finding AL-AN was supposed to be one of the first things you do, essentially you find AL-AN and the story really starts to take off, and he joins you on your long adventure, not you go on the adventure, then find AL-AN like i did

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